Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 235

Daniel’s POV:

I had spent most of my time preparing for the wedding with Helen.

On slower days, I would bring her along to visit my father.

My father’s health was deteriorating by the day and despite my worries, there was nothing I could do to help him.

“Daniel! Jennifer and Mr.Jones have returned from the snow mountain.They were able to remove the Love Curse.”

Suddenly, Helen pushed the door open and walked in with a big smile on her face.

“It looks like they will be able to attend our wedding after all!”

“Really? That’s great!”

I was happy to hear the news and I took out my phone to congratulate the happy couple.

“I’ll send them a message.”

“Hello, Mr.Jones.I heard from Helen that you and Jennifer were able to remove the Love Curse.Congratulations! It would be our honor to have you attend our wedding which is going to take place in two days.”

After sending the message, I sighed exasperatedly as I looked at my phone and fell into deep thought.

Why was my father’s health getting worse with each passing day? After all, the doctor previously said that he was getting better.

“Daniel, why the long face? Is something bothering you?” Helen asked.

“I just can’t stop thinking about my father.I’m afraid he won’t be alive long enough…”

Despite all the good news around me, I could not feel happy while my father was lying in his deathbed.

“Maybe everything will be fine after we get married.”

Helen comforted me with her words.

“Helen, you are such a considerate angel.”

I kissed Helen on the forehead.I felt lucky to have someone like her by my side at such a difficult moment in my life.

“I can’t bear to see you like that,” Helen said.

Her cheeks blushed red and I felt a strong urge to give her a kiss, but someone knocked at the door.

“Sir, I have some bad news about Alpha Marlon.Luna Betty wants to see you right now!” an attendant reported.


Startled, I quickly opened the door.

“What’s wrong with my father?”

“Alpha Marlon fell unconscious again!”

the attendant answered anxiously.

“Helen, we must go right now!” I couldn’t think of anything else as I ran to my father’s room with Helen.

Helen and I stopped at the door of his bedroom.

Many doctors were coming in and out of the room, and my brother, Devin, and his mate, Grace, were Visit to read the newest content, everyone! bawling her eyes out.

It broke my heart to see her like that.

It seemed as though my father’s chance of survival was quite Visit to read the newest content, everyone! on us.It’s so sad that Dad fell ill just two days before your wedding,” Devin sighed.

“His greatest wish is to see you get married and become the next Alpha.I really feel sorry for him.”

“God, I wish I could bear Alpha Marlon’s pain on his behalf!”

Grace stood at Devin’s side and wiped her tears.

“Mom, how is Dad now?”

I sat next to my mother and held her hand as Helen looked at her with concern.

“Your father said that he wasn’t feeling well after dinner, Visit to read the newest content, everyone! didn’t think that he would be lying in the bed unconscious when I came back.I called the doctors as soon as I could and they said that your father had a heart attack.They are doing the best they can to keep you father alive.”

My mother couldn’t stop crying even when she spoke.

“Don’t worry.Alpha Marlon will get through this.”

Helen tried to comfort her.

My mother nodded in response.

We all sat down in the waiting room and waited for the result of the emergency treatment Visit to read the newest content, everyone! of energy.

Thinking back to how healthy my father had been in the past, I couldn’t help but shed tears.

‘This isn’t fair! My dear father doesn’t deserve to die like this!”

Just as I was praying to God, one of the doctors pushed the door open and rushed out of the emergency room.

“Luna Betty! We have tried everything, but there is nothing we can do to help Alpha Marlon anymore.Please prepare yourselves to face reality.The patient would like to see his family now.”

The doctor gave us the bad news before we could even ask him anything

“No! Marlon!” My mother burst into tears and rushed to the bedroom, while the others and I followed her.

The moment I entered the room, I saw my father’s withered body lying in the bed like a dried leaf.



My mother and I walked over and held my father’s hands.

As we stood next to him tears streaming down our faces.


My father murmured after he slowly opened his eyes after a long time.

Although he was panting, he still managed to speak in a very weak voice.

“I can die in peace knowing that you will take my place as the Alpha of our pack.”

“I promise I won’t let you down, Dad!”

I was filled with a kind of sadness I had no way of dealing with.

“And, Devin…I know that you have your reasons for being dissatisfied, but I want you to know that I love you very much.I hope that you and Daniel can get along in the future,” my father said to my brother sincerely.

I could tell that he was speaking from the bottom of his heart.I looked back at my brother as he remained silent.

Although my brother was not good at expressing his feelings, I could tell that even he was sad at that moment.

“Betty…I’m sorry that I won’t be able to keep you company any longer.”

My father held my mother’s hand.

“No, Marlon.Don’t say sorry.I love you, honey.Thank you for giving me the best years of my life…”

My mother kissed my father’s hand before she forced a smile on her tear-soaked face.

My father smiled at her one more time before he closed his eyes and never opened them again.


As soon as I realized that something was wrong, I called the doctors.

“Please, help my father.What’s wrong with him?”

“I’m sorry to say that Alpha Marlon has passed.”

The doctor shook his head after he checked my father’s heartbeat.

“No! Please open your eyes, honey! Don’t leave me!”

My mother threw her arms on my father’s lifeless body and cried hysterically.

“Dad…Please rest in peace,” I said in a sad voice.

My lungs heaved and I knew there was no cure for the pain I was feeling in my heart.

However, I knew that I couldn’t show any signs of weakness right now because I was the future Alpha and it was time that I acted like one.

“Alpha Marlon passed away? How is that possible?”

Helen held my hand with a stunned look.

For a moment, the room was filled with the sound of people crying.

“Marlon was well and alive just a few days ago! How did this happen to him?”

Suddenly, my mother stood up and grabbed the doctor’s collar.

“Well, my mother is right.How could this have happened to a healthy man like my father?”

I looked at the doctor as I myself thought that there was something fishy about how my father met his demise.

“Luna Betty, please calm down…”

The doctor signed.

“To tell you the truth, Alpha Marlon’s death was caused by a heart attack.However, we have some reason to believe that his heart attack might have been caused by an external factor…”


My mother’s eyes widened.

“Did someone poison my husband? I want you to conduct a thorough autopsy on my husband!”

I was frozen on the spot as I couldn’t believe what the doctor had just said.Was my father murdered?

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