Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 215

Chapter 215: A Daughter

Austin’s POV:

When I saw Caroline pass out, I was so scared that I didn’t even care about the newborn baby.

I stumbled towards the operating table and grabbed a nurse’s arm.

“Nurse, is she okay?” I asked anxiously.

“She has just fainted from exhaustion.However, we need to ask you to leave first.We need to focus on saving her right now,”

the nurse answered, jabbing a finger at the door.

I knew I had no other choice but to go out obediently and wait.

With my back against the wall, I recalled how Caroline had looked at me from the operating table just now.

All of a sudden, I felt suffocated from guilt.

I was so useless! There was nothing I could do but watch as Caroline suffered.

“Austin, how’s Caroline?”

A gentle voice interrupted my thoughts.

I turned around and saw Jennifer and Anthony standing by the hall outside the operating room.

Seeing them here, I had mixed feelings.

Were they also worried about Caroline? For the longest time, Caroline and I had done everything in our power to make them suffer.

Weren’t they supposed to feel happy in the face of our misfortune?

“Caroline managed to give birth to the baby, but the doctors are now trying to rescue her.I don’t know if she’s going to make it…”

If it were in the past, I would have cherished any moment to mock Anthony, but now, I was in no mood.

It was hard to tell whether Caroline was going to make it out of this alive, so I was too consumed with worry for her to think about anything else.

“Don’t worry, Austin.Anthony has asked the best doctors to treat Caroline.She will be okay,”

Jennifer said softly in an effort to comfort me.

“Maybe all of this is my punishment from ***.” I laughed bitterly.

“This is all my fault.I’ve committed too many crimes, yet it’s Caroline and our child who are reaping the retribution for my sins.”

I was met with silence.

Then, I heard footsteps approaching me.

“Caroline will be fine.If it comes to it, I’ll ask Roy for help.He’s good with healing magic.He’ll definitely be able to save Caroline’s life” Anthony said, putting his hand on my shoulder.

I looked up at him in disbelief.

“What? Anthony…Why are you helping me?” I asked in a trembling voice.

“Caroline was the one who led us to Larry’s residence and helped us find a way to remove the Love Curse,” Anthony said simply.

“I owe her.”

“But Caroline’s life is in danger now.”

I buried my face in my hands in despair.

“Why is *** punishing my love? I’m the one who deserves to die! You should kill me, Anthony.After all, it Visit to read the newest content, everyone! Caroline atone for my sins! I’m the one at fault! Not her!”

I knelt on the floor and cried bitterly, begging *** to Visit to read the newest content, everyone! was wrong.

I was an unforgivable sinner.

I sincerely regretted everything I had done.

In that moment, I realized how much I truly needed Caroline.

It was because she loved me that she had helped Anthony find Larry in the first place.

Everything she did was for me.

Now, it was her life that was in danger.

I finally understood now that I regarded her as the love of my life I couldn’t lose her.

If Caroline survived this, I swore to treat her well for the rest of my Visit to read the newest content, everyone! I had mixed feelings.

In the past, whenever I laid my eyes on him, all I could think of was that he murdered our father.

I always wanted to avenge him and kill Austin myself.

But seeing him cry for his love, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.

Jennifer was right.

No matter how heartless someone seemed, there was bound to be a soft spot in him somewhere.

“How is Caroline?”

Just then, my mother arrived.

Jennifer rushed to her side to support her, but my mother was Visit to read the newest content, everyone! in bad shape and the doctors are trying to save her,”

Austin answered first.

Then, he buried his face in his hands and started to cry bitterly.

“Oh, my ***…”

My mother sighed, tears rolling down her cheeks.

“My dear Caroline…”

Jennifer and I hurried to her side to comfort her.

My mother valued her loved ones.

I knew she must’ve felt terrible about Caroline’s condition.

After all, she regarded Caroline as her own daughter.

“Don’t worry, Mrs.Jones.***’s watching over Caroline.She will be fine, I just know it.”

Jennifer held my mother’s hand and tried to comfort her.

I held her other hand and helped her to a seat on a bench in the hallway.

Then, we all waited for what seemed like an eternity.

Holding our breaths, we would glance at the door to the operating room from time to time, hoping for and dreading whatever news the doctor was about to deliver.

After a long time, the door to the operating room was finally pushed open.

“Doctor, how is she?”

Austin leapt to his feet immediately.

“The patient’s condition has stabilized for now, and her life is out of danger,” the doctor answered patiently.

“But her wound has just been stitched.She will need to rest first.”

“Thank ***!”

Austin slumped to the floor with relief.

“Doctor, how about the baby?” my mother asked excitedly.

“It’s a girl, in good health, but we still need to observe her.As such, the nurse has taken her to the nursery,” the doctor replied with a smile.

“Doctor, can I see Caroline?” Austin asked in a trembling voice.

“Is she awake?”

“She can’t have any visitors for the time being.”

The doctor shook his head.

“When she is ready for visitors, we will send someone to inform you.”

“Let’s go see the baby first.”

With a smile on her face, my mother squeezed Jennifer’s hand excitedly.

“Let’s go together!”

So we all headed to the nursery to look at the newborn baby through the glass window.Being a premature baby, she was lying in an incubator.

It was a small, wrinkly baby.

She was sleeping soundly in the incubator and, despite being born too early, she looked very healthy.

“Oh, my ***, she’s adorable,”

Austin said breathlessly, leaning against the glass window in a daze.

“She’s the cutest baby in the world.”

I couldn’t believe my ears.

Did Austin just say that? It blew my mind, seeing that cruel and ruthless lycan so tender and affectionate.

Even Jennifer chuckled at his childish words.

Just then, a nurse ran up to us.

“Mr.Jones, you can visit Miss Wilson now,” she reported breathlessly.

Hearing this, my mother and Austin were both eager to see the baby’s mother.

Together, Jennifer and I helped my mother hobble back to the ward.


As soon as we entered the ward, Austin flew to Caroline’s side and held her hand tightly.

Tears formed in his eyes as he smiled down at her sleeping face.

“Caroline, I’m so sorry.I’ve committed so many sins in the past, but *** decided to punish me by making you suffer.”

Austin kissed Caroline’s hand affectionately.

“Honey, I promise I won’t do anything bad again.I can only hope *** will forgive me.”

“I hope you can keep your word and turn over a new leaf,” I added, overhearing Austin’s vow.

“I will, Anthony.Thank you for having the best doctors take care of Caroline.”

Austin spoke with unprecedented sincerity in his eyes.

Compared with the old Austin, who always did everything he could to oppose me, the Austin before me looked so strange to me.

Still, I hoped that he had truly realized his mistakes.

Anyway, Caroline was going to survive.

I found myself hoping that she and Austin could live a new, happy life together with their child.

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