Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Regaining Consciousness

Ella’s POV:

When I saw Jennifer on Marge Island, I was really surprised.

I didn’t expect that she was still alive and even participated in the special training.

My father had sent a lot of werewolves to hunt Jennifer down when she escaped.

Although they failed to bring back her dead body, they retrieved fragments of her clothes, so we all thought that she was dead.

I always wanted Jennifer to die.

When my father was still the pack’s Beta, I already wanted her dead.

We were of aristocratic descent.

Why should I be considered inferior to her? Was it only because she was the Alpha’s daughter? I had done my best to endure.

Did she think I had to accept her charity just because she regarded me as a friend? I quickly became fed up with Jennifer’s hypocrisy and her arrogance.

As long as she waved her hand, I had to cater to her whims and butter her up.

She gave me clothes that she didn’t like and helped me solve trifling matters with her status as the Alpha’s daughter.

She probably thought she was doing good deeds, but I hated her hypocrisy.

I still remembered the day my father snatched the position of Alpha from Lewis Smith, Jennifer’s father.

I had never been so happy until then.

I replaced Jennifer as the Alpha’s daughter, and Jennifer supposedly died outside the pack’s territory.

**** it! I didn’t expect her to be alive and to appear before me.

It was unbelievable.

The fact that many werewolves had failed to kill her proved that Jennifer was one tenacious *****.

Her existence was a huge problem for the Rainbow Pack.

If she returned for her revenge, we would be in trouble.

I had to find a way to kill her.

Since we failed to kill her last time, I was determined to finish her off properly.

A few days later, the drillmaster announced that the first and second batches of trainees were going to explore the jungle together.My chance finally came.

I dug out a deep pit and positioned many sharp sticks at the bottom.

If a person fell into this trap, they would either die immediately or suffer a slow and painful death from blood loss.

They would not be able to climb out of the pit.

The whole time we were given to explore the jungle, I kept track of where Jennifer was.

I pretended to be an injured person and called out for help, leading Jennifer to the trap.

After she fell in, I waited for a long time, but she didn’t climb out.

Unless Jennifer was a ***, she was doomed.

Jennifer’s POV:

I didn’t know how much time had passed, but it felt like a century had gone by.

Through the fog in my brain, I heard someone calling out my name.

His voice sounded very familiar.

I tried my best to open my eyes, and what seemed to be Prince Anthony’s face came into view.

For the first time ever, his neutral expression had become one of panic and concern.

Now that I was seeing him on my deathbed, did that mean that I was interested in him? Before I could come up with an answer for that, my eyes closed and I surrendered myself to the darkness.

When I opened my eyes again, all I saw was white.

My nose wrinkled from the pungent smell of disinfectant.Was I dead or alive?

“Jennifer, you’re awake!”

Daniel’s surprised face appeared before me.

It turned out that I was not dead.

“Prince Anthony…”

I murmured as I looked around.

I was in a hospital ward.

Daniel was the only other person in the room with me.

I was so sure that it was Anthony who had saved me.

Where was he? Daniel failed to catch what I just said, and thought that I was not yet fully conscious.

“I’m relieved to see you awake.It’s almost dawn.I have to go back to my dorm room now.I will come see you again after training,”

Daniel said as he put some flowers in a vase by the window.It was a bouquet of sunflowers.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.What are friends for?”Daniel replied.

At that moment, the door to the ward slammed open.Mrs.Elizabeth Jones, in casual clothes, entered.

She was followed by two maids.

“Why are you here?”

I was so surprised that I wanted to sit up, but I couldn’t move.

I was flattered by Elizabeth’s arrival, but my relationship with Anthony was supposed to be secret, so I couldn’t reveal her identity.

That would make things difficult.

“Don’t get up on my account, Jennifer.You might reopen your wounds.” Elizabeth rushed to my side.

Anxiety was written all over her face.She was very worried about me.

Although I just did what Anthony had asked me to do so that he could fulfill her wish, I knew that she was a kind mother.

Even though she was in poor health, she had traveled a long way just to see me.

I was grateful for her kindness.Daniel looked at Elizabeth in confusion.It was obvious that he didn’t know her.

“This is my friend’s mother,”I explained. Daniel shook hands with Elizabeth.

“It’s nice to meet you, ma‘am.”

Elizabeth looked at me questioningly so I told her, “This is Daniel, a trainee who is participating in the special training.He is also my friend.”

“I see.”

Elizabeth subtly scanned Daniel from head to toe.

He was a little bothered by the older woman’s reaction, but he was polite enough not to ask.

Elizabeth’s presence left a strange atmosphere in the ward.

Before Daniel could slice some fruit for me, one of Elizabeth’s maids came over and snatched the knife and fruit from him.

Elizabeth looked at me as she said, “Let them do it.”

She also asked someone to bring several bunches of flowers until the whole ward was filled.

The sunflowers that Daniel brought me ended up disappearing in the background from the sheer amount of flowers in the room.

When the day’s training ended, Daniel came to visit me once more, bringing some soup that he had prepared.

But because Elizabeth had just made me eat a nutritious meal, I was too full to intake anything else.

I spent a week in the hospital.

During that time, Elizabeth acted as a chaperone so I wouldn’t be alone with Daniel.

And if she needed to take a break, her maids would take care of me.

But when my friend Skylar came to see me, Elizabeth didn’t mind her presence at all.

Elizabeth only seemed to have her guard up around Daniel.

I could tell that she didn’t like him.

Anyway, since I was being well taken care of, I persuaded Daniel to go back to the dorm and sleep there.

If he couldn’t train the next day due to lack of sleep, I would feel guilty and worry about him.

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