Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 210

Chapter 210: Jennifer Returns

Jerome’s POV:

As soon as we entered the bedroom, I pressed Skylar onto the bed.

Holding her face in my hands, I looked into her charming eyes and couldn’t help but feel endlessly excited.

I finally married the beautiful she-wolf I loved! Now, she finally belonged to me and only me.

“Honey, you’re the most beautiful bride in the world” I whispered.

“I’m so lucky to be married to you”

As I spoke, I began to kiss her passionately.

Her red lips were like hot flames on mine, but I was willing to be burned by her.

“Honey, I’m also happy we’re finally married!”

Skylar started wriggling from underneath me, her slender body rubbing against me.

“I love you so much.I want you inside me.I want to make love with you”

Her tempting words practically made me lose my mind.

She took off my suit pants, and my already hardened **** eagerly leapt out.

I parted her legs, took off her dress, leaned over and started kissing her *******.

In that moment, all I wanted was to enter her body and satiate my hunger.

“Jerome, Jerome!”

Skylar moaned my name over and over again.

I was drowning in her intoxicating charm.

I just wanted to be with her forever.

But when my hand landed on her slightly swollen belly, I stopped what I was doing.

Skylar was still pregnant.

I couldn’t just ignore our baby.

“We can’t do this, Skylar.I’m afraid it will hurt our child.”

I stopped regretfully and felt ashamed of what I had almost done.

“Don’t be afraid, honey.I’ve already asked the doctor.My condition is stable now.As long as we’re gentle, *** is fine”

Skylar lowered her head shyly.

“I want to have *** with you, honey.I don’t want to leave any room for regret on my wedding night”

“You are so kind, honey.How did I end up with such a considerate wife?”

I picked her up and whispered in her ear.

“Then let’s do it gently until you are satisfied”

Then, I carried Skylar all the way to the bathroom and laid her in the tub.

The bathtub was covered in rose petals for the wedding night, creating an atmosphere thick with sensuality.

“I love you, Skylar.I love you so much”

I kept confessing my love to her as I hugged her naked body.

Finally, I gently inserted my throbbing **** inside her.

She let out a soft moan and I kissed her.

I believed that tonight would be one for the books.

Jennifer’s POV:

I rushed back to my room after the wedding, excited to call Anthony.

“Honey, how was the wedding?” Anthony asked immediately.

“Oh, of course it was great!” I answered excitedly.

“Anthony, you don’t know how moved I was as I watched the couple walk out hand in hand.Their journey together was no easy feat, so I’m glad they’re finally together.I hope they stay happy forever!”

“Yes, happiness is always elusive” Anthony said in a gentle voice.

“But I will make you happy, Jennifer.When we get married, I will make you the happiest bride on earth”

I giggled like a schoolgirl, pressing the phone against my ear happily.

“You are so good to me, Anthony” I sank into bed.

“By the way, no one in the Rainbow Pack knows that vampire blood runs in Skylar’s veins.Daniel and Helen are fine, too”

“Come back as soon as possible if there’s nothing else keeping you there.I’m worried about you”

Anthony paused for a while then burst into laughter.

“Well, I must admit that I miss you”

This warmed my heart.

“Okay, I’ll be back as soon as possible.I miss you too” I said with a wistful smile.

After the phone call with Anthony, I went to sleep early because Helen and I planned to give the newly-weds a surprise the following morning.

Early the next day, Helen and I headed to Jerome’s room.

Before knocking, we exchanged smiles.

I was holding freshly picked flowers in my arms, while Helen was holding a bottle of champagne


The moment the door was opened, I pushed the bouquet of roses into Skylar’s arms while Helen popped open the champagne bottle and sprayed it into the air.

Skylar looked at us in surprise before breaking into a wide smile and hugging both of us.

“Skylar, congratulations! You’re officially a married woman!” Helen and I giggled.

“Do you like them? I picked them myself from the greenhouse this morning.

“Thank you, my dear friends.You are so kind”

Skylar sniffed the roses and smiled happily.

“Since yesterday, I feel as though I’ve been dreaming”

“We have prepared more than just this” I said, patting Skylar on the shoulder.

“Go get your husband and join us for breakfast!”

Skylar nodded and hurried back inside to call Jerome.

Soon, Jerome emerged from the bedroom.

Helen and I led the newly-weds to the dining room.

Spread out on the table were the dishes Helen and I spent all morning cooking.

If I was being honest with myself, I was most satisfied with the heart-shaped fried eggs.

“Thank you, Jennifer and Helen.This is so nice of you”

Jerome thanked us, and Skylar bobbed her head in agreement.

Everyone sat at the table and dug into breakfast together.

The atmosphere was very merry.

“If there is nothing else I need to take care of, I have to go back to the kingdom as soon as possible.There are still things Anthony and I need to figure out”

I said to Jerome and Skylar after finishing my glass of milk.

“Then by all means, go.Don’t worry about us.We can handle things ourselves.As for Mr.Jones, I’m sure he misses you very much”

Skylar winked at me playfully, which made me turn as red as a tomato.

“Skylar is right.You’re free to go.Even if something crops up, I will deal with it.After all, I’m the Alpha now.”

Jerome smiled and touched my head.

“Jennifer, we look forward to your wedding with Mr.Jones”

I nodded wordlessly, deeply touched by Jerome and Skylar’s concern.

After breakfast, I packed my luggage and headed straight to the airport.

Jerome, Skylar, Daniel, and Helen all came to see me off.

I stood at the airport entrance and hugged them one by one.

“Jerome, you must protect and take good care of Skylar.When I finish the matter with Anthony, I will come back”

I hugged my brother tightly.

Skylar’s special powers made me feel uneasy.

“Don’t worry.I won’t let anything bad happen to Skylar.I will protect with my life and make her happy”

Jerome held Skylar’s hand and replied solemnly.Daily Latest update www.novelsyou.com

“Helen, take care of yourself.Oh, I’m also waiting for your and Daniel’s wedding”

I held Helen’s hand and said affectionately.

“Don’t worry” Daniel said, bursting into laughter.

“I won’t let you wait too long”

“You’re so annoying!”

Helen glared at him.Daily Latest update www.novelsyou.com

Seeing that all my friends and family were all fine, I felt relieved.

After saying goodbye to them again, I boarded the plane alone with my luggage.

After returning to Osman Kingdom, I set out to plan with Anthony and made preparations to go to the snow mountain.

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