Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 236

Devin’s POV:

Watching my father die, it was difficult for me to conceal my glee, but I managed to pretend to be sad.

‘’Success!’’ I praised myself.

Finally, the old man kicked the bucket.

The hard part was over.

My plan was going along smoothly.

Now, Daniel and Helen’s wedding would be postponed, which meant Daniel’s succession to the next Alpha would be postponed as well.

Stealing his position was only a matter of time.

I looked at my father’s dead body indifferently.I didn’t feel an ounce of guilt.

He was already critically ill after all.

Even if I didn’t kill him, he was bound to die sooner or later.

Besides, he asked for it.

He had obviously favored Daniel over me.He deserved to die.

When I thought about these things, feelings of resentment and anger started to stir within me.

He always praised Daniel in front of me, whereas he always scolded me.

In his eyes, I could do nothing right.

It was simply because I wasn’t Daniel.

Gritting my teeth, I fought hard to keep my expression calm.

To prevent the others from seeing through me, I stepped aside quietly.

There, I tried to come up with a way to blame my father’s death on Helen.

Just then, my father’s corpse was reverently covered with a piece of white cloth.

The doctors then carried his body to a gurney to take it to the morgue for an autopsy.

While this was happening, my mother wept in Daniel’s arms.

“I must find out who did this.I must avenge Marlon!”

My mother cried and howled, which was like fingernails on a chalkboard to my ears.

But then, it suddenly hit me.Now was my chance to implicate Daniel’s beloved mate!

“Mom, can you smell that? It smells like a really pungent perfume.”

I walked up to Helen as casually as I could, then covered my nose.

“Oh, Helen, is it the perfume you’re wearing?”

“Well, Visit to read the newest content, everyone! lavender-scented.I like it very much…”

Helen looked at me, bewildered.

She probably didn’t understand why I brought this topic up all of a sudden.

“I Visit to read the newest content, everyone! made him dizzy and short of breath” my mother suddenly said, glancing at Helen.

“But he also said that he appreciated how she made the effort to smell good, so he didn’t allow me to say anything.”

Seeing the direction this conversation was going, I cast a meaningful glance at Grace.

“Oh, my ***! Do you think Alpha Marlon’s myocardial infarction was caused by the perfume?”

Grace immediately understood.She gasped and dramatically covered her mouth apologetically.

“Oh, no, don’t mind me.Helen, I didn’t mean anything by that.Please Visit to read the newest content, everyone! to the fire.

I shot her an approving look.

A kind and naive she-wolf like my mother wouldn’t suspect Helen.

We needed to plant seeds of doubt in her mind.

“Of course not.How can a perfume be poisonous? Plus, I’m sure Helen would never do such a thing.”

Sure enough, my mother immediately defended Helen.

But I sneered internally.

‘’You won’t be so sure later, Mom.”

Helen’s POV:

Marlon died so suddenly.

I was in a state of shock and deep sadness.I hadn’t known him for very long, but he was Daniel’s father.Plus, I could tell he was a kind and well-respected Alpha.

It was such a pity that he left us so abruptly.

While I was grieving, Devin and Grace suddenly brought up my perfume and what they implied sent my mind whirling.


I was a little flustered.I was shocked to hear that, unbeknownst to me, my perfume had always made Marlon uncomfortable.

But why didn’t he tell me? I could’ve stopped wearing the perfume.

Now, I began to worry that Marlon’s death might really have something to do with the perfume.

Daniel had lost his father.

I could only imagine how sad he felt.

If I really was to blame, would he blame me? I couldn’t even look at him.I felt too ashamed.

“Helen, don’t worry.You’re a good girl.You would never do such a thing.”

Betty reached for my hand and comforted me in a soft voice.

I didn’t expect her to defend me like this.I looked at her gratefully but I didn’t know what to say.

“Luna Betty…” My voice cracked.

At a loss, I threw my arms around her and burst into tears.

“Daniel and I will always be good to you, no matter what.”

“Why would Helen ever hurt Dad? She’s the kindest, most thoughtful girl I know.”

Daniel also tried to comfort us.

I looked up at him, tears in my eyes.

He trusted me completely.

“But it’d be best to investigate.Otherwise, rumors will spread that the Black Stone Pack’s future Luna killed our former Alpha.”

Unexpectedly, Devin cut in again.

He looked at me intensely, which made me feel uneasy.What on earth was he trying to do?

“Luna Betty, we failed to save Alpha Marlon.I’m deeply sorry for your loss.”

Just then, a doctor came over and apologized.

“If you’d like, we can take Helen’s perfume to test the ingredients and see if it was harmful to the patient.”

Hearing this, I immediately stood up to clear my name.

“I swear I didn’t poison Alpha Marlon.I would never want to hurt him.The perfume is at home, and I can give it to you any time,”

I declared firmly.

“And even if there’s something in that perfume, it was given to Helen by Mandy.So Helen is innocent either way.”

Daniel stood by me.I smiled at him gratefully.So he did trust me.

“Well, just in case, let’s have it tested.” Betty sighed and patted my hand.

“Don’t worry.We’re doing this just to prevent rumors from spreading.I know you’re innocent.”

I nodded and didn’t dare refuse her.

Then, they followed me and Daniel back to our room.

I retrieved the bottle of lavender perfume that Mandy gave me from the cabinet and handed it to the doctor.

“We will run the tests immediately and inform you as soon as we find out anything,”

the doctor said to Betty before leaving in a hurry.

After that, we headed back to the hall to continue discussing pressing matters.

Now that Marlon had died, Daniel and I couldn’t get married as scheduled.

Daniel and I loved each other deeply.

We both knew that we’d be married someday, it was only a matter of time.

It wasn’t a big deal to us to postpone the wedding, but I couldn’t help but feel worried about Daniel.

His beloved father had died, which must be heavy on his heart.

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