Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 228

Daniel’s POV:

We had to rush the preparations because we ended up pushing up the day of the wedding to an earlier date.

Today, Helen and I woke up in the early morning to pick out the wedding dress and our rings.

Much to our surprise, Helen and I ran into Devin and Grace while we were in the shopping mall.

“Oh my ***! What a coincidence!”

Grace held Helen’s hand affectionately.

“You must be Helen! What are you two doing here?”

“Daniel and I were actually going to pick a wedding dress for me.After all, the date of the wedding is knocking on the door”

Helen replied shyly.

“Oh, my dear brother, I didn’t expect to see you here, but I’m glad I did.I’ve been meaning to congratulate you!”

Devin stepped forward and reached out to shake my hand.I was surprised by his behavior, but I responded politely with a hand shake.Why was Devin being so nice?

“Oh, thank you.I appreciate it.”

I nodded my head humbly.

After all, I didn’t want Devin to feel bad after he lashed out at me yesterday because our father chose me to be the future Alpha.  “Come on, Daniel.I just wanted to see you and wish you all the best on your wedding!”

Devin smiled.

“Do you mind if we tag along with you?”

Although I didn’t know why Devin had suddenly changed his attitude towards me, I couldn’t turn him down since he was being so polite.

Therefore, I had no choice but to let him and Grace accompany us to the wedding dress shop.

“This one, and this one…Please let Helen try them on.I think those will suit her very well!”

As soon as we entered the shop, Grace began to order the shop assistant around as if she was her personal secretary.

Helen seemed embarrassed by Grace’s behavior, but she didn’t say anything.

“Oh my ***, Helen, you have such a perfect figure!”

Grace showered Helen with compliments as they stood in front of the dressing mirror with the shop assistant.

The men weren’t allowed inside the fitting room, so Devin and I waited outside.

We sat in awkward silence for a while.

“Daniel, I’m sorry about what happened last time.”

Devin broke the silence.

“I shouldn’t have said those things to you.You know I’ve always been impulsive since we were little.After I went back home, I carefully thought about our father’s decision and I’ve come to realize that he is right.You are the most suitable candidate Visit to read the newest content, everyone! I stared at him blankly.I never thought that I would hear Devin say those words to me.

“Daniel, we both know that you’re Visit to read the newest content, everyone! critical situations.I think that’s why he attaches more importance to you.”

Devin patted me on the shoulder.

“Congratulations on becoming the future Alpha.”

I was at a loss for words as I didn’t know how to respond to Devin’s sudden change of attitude.

Just then, Helen pushed the curtain of the fitting room open and walked out, flaunting her dress.

“Honey, what do you think of this dress?”

Helen was wearing a stunning white flowing gown that fell to her ankles and accentuated her curves.

I stood there breathlessly Visit to read the newest content, everyone! would be an understatement! Helen glowed from head to toe, like an angel that had ascended from the heavens above.

I had never seen a bride more beautiful and enchanting than her in my life.

“Helen, I don’t know what to say.You will be the most beautiful bride ever.”

I grabbed Helen’s hand affectionately and nodded my head at the shop assistant.

“We’ll take this one!”

“Oh, Daniel, stop it!”

Helen blushed immediately.

After we got out of that shop, Helen and I decided to go looking for our Visit to read the newest content, everyone! Helen’s hand and stopped her.

“Hey, why don’t you two come over to our house for dinner tomorrow?” Grace looked at me.

“Daniel, let me make it up to you for my rude behavior last time.Please have dinner with us tomorrow!”

Devin echoed with his wife.

“Sure, of course.”

I forced a smile on my lips because I didn’t want to be impolite, but Devin’s sudden change in attitude was throwing me off a bit.

Despite my reluctance, I agreed to have dinner at this house in order to take a step in the positive direction of our relationship.

Helen’s POV:

We parted ways with Grace and Devin at the entrance of the wedding shop.

Daniel and I went to the jewelry store next to choose wedding rings.

We passed by a gift store to order the balloons and flowers for the wedding. After we had completed every task we had set out to do, Daniel and I went back home with several shopping bags hanging from both hands.  “I’m looking forward to seeing you in this dress on our big day,”

Daniel said as he hung the wedding dress on the hanger.

“Oh, I’m so excited, Daniel.I want to get married to you as soon as possible!”

I held Daniel’s hand.

“We will be the happiest couple in the world.”

As we were having an intimate moment between us, the doorbell rang.

“Helen, it’s me!”

Mandy’s voice came from outside.

Daniel frowned, sighing with exasperation before he opened the door.

“What’s the matter?”

Daniel spoke in an impatient tone.

“Hello, I’m here to congratulate you guys.”

Mandy smiled sweetly, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

“Daniel, I’ve brought a wedding gift for Helen.” Mandy raised her hands to show me a beautifully wrapped package before she handed it to me.

I looked at her with surprise when I opened the box and found a bottle of perfume.

“Helen, I bought this perfume just for you.I hope you like it.”

Mandy looked at me eagerly.

“It has the fragrance of lavender.”  I opened the bottle and took a whiff.

She wasn’t lying because the perfume did have a strong fragrance of lavender.

“Thank you, Mandy.I like it very much,” I answered politely.

“I thought you were here for Daniel again.”

“I’m glad that you like it!”

Mandy gasped, clutching at her chest dramatically.

“No matter what I do, Daniel will always love you.You’re the only one in his heart.” I blushed and felt happy.

Even my former rival in love blessed my relationship with Daniel.

I couldn’t be happier about it.

“All right.I should get going.Once again, congratulations to the both of you.”

Mandy left with a smile.  “She is right.You are the only one in my heart, honey.”

After Daniel closed the door, he wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my neck.

“You’re so beautiful that I don’t want to spend a single moment without you.”

“You are such a sweet talker.”

I kissed Daniel’s cheek.

Suddenly, his phone started ringing.

“Daniel, your father misses you.Can you come and see him when you have time?”

It was Betty on the other end of the line.

“I hope everything is okay.I’ll come over with Helen soon!”

Daniel hung up the phone and looked at me.

“Helen, I’m worried about my father’s health.It’s time I pay him a visit.Would you like to join me?”

“Of course! I would love to see Alpha Marlon as well,” I answered with a smile.

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