Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 208

Chapter 208: The Night Before The Wedding

Skylar’s POV:

Tomorrow I would be marrying the love of my life, Jerome.

The thought of becoming Jerome’s Luna felt both exhilarating and nerve-racking at the same time.

As I sat quietly in front of the dressing table, I couldn’t help but look at the dress I was going to wear tomorrow.

“Don’t be nervous, honey.Tomorrow, you’ll be the most beautiful bride in the world”

Jerome comforted me and embraced me from behind.

“Thank you, honey.I will try my best to be a good Luna for you and the pack”

Smiling, I turned around and took Jerome’s hand in mine.

All of a sudden, my phone started ringing and I noticed that it was a call from Jennifer.

“Jennifer, what’s up?” I answered the phone immediately.

“Hey, my wedding gift for you has arrived.Please come to the gate of Rainbow House and sign for it” Jennifer said in a cheerful tone.

“Really? What is it?”

My eyes widened with surprise.I quickly stood up and put on my coat.

“Jennifer sent me a gift.I’ll go and receive it”

“Skylar, this is a very special gift.You’ll know when you see it!”

Jennifer hung up the phone without saying anything else after that.

The ambiguity of her words only helped to surge up my anticipation.

I ran out to sign for the gift with the phone in my hand when I saw Jennifer standing at the gate in person.

Needless to say, I was shocked beyond words.

“Oh my ***!”

I ran to Jennifer and threw my arms around her.

“Is it really you, Jennifer? I thought you would be too busy to attend my wedding!”

I was so happy that tears of joy trickled down my face.

“Silly girl, I wouldn’t miss your wedding for the world.Of course, I was going to attend your wedding.You and my brother are two of the most important people in my life”

Jennifer gave me a hug and a gentle pat on the back.

“Well, don’t cry.I thought that you would be happy to see me?”

“I’m not crying because I’m sad.These are tears of joy! ” I smiled and let go of Jennifer so I could wipe the tears from my face.

“This is for you.I wish you and Jerome a happy married life.Don’t open it until you go back”

Jennifer smiled at me mysteriously as she handed me a gift box.

“Thank you for always being so kind to me, Jennifer.I won’t forget to give you something nice when you marry Mr.Jones!”

I carried the gift box with both hands and held it close to me.

“Well, don’t just stand there.Come in and say hello to Jerome.I’m sure that he will be surprised to see you!”

I took Jennifer to see Jerome because I was curious and excited to see the look on his face when he saw his sister.

Jerome’s POV: It had been quite some time since Skylar went outside to sign for the wedding gift Jennifer had sent.

After I got tired of waiting, I decided to check what was taking her so long.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I went outside and saw Skylar and Jennifer walking towards me with smiles.

It took a moment for me to process what was happening.

It was really Jennifer! It seemed as though the pleasant surprise we got from her sudden and unexpected appearance was her wedding gift to us.

This gesture was more precious to us than any other gift Jennifer could have bought for us with money.

I knew that there was more to Jennifer’s wedding gift than a simple package.

“Jennifer! What a pleasant surprise! I’m so happy to see you”

I greeted her with a hug.

I was truly happy to see that my sister actually took time out of her busy schedule to attend my wedding.

“How is Mr.Jones? Has there been any progress with the Love Curse? I spoke with several elders from around here, but none of them has heard of such a magic spell”

“Don’t worry, Jerome.Anthony is fine.He wanted to attend your wedding with me, but he has a lot on his plate right now.After all, it hasn’t been long since he overthrew Austin and he still has to deal with Austin’s followers” Jennifer smiled.

“As for Love Curse, we have found a way to dispel it once and for all.Apparently, the curse can be removed by using a divine flower called the Tear of Edith.We just need to climb the snow mountain to get our hands on one.As soon Anthony finishes dealing with his businesses, I will join him in the snow mountain to look for the divine flower.I breathed a sigh of relief when I found out that they had found a way to lift the Love Curse from Anthony.

After all, Jennifer and Anthony loved each other very much.

If they were forced to break up because of Love Curse, she would never be able to get over it for the rest of her life.

