Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 226

Morgan’s POV:

My whole body went stiff at the mention of the name Amelia.What on earth was he talking about? And how did he know Amelia? “What did you say? How do you know Amelia?”

I demanded, anxiously grabbing him by the collar.My heart raced in my chest.I had buried that name so deep in my heart for so long, it hurt just to say it out loud.

This name clawed at the deepest scar in my heart.

“Don’t worry.Hear us out,”

Anthony said calmly, despite being grabbed by me.

“The reason why we came to the snow mountain was to remove the Love Curse.Larry had cursed me.A little while back, I had gone to his home in order to find out how to remove the curse.While he wasn’t there, I found a witch named Amelia.She had been imprisoned by Larry for many years until we saved her.She was the one who found out the cure to my curse.”

“And Amelia asked us to help her find her husband, Morgan,” Jennifer chimed in eagerly.

Now that I knew the whole story, I felt a lump in my throat and burst into tears.

“Oh, my ***! I never thought I would hear from Amelia again in my life! Amelia is my wife.She went missing years ago.I can’t believe she had been in Larry’s hands this whole time.No wonder I couldn’t find her no matter how hard I tried.I know that she once had a relationship with Larry, but they broke things off a long time ago.Who would’ve thought…”

I couldn’t continue.

The mere thought that Amelia had been imprisoned by Larry all these years made my blood boil.

But I took a deep breath, trying my best to calm down.

“Anyway, thank you,” I said seriously.

“Thank you for telling me.Thank you for saving Amelia.When I saved you back there, I never thought you would bring me news about my wife.Thank ***!”

“No, thank you, Morgan.You saved us.You and Amelia.I don’t know how I can possibly thank you enough.I just know that you two will be reunited soon.”

Jennifer smiled at me warmly, bowing slightly to show her gratitude.

“Morgan, I’m curious.What made you choose to live in such a cold and isolated place?” Anthony asked.

“Oh, well, when Amelia disappeared from my life, my heart died with the memories of her.”

I sighed, recalling how sad I had been.

“Amelia and I loved each other so much.We were soul mates, and we swore never to separate.However, not long after Amelia got pregnant, she went missing.That day, I went out for work.When I got back home, she Visit to read the newest content, everyone! looked for her everywhere, journeying to almost every corner of the world, but I couldn’t find her.In the end, I was too Visit to read the newest content, everyone! mountain to isolate myself from the world.I missed Amelia with all my heart and decided to live alone for the rest of my life.”

Anthony’s POV:

After listening to the wizard’s story, Jennifer and I exchanged looks and sighed.

We never thought that Amelia’s husband would also be looking for her.

It moved us to know that the two had never given up on each other despite spending years apart.

Perhaps true love could indeed create miracles.

After all this time, they now had a chance to meet Visit to read the newest content, everyone! here for the Tear of Edith?”

Morgan changed the topic so suddenly.

“This is the only flower that can remove the Love Curse.”

“Yes, I just didn’t think that you would know this, too.”

My heart swelled with hope.

“Do you know where the divine flower is now?”

“Of course I do.But it’s impossible to harvest.”

Morgan looked at us helplessly.

“The divine flower sits right at the top of the snow mountain, which actually isn’t that far from here.I’ve seen countless people seek it for different reasons some for money, others to remove the Love Curse, just like you.But in all of my years here, I have never seen anyone successfully pick the Tear of Edith.”

“But why not?” I couldn’t help but frown deeply.

“Because the divine flower is under the protection of Edith,” Morgan said solemnly.

“Edith will only ever be moved by true love.Only if you love each other purely and wholeheartedly will she let you pick the divine flower.”

“Oh, yes, Amelia warned us.Don’t worry.We wouldn’t have made the journey if we didn’t truly love each other.”

As I spoke, I looked back at Jennifer, whose eyes also burned with determination.

“Our love will withstand any test.We’ll definitely get the divine flower.”

“If that’s the case, then good luck to you both.” Morgan shook his head, chuckling.

“I’m afraid we need to be on our way.We have to look for the luggage we lost in the avalanche.Morgan, Amelia is staying in the royal palace of the Osman Kingdom.If you want to see her, we’ll do whatever we can to help you.”

I took Jennifer’s hand and squeezed it.

“No need to rush.I actually have your backpacks.” Morgan smiled.

“I brought them here when I saved you.As he was talking, he strode over to the wooden cabinet and started pulling out our backpacks from inside.

“We can’t thank you enough, Morgan.”

I hurriedly gathered all our belongings.

“We need to tell Mrs.Jones what happened.”

Jennifer anxiously fished her phone out of her backpack.But as soon as she turned it on, her face fell.

“Oh, no! Anthony, there’s no signal here!”

“Hey, you didn’t tell me the whole truth, did you? I can tell you’re no ordinary werewolves.”

Morgan pulled out his wand and swirled it in the air.Suddenly, a white pigeon flew inside the room.

“Otherwise, why would Amelia be staying in the royal palace of the Osman Kingdom?”

Hearing this, I smiled apologetically at Morgan.

“I’m sorry, Morgan.We didn’t try to hide the truth from you on purpose.We just thought that it would cause you unnecessary trouble.The truth is, I’m a prince of the Osman Kingdom.”

“No wonder.” Morgan simply nodded.

He didn’t seem fazed that he was in the presence of royalty.

Instead, he whistled and the pigeon flew to perch on his shoulder.

“This is a magic carrier pigeon.It can carry a message almost anywhere, including the royal palace.”

“Great!” Jennifer looked at Morgan gratefully.

“Could we also send a message to the Rainbow Pack? My friends must be worried about me.”

“Not a problem!”

Morgan agreed without hesitation.

I heaved a sigh of relief.

Thanks to Morgan, many of our problems were solved.

Now, all we needed to do was pick the divine flower.

But first, we needed to regain our strength.

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