Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 205

Jennifer’s POV: Anthony and I expressed our utmost gratitude to Roy before we sent him back to his residence. If it weren’t for him, even with Amelia’s help, we still wouldn’t have found the way to lift the Love Curse. Then we went to see Elizabeth in her room. The moment she saw us, she expressed her relief and joy with a heartwarming smile. “Thank ***! We have finally found the way to get rid of the Love Curse.” Sitting on the chair, Elizabeth patted Anthony’s hand lovingly. “When are you going to the snow mountain?” “We still need to make some arrangements first, Mom.

It hasn’t been too long since we ousted Austin.The kingdom is still in turmoil.I wouldn’t be surprised if Austin’s followers tried to take this opportunity to make trouble,” Anthony replied seriously. “Well…At least, we have brought justice to your late father’s soul by exposing Austin to the people.If it weren’t for Caroline and her baby, I wouldn’t have spared Austin.” Elizabeth’s eyes became red with hatred as she spoke of Austin. However, after she took a deep breath, her expression softened. “Mom, for a man like Austin, depriving him of his power is a more painful punishment than death,” Anthony replied as he comforted his mother by patting the back of her hand until she smiled again.

“Jennifer, my dear, I’m looking forward to the wedding.I can’t wait to see how beautiful you look in a wedding dress.” Elizabeth took both Anthony’s hand and mine as she spoke. Her eyes were full of love as she looked at us both. “You need to be very careful on your journey to the top of the snow mountain.Don’t be reckless and always have each other’s backs or you won’t be able to make it back safely.” “Yes, Mom.” Anthony assured her with a smile before he looked at me. “I will keep Jennifer safe.” “I promise to keep Anthony safe as well.” My cheeks blushed red as soon as I said that, and Elizabeth looked at me with a smile. “Mrs.Jones, please take good care of yourself.Anthony and I will try to come back as soon as possible,” I said to her. “You should also take good care of yourself, my dear.” Elizabeth gave me an encouraging pat on the back. Anthony and I bid farewell to her as she was tired and looked like she needed to rest. After that, we went to see Amelia.

Anthony had arranged a place for her to stay at the royal palace. Under the care of the maids, she looked livelier than she did when we first met her. “I really don’t know how to thank you, Mr.Jones, Jennifer.” Amelia tried to get up from the bed when she saw us, but I quickly stopped her. “You’ve already done enough to help us.Please, don’t get up.You need to rest.Amelia, without your help, we couldn’t have found the way to remove the Love Curse.” I looked at her seriously and expressed how thankful I was. “I will find a good doctor for you, and before long, your health will be back to normal,” Anthony added politely. “Thank you, Mr.Jones.” Amelia looked at us with gratitude in her eyes. “I will find a way to repay your kindness.” “Don’t worry about it, Amelia.Are you going to look for your husband? Do you need our help?”

“Oh, yes.My husband’s name was Morgan.He is also a wizard.If it’s not too much to ask, would you please help me find him? We haven’t seen each other for many years now.I don’t even know if he is still alive.” When I saw the sadness in Amelia’s eyes, I couldn’t help feeling sorry for her. “We will do everything we can to find him for you.Please don’t lose hope.He must be alive.Everything will be fine,” I comforted her and Anthony nodded his head. “That’s settled then.We’ll let you get some rest now.If there’s anything you need, just ask the maids.” I smiled at Amelia, hoping that she would feel comfortable in our care before we left her room. Anthony’s POV: After we spoke to Amelia, I asked a few of my subordinates to launch a search for her husband, Morgan. Then, after taking care of a series of important matters, I finally took Jennifer back to get some rest. I held her in my arms and gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek. It had been a long day and we finally managed to get some time to ourselves. “Honey, now that we know how to get rid of the Love Curse, everything is going to be fine,” Jennifer said as she traced her fingers over my face. I grabbed her hand and kissed it. “Sometimes you are just very hard to resist.”

I bit her lips. “Your lips taste so sweet, babe.” Jennifer burst into laughter. She held my face in her hands and kissed me passionately before letting go of me. “Your lips are sweeter, my love.” Jennifer rested her head on my shoulder. “Anthony, my brother will take over the position of Alpha in a few days.I’d like to be there at the coronation.I want to witness Skylar becoming the Luna with my own eyes.Is that okay?” “Jennifer, I know that it’s very important to you, but I need to take care of the royal palace.I won’t be able to be at peace if I’m not with you, honey.” I looked at Jennifer apologetically. “You don’t have to go with me.Besides, I’m sure you can have your attendants look after me.There’s nothing to be afraid of.” Jennifer pouted her lips and acted like a spoiled child. “Please? Anthony, you know how important this is to me.”

I couldn’t say no to Jennifer. Despite my reluctance, I took a deep breath and nodded my assent. “Okay, but you have to promise me that you will always have bodyguards with you at all times.If anything happens, just call me,” I said to her, as I playfully poked her nose. “I’ll call Daniel right now and ask him to come to Skylar’s wedding together with me.” Jennifer called Daniel and told him about Jerome and Skylar’s wedding. She also told him everything about how we dethroned Austin as I waited patiently by her side. “Anthony! Daniel and Helen are also preparing for their own wedding.I told them to invite us to the ceremony.Perhaps we won’t miss their wedding.” Jennifer had a big grin on her face after she hung up. She threw herself into my arms and went on about her plans. I was also very happy to see her like this. “Sure!” My breathing became uneven as I reached down and held Jennifer’s waist. “One more thing! Don’t you think that you should reward your mate in order to make the next few days of separation go smoothly?” As I raised my eyebrows and looked at Jennifer, her face flushed.

“Of course!” Jennifer winked at me and then leaned over for a kiss. I held her tightly in my arms and breathed in her scent.I licked her lips and caressed the curves of her body. “Jennifer…Ouch…” All of a sudden, I felt a sharp pain in my heart. I let go of Jennifer and clutched at my chest as I struggled to catch my breath. “Oh no, Anthony!” Jennifer knew that it was the Love Curse and she quickly ran to the cabinet to look for the medicine to suppress the pain. I tried my best to smile and drink it all in one go. Finally, the piercing pain stopped and I heaved a sigh of relief. “Honey, we must go to the snow mountain to find the Tear of Edith as soon as possible.I can’t bear to watch you suffer like this.It’s breaking my heart.” Jennifer almost broke down in tears. “Okay.” I consoled her by patting her back. “Jennifer, I don’t want you to be sad because of me.” I knew that with Jennifer by my side, I would overcome all the difficulties and find the Tear of Edith at the top of the snow mountain.

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