Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 218

Chapter 218: Marlon Was Seriously Ill

Daniel’s POV: 

My stay at the Rainbow Pack had been quite pleasant, but unfortunately, just a few days later, I received news that my father had fallen ill.

It was just after breakfast one morning when I received a call from my mother.

As soon as I answered it, the shrill sound of her tearful voice struck me with panic.

“Daniel, your father is seriously ill.Come back as soon as possible!”

“What? Mom, don’t worry.I’ll be right back!”

My stomach clenched with anxiety and apprehension.

Admittedly, my father was well past his prime, but he was once a very powerful Alpha.

How could he fall sick so suddenly? I immediately went back to our room and told Helen about it.

“Oh my ***! How could this happen?” Helen’s eyes widened with shock.

“We must go back to Black Stone Pack right now.”

Without further delay, Helen took me to the study to look for Simon, who was reading a book.

“Dad, we have some bad news.Daniel’s dad is ill.I have to go back to Black Stone Pack with Daniel right now,” Helen said as she took Simon’s hand in hers.

“Oh, no! Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help! You two should go back as soon as possible.”

As Simon embraced Helen, tears welled up in his eyes.

“Helen, don’t worry, I’ll see you again next time.Take care of yourself, honey.”

“You take care as well, Dad.”

Helen held onto Simon for as long as she could.

“I’m so sorry, Helen.”

I felt guilty for separating Helen and her father because they were so reluctant to part with each other.

After all, this reunion came after a long time and now she had to leave with me.

“Don’t be sorry, Daniel.We are family.Helen will go back with you,”

Simon said as he held my hand to give me courage.

I was deeply touched by Simon’s thoughtfulness and compassion.

As soon as we packed our bags, we left Helen’s house to bid farewell to Skylar and Jerome.

“Skylar, unfortunately, Daniel’s father has fallen ill.We have to go back to Black Stone Pack to see him.We’re leaving right now.”

Helen and Skylar hugged at the gate, and I shook hands with Jerome.

“Oh, then you’d better go back as soon as possible.Safe travels.We will miss you!”

Skylar hugged me.

“Daniel, your father is a strong man.He will get better soon.”

“Thank you for your blessing.”

I held Helen’s hand and looked at the newlyweds in admiration.

They were always together and they loved each other unconditionally.

I was finally convinced that Skylar had found happiness and I was happy for her from the bottom of my heart.

After saying farewell to Skylar and Jerome, Helen and I went to the airport as fast  ********.com to read the newest content, everyone! back to Black Stone Pack.

As soon as the plane landed, we took a taxi back home.

As soon as Helen and I walked  to read the newest content, everyone! is Dad doing?”

I found my mother sitting on the sofa with her hands over her face, sobbing.

She looked up and came to me when she heard my voice.

“Daniel, I don’t know what happened.Your father was just fine and then all of a sudden, he fainted yesterday!”

She cried hysterically in Helen’s arms.

“Thank you, Helen.”

My mother gave Helen a gentle smile before she looked at me.

“Your dad is in his room.Go and see him.”

I took Helen’s hand and followed my mother to their bedroom.

to read the newest content, everyone! father lying in the bed, surrounded by several doctors and nurses who seemed to be running tests on him.

“Excuse me.What’s wrong with my father?”

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

It was hard for me to see my father lying in bed like that.

He looked so haggard and pale in his sleep.

It had only been a few days since the last time I saw him, but he seemed a few years older than he was.

“Alpha Marlon went into a coma after suffering a heart attack.However, to read the newest content, everyone! he is doing much better now,” the doctor in charge replied.

“Well, do you have any advice on what would help him make a fast recovery?” Helen asked.

“Just make sure that he eats and takes his medicine on time every day.Apart from that, he just needs to be well-rested,” the doctor continued.

“Thank you, doctor. We will follow your advice.”

I took a deep breath before quietly walking to the bedside.I sat down slowly and held my father’s hand, feeling a lump in my throat.

‘Dad,  to read the newest content, everyone! still hope that you will name my first child in the future”

Helen’s POV:

“I’m sure Alpha Marlon will be fine.Don’t give up hope, ”

I hugged Betty, Daniel’s mother, and comforted her.

The dark circles around her tearful eyes told me that she had barely slept a wink since her husband fell ill.

“I’m really scared, Helen.I can’t live without Marlon,”

Betty replied as muffled sobs wracked against her chest.”Daniel’s father is a brave and powerful Alpha.I strongly believe that Moon Goddess will bless him.”

