Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 233

Morgan’s POV:

I was standing just outside my log cabin, waiting anxiously for Jennifer and Anthony to come back.

I should have been reading my magic books in the study, but when I thought of them running into some kind of danger on the mountain, I couldn’t help but feel worried.

What if they couldn’t find the divine flower? What if they encountered danger on the way? Amelia would be devastated if something bad were to happen to her saviors.

While I was lost in my musing, I saw two figures appear on the hillside from afar.

When I took a closer look, my eyes widened with joy at the sight of Anthony and Jennifer.

There was a glowing flower in Jennifer’s hand which I guessed must have been the Tear of Edith.

I heard that the divine flower looked like lavender, but all the descriptions I had heard before this moment paled in comparison.

The divine flower had a vehement glow of holy light and it was undoubtedly the most extraordinary flower I had seen.

For hundreds of years, no one had been able to pluck it, but Jennifer and Anthony had managed to beat the odds.

“Thank ***, you’ve come back safe and sound.I see that you have found the mythical Tear of Edith!”

I walked up to them with excitement.

When I got a closer look at the divine flower, I sighed with amazement.

“You two have done something no one has done in many years.This shows how strong your love is for each other.Surely, Edith herself will bless your union with good fortune!”

“Morgan, please take care of Jennifer’s wounds right away.We barely made it out of there alive, and she caught a few nasty bruises when she almost fell off a cliff,” Anthony said anxiously as soon as we saw each other.

“Anthony, don’t worry about me.I’ll be fine.Morgan, please do what you must to lift the Love Curse for Anthony as soon as possible!”

Jennifer retorted and carefully put the divine flower in my hands.

“But Jennifer…”

Anthony looked at her affectionately.

I couldn’t help but smile when I saw them together.

It really was a match made in heaven! They were always thinking of each other.

“Why don’t we go inside first? Let’s get you cleaned up! Besides, it’s not like the divine flower is going to get up and run away,” I suggested.

They agreed without hesitation and I assisted Anthony to walk as he was limping on his left leg.

“This is a magic bowl.The divine flower won’t be damaged if you put it in the magic bowl.”

I took out an enchanted magic bowl from the cupboard and put it on the table before Jennifer.

“Put a drop of your blood on the divine flower and let your mate eat it.The Love Curse should become ineffective after that.”

Jennifer wasted no time and she put the divine flower in the magic bowl.

She took a deep breath and slipped her index finger in her mouth.

Then, as she closed her eyes and sunk her teeth into her finger, a small drip of blood fell on the divine flower.

Suddenly, the Tear of Edith melted, blending with her blood.

“Come on and drink this potion from the bowl.”

As I picked up the magic bowl and handed it to Anthony, I earnestly prayed for nothing to go wrong in the process.

Without hesitation, Anthony took the bowl and drank the antidote in one go, while Jennifer and I stared at him Visit to read the newest content, everyone! any changes?” Jennifer asked with anticipation.

Anthony looked at both of us in confusion as there was no change in his appearance.

“Let me Visit to read the newest content, everyone! tapped it on Anthony’s body to scan his vital signs.

When I couldn’t find even a trace of the Love Curse, I smiled happily and said, “It worked! The Love Curse has been lifted! Congratulations!”


Tears of joy streamed down Jennifer’s face as she hugged Anthony.

Anthony’s POV:

Finally, we managed to lift the Love Curse.I was so delighted that I held Jennifer’s hand and gave her a kiss on the back of her palm.

Being inflicted with the Love Curse wasn’t so bad.

However, I had to Visit to read the newest content, everyone! afraid that Jennifer would end up leaving me to save my life.

The Love Curse had to be removed if we wanted to have life without any hindrance in the future.

However, the task seemed to be easier said than done.

Jennifer had to suffer and go through many difficulties, but she never complained.I could tell that she loved me deeply and unconditionally.

She treated me like this not because I was the prince of Osman Kingdom, but because she loved who I was.

“Honey, I can Visit to read the newest content, everyone! Jennifer into my arms and kissed her as hard as I could.

“Nothing is going to come in between us again.We will be together forever.”

“Anthony…Let’s get married as soon as we go back, okay?”

With tears in her eyes, Jennifer gazed at me.

“I want to be with you forever!”

“Oh, I really envy your love,” Morgan said with a smile.

