Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 234

Jennifer’s POV:

After we had ***, Anthony and I had a good sleep in Morgan’s log cabin.

In the early hours of the next day, Anthony and I woke up feeling well-rested.

We packed up our things and made preparations to go down from the snow mountain.

“We’re almost ready to leave. Let’s ask Morgan if he wants to come with us,” Anthony said to me as he slung his big backpack over his shoulder.

I nodded.

We stood outside Morgan’s room and knocked on the door.

“Morgan, would you like to join us?” Anthony asked.

“Yes, of course! I just need a moment.”

Morgan opened the door and quickly walked out.It seemed as if he was also packing his belongings.

“I’m thinking about what to bring for Amelia.I’d like to give her a surprise.”

“Don’t think about it too much, Morgan.I think she’s going to have quite a surprise when she sees her husband again,” I said with a smile.

“You are right.” Morgan’s face was filled with joy.

“I can bring some of our old photos.Wait a minute.”

“We’ll just wait for you outside.We’ll set out once you’re ready.Anthony has a private helicopter waiting to pick us up at the bottom of the mountain,” I said.

“This trip turned out smoother than I had expected.I didn’t think we would be able to get rid of the Love Curse so soon.If we hurry back now, we might be able to make it to Daniel’s wedding,” I said to Anthony.

“You’re right. I’ll have my assistant prepare a gift for them on our behalf,” Anthony replied affirmatively.

He was always so reliable.

Before long, Morgan walked out of the cabin with just a bag before he locked the log cabin.

“I never thought that I would get to see Amelia again in this lifetime.”

With his bag in one hand, Morgan turned around and looked at the small house quietly as if he was saying goodbye to it one last time.

Tears welled up in his eyes.

“I want to say goodbye to the house that has kept me safe for decades.Perhaps I will never see this place again.”

“I hope you don’t feel too bad.Besides, you’ll finally get to be with Amelia.” I comforted him.

“Morgan, I hope you and Amelia can have a fresh start again in a place of your choosing.”

“I hope so too, Jennifer.”

Morgan Visit to read the newest content, everyone! snow mountain with the help of Morgan’s magic.

By sunset, we arrived at the foot of the mountain.

Anthony immediately contacted his attendant, and Visit to read the newest content, everyone! we boarded the helicopter and put on our safety belts, I couldn’t wait to fly back to the Osman Kingdom.

I sent Skylar and Helen a message each to inform them that we were safe.

Anthony sent a message to Elizabeth telling her that we were returning to the kingdom after successfully getting rid of the Love Curse.

Unexpectedly, as soon as the messages were sent, both Anthony and I received replies.

“It seems like everyone’s waiting to hear from us back home,” I said.

“Jennifer, I Visit to read the newest content, everyone! holding my hand tightly.

We had finally gotten rid of Love Curse and Morgan would finally get to see his long-lost wife again.

To say that we were excited to go back would be an understatement.

“Amelia, I can’t wait to see you again…”

Morgan kept murmuring to himself.

Skylar’s POV:

“Dear Skylar, Anthony and I are going back to the kingdom.The journey was perilous, but we managed to find the divine flower and lift the curse.I hope to see you soon.”

Just before dinner, I suddenly received a Visit to read the newest content, everyone! safe.

My heart leapt with elation.

“Jennifer, that’s great! I hope to see you soon too,” I replied immediately and went to look for Jerome.


Jerome was busy dealing with pack affairs, but as soon as we locked sights, I burst into tears of joy.

“I just received a message from Jennifer! Apparently, they are both safe and are flying back to the Osman Kingdom.They were able to lift the curse from Mr.Jones!”

“Really? That’s great!”

Jerome stood up immediately and hugged me.

“Jerome, I really want to see Jennifer right now, but I’m afraid to leave the Rainbow Pack! I’m afraid of being regarded as a vampire spy!”

I felt sad as I spoke and wept in his arms.

“Skylar, don’t worry.Mr.Jones and Jennifer will come to see us when they have time.”

Jerome tried to comfort me.

Perhaps, Jerome was right.

Jennifer would surely come to see me.

Thinking of this, I felt a little relieved and hopeful.

“By the way, Jerome, look, the mark on my wrist seems to be getting more and more visible.”

I turned my head around to see if anyone else was present before I showed the hexagram mark on my wrist to Jerome.

“Every once in a while, it starts glowing, and I feel like I’m losing control over my powers.Jerome, what if something bad happens at Daniel’s wedding?”

“Honey, don’t be afraid.Will it make you feel better if we don’t go to Helen’s wedding? We can tell others that you are not feeling well.We can wait here for Jennifer and others to come and check the hexagram mark first,” Jerome suggested.

“No! Helen and Daniel are two of my closest friends.I won’t be happy unless I watch them get married with my own eyes.” I refused immediately.

“Okay, it’s up to you,”

Jerome said with a doting smile.”Don’t worry about it right now.We can talk about it with Jennifer and Mr.Jones after they come back.”


I was moved by his patience and kindness.

However, just as I opened my mouth to say something, I felt a tight squeezing sensation in my chest and a burst of nausea in my stomach.

I retched as my body jerked agonizingly.


Jerome sat me down on a chair and put a pillow behind my head.

“Just stay calm.I’ll get you a glass of water.”

Jerome watched nervously as I drank a whole glass of water in one gulp.

At least, it helped to stifle the urge to throw up.

As I caressed my belly pensively, I was filled with thoughts of dread.

“Jerome, our baby will be born soon.What if our baby inherits my powers? I don’t want the world to treat our child as an alien! What shall we do?” I asked.

“Skylar, don’t speak like that.You are not an alien, and neither is our child.Even if the baby inherits your special powers, I will keep him safe.Jennifer and Mr.Jones will also help him,”

Jerome comforted me as he put his hand on my belly.

“Our baby will be loved and cared for.”

“You are so nice, Jerome.”

I put my arms around Jerome and kissed him for making me feel better.

“That’s because you deserve it.Honey, you deserve the best.”

Jerome leaned over and kissed me on the lips.

His words made my heart flutter.

Indeed, I was lucky to have a man like him in my life.

And I was uncontrollably excited for Jennifer to come back from the snow mountain.

Finally, she and Anthony would be able to live as a happy couple.

The future was starting to look promising.

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