I prayed in my heart as I spoke.

“Daniel, Helen, come here.”

Suddenly, Marlon called out to us in a weak voice.

Much to our surprise and relief, we saw him waving at us.

“Dad, you are awake.”

Daniel looked at Marlon with excitement and relief.I stood next to Daniel and waited quietly for Marlon to speak.

“I thought I was in good health, but now it seems that I was wrong about myself,” Marlon said.

It was clear to see that he wasn’t in full strength because he was pausing after every few words to catch his breath.

“Dad, you’ll be back to being strong again.Don’t worry! ”

Daniel’s eyes became wet as he spoke.

“I wish I had your enthusiasm, my son.However, even if I make it this time, there’s no telling that it won’t happen again.I don’t know how long I can hold on.Anyway, I hope you and Helen can get married ahead of schedule because I’m afraid I won’t be able to see that day if something happens to me again.”

Marlon began to cough violently and his chest heaved up and down.

“No, Dad! Don’t say that!” Daniel waved at the doctor.

“Doctor, please help my dad! What’s happening to him?”

“Helen, what do you think about the wedding?”

Gasping for breath, Marlon looked at me gently.

“I don’t mind it, Alpha Marlon.It’s all up to you.Don’t worry about us.Just take care of yourself, so that Luna Betty and Daniel won’t have to worry about you,”I said in a hurry.

“Then, what do you think about getting married next Tuesday, Helen? The elders have confirmed it to be an auspicious day,” Marlon asked as he held my hand.

“It’s all up to you, Dad.”

Daniel tucked Marlon under the quilt.

“Anyway, forget about that for now.Just get some sleep…”

Even before Daniel could finish his words, Marlon gasped for air and the monitor on the side of the bed began to beep.

“Please, leave and give us some space.Alpha Marlon’s health is getting worse.We need to help him as soon as possible!”

The doctor in charge waved his hand and called the other doctors over.

I didn’t have time to care about anything else, and I quickly held Betty’s hand and followed Daniel out of the room.

“Oh my ***! Why is this happening to us?”

Sitting in the living room, Betty hugged Daniel and cried bitterly.

“Is your father going to die?”

“No, Mom.Dad isn’t going to die.He’s a powerful Alpha, remember?”

Daniel tried to comfort her, but his tone betrayed his sadness.

Suddenly, someone pushed the door open from the outside and in came Daniel’s brother, Devin, and his wife Grace with anxious expressions.

“Mom, how is Dad?” Devin asked.

“Devin, it’s so good to see you.The doctors are saving him.*** bless him,” Betty said with tears in her eyes and hugged Devin.

“Helen, I didn’t expect you and Daniel to be here, but it’s good to see you here.Thank you for visiting my father.”

Devin greeted me before he helped Betty sit down again.

“It’s the least I could do,” I answered, holding Daniel’s hand.

“By the way, Devin, we’re moving up Daniel and Helen’s wedding date.It’s your dad’s idea! He’s afraid that he won’t be alive long enough to see Daniel and Helen get married.Please, try to help with the preparations,” Betty said to Devin.

I could see that she was trying to put up a font as she wiped her tears, but the sadness in her eyes was undeniable.

“Oh, Helen is finally going to marry into our family.” Grace looked at me in surprise.

“I can’t wait for you to have a child as soon as possible.Newborn babies always bring hope and joy to a family.Perhaps a new baby in the family will give Dad more reason to recover.”

“Well, I will try my best,” I replied.

Grace’s words took me by surprise as I thought it was inappropriate to talk about such things while Marlon was still ill, but I didn’t speak my mind.

Instead, I smiled and lowered my head to hide my emotions.

“Dad will get back to being in good health very soon.After all, he has been blessed by Moon Goddess.Besides, having children is a very big deal.We’re not in a hurry and I don’t want to put so much pressure on Helen,” Daniel said.

I didn’t expect that he would stand up to defend me at once.

His tone was gentle yet firm.

“Oh, I didn’t mean to offend you.”

Grace smiled awkwardly, glancing at Betty.

“It’s just that I haven’t been able to get pregnant yet.I was hoping Helen could do it.”

“Well, it’s too early to talk about that now,”

Devin interrupted Grace.

“Mom, since Dad needs to rest and take a break from everything else, shouldn’t we talk about who should take his place as the next Alpha?”

After saying that, Devin kept staring at Betty and Daniel, his expression unreadable.

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