“I wish you all the happiness in the world.May your love last forever.And don’t forget to invite me to your wedding.”

“I would never forget to invite you, Morgan.You and Amelia have saved our lives,”

I nodded to express my gratitude.

“By the way, how did you find the divine flower?” Morgan asked curiously.

“Jennifer and I found the ice lake according to your instructions.The Tear of Edith was on a cliff beside the ice lake.”

I described our dangerous experience to Morgan in some detail.

“While we were climbing the cliff, Jennifer lost her footing and almost tumbled down.Fortunately, I was able to catch her and pull her up.For a moment, I thought I was ready to go to heaven with her.”

“Oh, my ***! I didn’t expect it to be so dangerous.” Morgan’s eyes widened in awe.

“But I think that was just Edith testing your love for each other.If you hadn’t saved Jennifer at that moment, you wouldn’t have been able to pick the divine flower.”

“I didn’t doubt for a moment that Anthony would let go, and I’m sure he knows that I would have done the same if it were in him in my place,” Jennifer said with a smile, gazing at me affectionately.

“Jennifer, we should get your injuries looked after.Let’s not talk about this anymore.Morgan, do you have any medicine for her wounds?”I asked Morgan.

“Of course, I do.Here you are.Gently apply it on the wounds.”

Morgan took out an ointment from his pocket and handed it to me.

“You two should get some rest now.I won’t keep you up any longer.”

After thanking Morgan, Jennifer and I went back to our bedroom.

“Jennifer, please take off your clothes and lie down.It will be easier to apply the medicine,” I said to her after I closed the door.

“Thank you, honey.”

Jennifer winked at me before she took off her clothes, except her *******, and lay prone on the bed.

“Be gentle.”

“Have I ever been anything else but gentle?”

As I lowered my head to kiss her, I squeezed out the white cream into my palm and began to carefully apply it to her wounds.

“Anthony, will these wounds leave scars? I’m afraid I’ll look ugly…” Jennifer sighed.

Nothing in the world could make her look ugly to me, let alone those scars.

Jennifer’s beauty wasn’t limited to her appearance, it was abundant in her soul.

If anything, they made me feel sorry for her.

“Babe, you’ve suffered a lot because of me.”

I applied the ointment and stroked her back to comfort her.

Thinking of the thrilling scene, my heart tightened.

The thought of how my whole life could have changed in just one moment on that cliff gave me shivers.

Fortunately, I didn’t lose her.

“It was worth it! The Love Curse will no longer be a threat to you.”

Jennifer turned around and looked at me with a playful smile.

“Honey, now that we don’t have to worry about the Love Curse, is there something you would like to do? I personally don’t think I can wait any longer!”

My eyes lit up at Jennifer’s words as I knew what she meant.

After all, we hadn’t had *** for a long time.

We haven’t been able to have an intimate moment with each other ever since I was cursed with the Love Curse.

However, those concerns were now a thing of the past.


My throat felt dry as I bent over to kiss the skin on Jennifer’s back.

“I’m afraid that I’m finding it hard to control my urges any longer.”

Jennifer’s body quivered when my lips touched her back.

She turned over and pulled me close before she slipped her hand into my trousers.

“Come on, Anthony.I’ve been waiting to feel your big hard **** inside me.I want you to make love to me right now!”

Jennifer rubbed her naked body against my groin and I couldn’t hold myself back anymore.

I pulled her face close and kissed her with raw intensity.

“I want you to moan louder, babe! I’m going to **** you so hard, you’ll beg me to stop!”

I took off my pants and pushed her knees up high before I slipped my **** inside her ***** in one firm stroke and thrust harder and harder in a fast rhythm.

“Ah! Anthony, I love you! I love you so much! Come on! **** me! **** me!”

Jennifer screamed as she twisted with pleasure under me.

I felt so happy that I wanted to come inside her.

We loved each other deeply and we hadn’t made love like this in a long time.

Our longing for each other was primal.

We both grunted when we came together and pulled apart shaking.

“Jennifer, I love you,” I said to her again and again.

“I thank Moon Goddess for making you my mate.”

“Anthony, meeting you was the best thing that happened to my life,”

Jennifer whispered in my ear.We lay in each other’s loving arms as we drifted off to sleep.

Indeed, it turned out to be a night to remember for both of us.

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