Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 231

Daniel’s POV:

When my father was safe in his home, I immediately sent for a doctor to check on him.

“I must say, Alpha Marlon’s condition is a bit strange.It seems as though he’s being stimulated by some unknown drug, which is what’s affecting his heart rate.But I can’t be too sure…”

Frowning, the doctor looked at my father, who was laying weakly in bed.

“But we have been very careful with the medicine we prescribed.There shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Just please take good care of my father.If anything happens, inform us immediately,” I told the doctor seriously.

“Of course.Rest assured we will keep a close watch on Alpha Marlon’s condition.Don’t worry.”

The doctor bowed to me respectfully.

“Don’t worry, my child,” my father said softly.

“I think I’m getting better.I’m sure I’ll be able to see you two get married.Actually, I’m really looking forward to your wedding with Helen.Every time you visit me is a joy.”

“Then Helen and I will visit you often,” I said with a smile.

“Rest well, Dad, and take good care of yourself.”

“Alright, you two can go now.I’ll take things from here.”

“My mother pulled the quilt over my father and tucked him in gently.”

“Visit us again tomorrow.”

“Okay, we will.Call us if you need anything.”

After bidding them goodbye, Helen and I left.

When we got home, I thought about how enthusiastic Devin was today and couldn’t help but feel suspicious.

“Helen, what do you think Devin’s up to? His attitude changed way too fast.”

As Helen shrugged off and hung her coat, she sighed and looked at me seriously.

“I agree.Grace and Devin have been acting strange, but we can’t just jump to conclusions.I don’t know what to think of them.”

I frowned hesitantly.

“Maybe…Maybe they really have thought it through and are now open-minded.People change, you know.”

“Daniel, you’d better keep an eye on them.Don’t forget how your brother threatened you.I’m afraid that he will hurt you.”

Helen reached for my hand, unconvinced.

“Honey, don’t worry.I won’t let my guard down.”

I patted her on the shoulder reassuringly.

“Oh, let’s call Jennifer! They should’ve made it to the snow mountain by now.”

Helen picked up her phone.

That reminded me.

Even though Jennifer and Anthony were able to overturn Austin’s rule, they were still faced with the difficulty of the Love Curse.

“Honey, Visit to read the newest content, everyone! dejectedly after a while.

“What could’ve happened to them?”

“I doubt there’s signal on the snow mountain,” I said quickly, not wanting Helen to Visit to read the newest content, everyone! sure they’re fine.”

“Daniel, I really hope that Jennifer can make it to our wedding,”

Helen mumbled, wrapping her arms around my neck.

“Maybe they will, Helen.” I kissed her forehead.

“They’ve been gone a while now, so they should be back soon.”

“I hope you’re right,” Helen said with a laugh.

“Let’s record the wedding on video! Even if Jennifer can’t come, at least she’ll still see me in my wedding dress!” Helen’s optimism was so infectious, I couldn’t help but smile.

Jennifer’s POV:

It had been several days Visit to read the newest content, everyone! in Morgan’s home.

One morning, I woke up to find Anthony next to me, as pale as a ghost.

It looked like the Love Curse was attacking him again, which made my heart ache alongside his.

“Anthony, we have rested enough.Let’s go look for the divine flower today,” I said to Anthony over breakfast.

“The Love Curse has been attacking you more frequently lately.We can’t afford to lose any more time.”

“But Jennifer, your wounds haven’t healed yet,” Anthony protested.

“I’m fine, Anthony.I can run and jump now.” I shook my head stubbornly.

“Anthony, please.I don’t want to wait any longer.I can’t stand the thought that you may suffer from a heart attack at any time.” Anthony studied me for a while in silence.

I held my breath, hoping he would agree.


Anthony finally relented with a sigh.

“If you’re sure you’re okay, let’s go.But we can’t rush this.We need to be vigilant, in case another avalanche comes at us out of nowhere.”

“Of course.I’ll listen to you, Anthony!”

I nodded repeatedly, feeling a bit of the weight being lifted off my chest.

As Anthony rested, I hurriedly packed up all our belongings.When we were all set, we went to the study to see Morgan to announce our intention to leave.

“Morgan, now that we’re almost completely healed, we’re going to look for the Tear of Edith.Thanks for all of your help,” I told Morgan gratefully.

“Yes, thank you for everything,” Anthony echoed.

“I can write a letter for you.Just present it to the palace guard and they’ll let you in to see Amelia.”

“No need,” Morgan replied with a smile, taking us aback.

“I will wait here for you to come back.You rescued my Amelia, so I will do everything in my power to help you.Don’t hesitate to come back here should you get injured so that I can heal you.”

“Thank you so much, Morgan.” I thanked him profusely.

“You’re welcome.Before you go, let me show you the general direction of the divine flower.”

Morgan stood up and strode over to the window.

Pointing his finger at the sun, he instructed, “Follow the direction of the sun.After half a day’s journey, you will come across a lake of ice.The divine flower grows on the cliff beside the lake.”

Anthony and I took note.

Thanking Morgan one last time, we finally set off to look for the divine flower.

Before we left, Morgan gave us pain-killing potion and potion to withstand the cold, which boosted our morale.

Hours passed.

Anthony and I treaded across the snow carefully.

Finally, right before sunset, we saw the ice lake Morgan mentioned in the distance.

The ice lake looked boundless, like an enchanted fairyland of snow.

And Morgan was right; there was a steep cliff right next to the lake.

“Ready? Let’s go, Jennifer.”

Anthony squeezed my hand tightly.

“I was born ready,” I said jokingly, trying to cheer myself up.

“This is nothing compared to what we went through at the training camp.”

“Then, let’s go!”

Anthony chuckled and pressed his lips on the back of my hand.

“I swear to Moon Goddess that I will love you forever.”

If I wasn’t mistaken, there was a hint of desperation in Anthony’s tone.

With tears in my eyes, I swore to myself that I would do everything in my power to pluck that divine flower for Anthony.

Then, we started climbing.

Not a word was exchanged, as Anthony and I were focused solely on climbing the steep cliff side.

We were both outstandingly athletic, but the real challenge to climbing the cliff was psychological.

Knowing that one false move could result in plunging to our death took a heavy toll on our mental strength.

Fortunately, we moved cautiously enough to not make any mistakes on the way up.

Half an hour later, Anthony’ and I were almost at the top of the cliff.

Despite only half an hour passing, it felt like an eternity had passed.

As we reached the peak, I immediately caught a glimpse of the glowing Tear of Edith on the top of the cliff.

It was breathtaking.

While it resembled lavender in form, it emitted a dazzling light.

Even at a glance, one could tell it was an extraordinary flower.

The Love Curse could finally be lifted from Anthony!

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