Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 214

Chapter 214: Caroline’s Difficult Labor

Jennifer’s POV:

I was shocked.

Caroline wasn’t due yet.

She was supposed to give birth after Anthony and I had left.

But her pained shrieks told everyone otherwise.

Despite all the pain and suffering she had caused us in the past, I couldn’t help but feel worried.

After all, the child had nothing to do with its mother’s actions I could only hope that Caroline would deliver the child safely.

“Mrs.Jones, what happened to Caroline? Why did she suddenly go into labor?”

When we saw Elizabeth, Anthony and I immediately walked up to her.

She held my hand with an anxious look on her face.

“The prison floor was slippery and Caroline fell by accident this morning.”

Elizabeth looked worriedly at the doctors coming and going, and I could feel her hands trembling in mine.

“At first, the situation wasn’t so bad.I asked my mind to check on her, and the maid said she was fine.But then suddenly, her water broke.It wasn’t until Austin cried for help that I found out about this.So I had them removed from the prison and called for some doctors.”

After hearing Elizabeth’s story, I couldn’t help but shake my head and sigh.

Poor Caroline! For a moment, the room was filled with the strong, metallic smell of blood.

Overwhelmed, Elizabeth burst into tears, and Anthony and I helped her sit down.

We could do nothing but watch as the doctors streamed in and out of the room with various instruments in tow.

“Let’s go see Caroline,”

Anthony said to me, holding my hand tightly.

I nodded and walked with him towards the bed.

There, we found Caroline lying in the center of the big bed.

Her face was pale, and her clothes were drenched with blood.

She was a pitiful sight.

Fortunately, she was still aware of her surroundings, with her eyes wide open and staring at the ceiling.


I called her name softly.

Caroline managed to turn towards the sound of my voice.

Tears welled up in her eyes as soon as she saw us.

“Anthony, Jennifer…I didn’t expect you to come here.”

Caroline gasped for breath.

“Thank you, Anthony.I’m touched that you’re still willing to see me despite what happened in the past.”

She spoke with great difficulty.

Elizabeth rushed to her side and clasped her hand.

“Well, stop trying to speak,” she said worriedly.

“You need to save your strength to give birth to the baby.I’m so sad Visit to read the newest content, everyone! save your strength.I will send for the best doctors in the royal hospital to help you,”

Anthony promised in a soft tone.

Seeing Caroline’s Visit to read the newest content, everyone! Anthony.Thank you for being willing to help me regardless of the past.Ah!”

Caroline screamed all of a sudden.


Just as Anthony and I were about to ask the doctors about Caroline’s condition, a heart wrenching roar came from behind us.

Turning around, I saw Austin struggling to get past two guards.

“Caroline! Let me see her.She is my wife! Why won’t you let me see her?”

Austin cried.

“I asked the guards to keep him outside.I was afraid that he would do something extreme.”

Elizabeth frowned and shook her Visit to read the newest content, everyone! Caroline’s side and held her hand tightly.

With eyes red from tears, he kept trying to encourage her.

“Babe, you will be fine.I love you.Just hold on a little longer!”

Austin said, kissing her hand lovingly.

“I never thought a violent man like him would fall in love with someone so deeply,”

I murmured in a low voice.

“Miss Wilson is in bad shape.She might need a Csection.We need to transfer her to the operating room now,” a doctor said.

“No one is allowed to enter the operating room.Should Visit to read the newest content, everyone! will only allow for one person.”

“Let me go! I’ll stay with her.Please let me stay with Caroline.She’s my wife!”

Austin shouted immediately, gritting his teeth stubbornly.

“Okay.Let him go with Caroline,”

Anthony said, nodding at the doctor.

Without a moment to spare, Caroline was wheeled out of the room, closely followed by an anxious Austin.

I watched them leave, all the while unconsciously squeezing Anthony’s hand.

I just hoped that Caroline would give birth to the baby safely.

Caroline’s POV:

As I was being pushed into the operating room of the royal hospital, I felt a tearing pain in my lower abdomen.

I could do nothing but watch the swaying lights above my head, a sense of dread slowly beginning to overtake me.

Was I about to die? How about my baby? Just as I was about to lose it, Austin’s hand reached for mine.


I choked on a sob and couldn’t even complete my sentence.

I was so glad he was willing to be by my side at a time like this.

His presence made me feel a little bit better.Austin accompanied me into the operating room.

He put on the blue scrubs and stood by the bed, looking at me sympathetically.

He kept calling my name and encouraging me, with tears in his eyes.

“Honey, you’ll be fine.Just hold on!”

Austin said in a strained voice.

‘’Austin…My love, for you, I will hold on!”

“The woman’s lower body was torn.As a result, she’s hemorrhaging and badly needs a blood transfusion.”

As soon as the doctor announced this, he ran out in a hurry.

The shooting pain in my lower abdomen was so intense, I felt like going crazy.

Several doctors surrounded me and one poked a needle into my arm.

Overwhelmed and out of breath, I craned my neck to look for Austin.

“*** and Moon Goddess, please take care of my Caroline!”

With his eyes glued to me, his trembling finger drew a cross on his chest as he prayed for me.

This was a relief to me.

I knew I fell for the right man.

He might’ve been unpardonable in other people’s eyes, but to me, he was my love.

I needed to give birth to our baby for him.

Even if it meant dying, I was determined to save our child.

“Miss Wilson, judging from the current situation, you will need to have a C-section.But because the baby is at risk of suffocation right now, time is of the essence.I’m afraid we don’t have the time administer any anesthetic.Please bear the pain,” a nurse said to me, her eyes full of pity.

“It’s fine.I can stand it.Hurry up.As long as the baby will be safe, do whatever’s necessary!” I said through gritted teeth.

“I’m sorry, Caroline.This is all my fault.I didn’t take good care of you.I made you fall down once before,” Austin apologized.

“I’m a jerk, Caroline.I’m sorry!”

I smiled feebly at him.

“Don’t say that, Austin.I was the one who slipped by accident.I just hope that if I die, you will take good care of our child…”

I tried my best to finish my words.

“No! You’ll be fine.We can have another baby if we lose this one.You’re the priority here!”

Austin suddenly pulled the sleeve of a doctor.

“Doctor, you must save the mother, okay?”

I was too moved to speak.

“In any case, the mother’s safety is indeed our priority,” the doctor replied, shrugging off Austin’s grip.

“Now we are going to perform a C-section.Please calm down and stay to the side.We can’t afford any distractions.”

Austin stared at her blankly, gnashing his teeth anxiously.

He did as he was told, however, and stepped aside.

I stared at the lamp on the ceiling, trying hard not to focus on the sharp pain in my stomach.

“Austin! Austin! Argh!”

Try as I might, the pain was just too much.

Austin and I looked at each other from afar.

I felt as though I was losing my mind and instinctively called out my loved one’s name desperately.

I didn’t know how long the pain had lasted.

In a trance, I heard the baby’s cry, but before I could feel relief, I completely passed out.

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