However, the thought of her being in the precipitous snowy mountain filled me with worry.

“Jennifer, that sounds very dangerous.Please, allow me to accompany and help you” I offered.

“Jerome is right.Jennifer, please let Jerome go with you” Skylar echoed.

“Thank you for your concern, but to lift the curse properly, only the cursed and their mate must find the divine flower together.Besides, Anthony is strong enough to look after me.We will be fine”

Jennifer replied, holding my hand.

“All right.It’s just that the Love Curse is so terrifying”

I sighed.

“I wish you success, Jennifer.Please be careful”

“I promise I will be careful, Jerome.Skylar, I want to know more about what’s been going on with you two”

Jennifer changed the topic, taking Skylar’s hand in hers.

Needless to say, I had to make sure that Jennifer felt welcomed here, so I asked the servants to cook a variety of delicious dishes for her.

“Excuse me, Mr.Smith.The son of the Black Stone Pack’s Alpha is here with his fiancee to see you” an attendant reported to me as soon as we sat down.

“What a coincidence! Please, tell them to join us at the dinner table” Skylar said to the attendant as she exchanged glances at Jennifer.

Soon, Daniel and Helen were brought to the dining hall.

“Welcome! I’m sure you’re both surprised to see Jennifer here as well!”

There was a look of surprise on Helen’s face as she hugged Skylar and then Jennifer, while Daniel and I greeted each other with a smile.

This unplanned reunion filled us with joy as we hadn’t seen each other in a very long time.


Everyone had champagne in their glass to celebrate our reunion, except for Skylar.

The three women engaged in conversations and all we could hear was a random giggle after someone said something interesting.

Daniel and I didn’t speak to each other much, but we were drinking and serving desserts.

I wanted to freeze this beautiful moment in time.

Everyone at the table seemed so happy and full of hope.

“Cheers to Skylar and Jerome!”

At the end of the dinner, Jennifer stood up and raised her glass to make a toast.

“May their love overcome any obstacle that comes their way”

Helen and Daniel also raised their glasses.

“Thank you for your wishes”

I raised my glass to express my gratitude to Skylar.

After all, she couldn’t drink like the rest of us could because she was pregnant.

Skylar held my hand, leaned against my shoulder, and smiled sweetly.

After we had dinner, I arranged accommodations for Jennifer, Helen, and Daniel, before Skylar and I went back to our room.

“Incredible! What a beautiful necklace! I love it!”

Skylar couldn’t wait to open the gift she had received from Jennifer as soon as we got back to our room.

She was at a loss for words to see that it was a gorgeous diamond necklace. She smiled, gently picking it up from the box and placing it against her neck.

“Jerome, please help me put it on”

As I took the necklace and placed it around her neck, my heart skipped a beat and I couldn’t stop myself from smiling.

The diamonds shined like tiny little stars, which I thought matched Skylar’s beauty and temperament very accurately.

“Babe, this necklace looks very good on you.I don’t know what to say”

I praised her sincerely.

“Jennifer has good taste in fashion and jewelry”

Skylar smiled, leaning against my chest.

“I’m really looking forward to the ceremony tomorrow.In fact, I’m so excited that I can’t fall asleep”

I poked her nose gently and pulled her into bed.

“I guess we should go to bed then.After all, we wouldn’t want to be late for the ceremony tomorrow”

I held her in my arms and tucked her under the quilt.

“By the way, honey, I’ve been struggling to keep my special powers at bay.In fact, I almost ended up using my powers a few times.What if someone finds out about my special powers? Will I be rejected from being a part of the pack?”

Skylar lowered her eyes as she spoke.

Seeing her so afraid and worried filled me with great sorrow.I gave her a kiss on the forehead as I felt sorry for her.

“Don’t be afraid, Skylar.I’m here with you.All you need to think about is becoming my Luna”

I smiled and changed the topic to stop her from thinking negatively.

Skylar gradually fell asleep after I soothed her with my words.I looked at her sleeping face for a moment and a smile of satisfaction appeared on my face.

The day when Skylar would finally become my wife was upon us.I couldn’t wait to love and take care of her for the rest of my life.

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