Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 207

Helen’s POV: After meeting Mandy in the dress shop, I completely lost my mood for shopping. I was so ****** off that I stormed out of the store alone. “Helen, wait for me.I’m coming with you!” Fortunately, Daniel was smart enough to run out of the shop after me and hold my hand. Seeing him act this way, my anger almost dissipated, but I deliberately pulled a long face and refused to look at him. “Listen to me, Helen.There’s nothing going on between me and Mandy.I’ve known her for so many years, but I’ve never had a crush on her at all.Her feelings are completely one-sided,”

Daniel explained, sounding flustered. “Please don’t misunderstand me, Helen.” “Well, I didn’t misunderstand you.” I finally stopped walking and looked at him seriously. “I trust you, Daniel.I just feel a little annoyed because she keeps showing up everywhere and pestering you.” “Just ignore her.That’s how she is.I’ll get a beautiful dress that’s custom-made for you, okay? That silver dress won’t even be a match for it!” Daniel comforted me in a soft voice. When I heard what he said, my face finally broke into an amused smile. “Helen, what else do you want to do here? I’ll take you to wherever you want.We’re not going back home until you have enough fun, okay?” Daniel continued to coax me with sweet words.

“Okay.” I hold his hand and smiled, finally giving in. “I want to eat ice cream now!” Daniel never said no to me. As expected, he took me to an ice cream store nearby and went to the counter. I took a seat at one of the cozy outdoor tables as I waited for him to come back. After a while, Daniel came back. I was shocked to see that he had bought ice cream of all the flavors. “I don’t know which flavor you like, so I just bought everything.” Daniel shot me a flattering smile as he put the ice cream in front of me. I was both amused and touched by his actions. Judging by the lengths he was going to make me feel better, it was obvious that he loved me very much. “I like all of them, but you have to share them with me.It will be a waste if we can’t finish everything,” I said with a smile. “Go on, dig in.I’ll take care of whatever’s left.It’s a piece of cake Visit www.******** to read the newest content, everyone! I scooped up a spoonful of ice cream and fed it to Daniel.

The weight on my chest was finally gone. Happily eating ice Visit www.novelsyou.com to read the newest content, everyone! imagine our life after getting married. I couldn’t wait for that day to come. While Daniel and I were having a pleasant conversation, another female voice suddenly cut in. “Oh, what a coincidence! Helen, we meet again.Do you mind if I join you guys?” Mandy appeared in front of us again with a big smile on her face. Before I could answer, she pulled up a chair and sat next to Daniel. “Oh, of course I don’t mind,” I replied politely without any change in my expression, but my www.novelsyou.com to read the newest content, everyone! couldn’t help but secretly grit my teeth. As soon as Mandy sat down, she grabbed Daniel’s arm and launched into one of my annoying stories. “Oh my ***, Daniel.

Do you know how much I miss our childhood? We used to play together all the time.” Mandy chuckled. As she spoke, she kept her eyes fixed on Daniel and even leaned against him. Then, turning to me, she casually continued, “Helen, has Daniel told you how much time we spent together as kids? Our favorite game to play Visit www.novelsyou.com to read the newest content, everyone! of the husband, and I would play the role of the wife.Once, he even accidentally kissed me.I remember him being so shy that his cheeks turned red!” As I listened to Mandy’s nonsensical rambling, I subconsciously tightened my grip on the spoon. Of course, I was no idiot; I knew that she was saying all this on purpose to get on my nerves. However, I refused to give her the satisfaction of seeing me lose my temper. “Oh, you were so close when you were children,” www.novelsyou.com to read the newest content, everyone! have time to play games with you anymore.Of course, Mandy, you can always find someone else to play with.After all, Daniel is my fiance.He won’t play such boring games with you anymore.” I had to admit, I was burning with jealousy, and my true emotions bubbled up to the surface as I spoke. I couldn’t bear listening to her talk about her happy memories with my future husband. It was rare for me to speak in such a sarcastic tone, and my words reeked of gunpowder. “Oh, my ***.Helen, are you jealous?” Mandy cried out exaggeratedly, as if she was hurt by what I said. She looked at Daniel with tearful eyes and held his hand. “Daniel, I didn’t mean to provoke Helen.I was just reminiscing about our past…” ‘‘Our past?’’ Those words made it sounds as if she and Daniel had been in a relationship! I couldn’t bear it anymore. The look on my face right now must be terrible. Daniel’s POV: “Honey, don’t take this to heart.There is no past.Mandy and I were just having fun when we were ignorant kids”

I explained in a hurry upon seeing Helen’s face darken considerably. Looking at Mandy, who had somehow summoned tears to her eyes, I couldn’t help feeling disgusted from the bottom of my heart. Why had I never seen her true colors before? Even though she knew that Helen and I were together, she still shamelessly showed up in front of us over and over again in an attempt to embarrass Helen. “Mandy, I’ve already found the one that I love.I hope you can also find your mate as soon as possible,” I told Mandy seriously while holding Helen’s hand across the table. “That’s impossible.” Mandy sighed sadly, not taking her gaze off of me. “The man I love already has someone else in his heart.I guess I’m destined to love him silently.” It didn’t take a genius to understand what Mandy was implying. Helen’s face turned pale in an instant. As for me, I felt embarrassed that I wish I could disappear right now. “I’ve eaten enough.I’ll go back first,” Helen announced curtly, standing up with her bag. I immediately rose to my feet to follow her. “Daniel, Helen wants to be alone.Just let her go,”

Mandy said, reaching out to stop me. Even at this moment, she still wanted to stir up trouble. I had lost my patience with her, but I didn’t want to waste my breath on her, so I just ignored her and silently caught up with Helen. “Honey, don’t be angry.Let’s go home, okay? Mandy can’t follow us there.” I held Helen’s hand and comforted her. Helen didn’t say anything. She just silently let me hold her hand, so I took her home. “Why is Mandy everywhere? Who does she think she is?” As soon as we arrived home, Helen set her bag down on the table with a thud and glared at me, as if it was my fault that Mandy was following us around. “I’m sorry, Helen.I don’t like her in that way at all, but she keeps pestering me.There’s nothing I can do,” I said helplessly. I knew that Mandy had really gone overboard today in her attempts to irritate Helen. “Daniel, you are mine.How can I not be jealous when I see other women trying to get close to you?” Helen suddenly threw herself into my arms and whispered in my ear. I was prepared for her to shout at me, but instead, hearing her soft voice made me tremble slightly. “Helen…

” I had barely called out when her name when she planted a gentle kiss on my lips and pulled my hand to her chest. “Daniel, do you want me?” The warmth of her chest flowed into my body, awakening all my senses. “Of course.Let me show you.” As I spoke, I scooped Helen up in my arms and hurriedly carried her to the bed. We both tore off our clothes and began kissing passionately. “Daniel, tell me, between me and Mandy, who are you more attracted to?” Helen groaned, looking at me with her hands squeezing her plump breast. The sight of her lying under me like this drove me crazy with desire. “You, of course.She can’t compare with you at all.I don’t care about her.You’re the only one who can turn me on.” I bent over, caught her pink ****** with my lips, and sucked on it. At the same time, I thrust my throbbing **** into her wet *****. “Daniel, **** me,” Helen cried out, twisting her waist. Excited by the sound of her moans, my **** kept growing harder. “I love you, Helen.I will love you forever,” I said over and over again as I ravaged her body.

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