Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 201

Jennifer’s POV: After the elders’ meeting, Anthony and I accompanied Elizabeth back to her room.When we reached the door, she suddenly turned to me and patted my hand. “Jennifer, don’t worry.We’ll find Larry soon.You don’t know how much I like you.I’m looking forward to the day that I can finally see you and Anthony get married,” she said, looking back and forth between me and Anthony with a gentle smile.

I was deeply touched by her words, and the fact that she wanted to reassure me. Anthony was her son. At this moment, she must be anxious about how he would deal with the Love Curse. And yet, she let me continue to stay here with him and even comforted me about the situation. She was such a strong and kind person. “Thank you, Mrs.Jones.Anthony and I will support each other and overcome all difficulties together,”

I replied softly, lowering my head in shyness. “Bring Caroline to my room.I want to talk to her,” Elizabeth said to the servant standing next to her. Then, she turned back to me and Anthony. “You two, come inside.I want you to be there too.” I nodded and followed Elizabeth into the room. With the help of another servant, she sat down on the cozy armchair next to the tea table, while Anthony and I sat on two chairs nearby. Soon, Caroline appeared at the doorway. She looked much more haggard than before, when I had seen her in the jail. As soon as she laid eyes on Anthony, Caroline rushed to him, dropped to her knees, and cried at his feet. “Anthony, I know I was wrong.I shouldn’t have lied to you about being your mate, let alone told you that the baby in my belly was yours.Please spare me and Austin!” Caroline begged with tears flowing down her cheeks. “Just now at the elders’ meeting, we came to a decision regarding your and Anthony’s punishment.The two of you won’t be executed.Instead, you will be exiled to an isolated island at the border for the rest of your lives,” Anthony replied indifferently, barely looking at Caroline. “Now, do you admit that you were wrong?” “Yes, I do! I know I was wrong.Anthony, thank you for sparing my life.”

Caroline must have been wrecked with anxiety until she heard Anthony’s words, because she was still struggling to catch her breath. “Well, I called you here to discuss a serious matter, ” Elizabeth interjected, giving Caroline a sharp look. “When can you take us to find Larry?” “Anytime, Mrs.Jones.I’ve been to Larry’s residence before, but I don’t know if he is still there,” Caroline replied helplessly. “Mrs.Jones, Anthony and I will go there to try our luck

.Maybe Larry is still there,” I said to Elizabeth at once. Even if Larry wasn’t there, we might be able to find some clue as to his whereabouts in his house.I couldn’t miss this chance.The earlier we got there, the better. “Yes.Anyway, it’s the only lead that we have so far, ” Elizabeth said with a sigh. She stood up from her seat, pointed at Caroline, and ordered the guards at the door to remove her handcuffs. “Let’s set off right now.” “Mom, you don’t have to come with us.You should rest in the royal palace,” Anthony protested worriedly. Looking at Elizabeth’s frail condition, I couldn’t help but be concerned too. She still hadn’t completely regained her health, and she shouldn’t be running around with us. “Don’t try to stop me, Anthony.I’ve already made up my mind,” Elizabeth said firmly. “This is a matter of your life, Anthony.I refuse to just stand by and watch.” It seemed that Anthony wanted to argue, but in the end, he swallowed his words and nodded. He quickly ordered his attendants to get a few cars ready and inform Roy and the other wizards to accompany us to Larry’s residence so as to ensure Elizabeth’s safety. Half an hour later, when all the preparations were made, we left the royal palace together to go to Larry’s residence.

Caroline’s POV: As I sat in the car, I recalled the loathing in Anthony’s eyes when he looked at me earlier.Despite his assurance that he would spare my life as well as Austin’s, fear still lingered in my heart. Austin and I were really lucky that we weren’t about to be executed. “Jennifer, don’t worry too much.Even if Larry isn’t there, we might be able to find some clues that will lead us to him.*** will bless us.We will find something this time,” Anthony said. Through the car window, I saw him holding Jennifer’s hand and getting into another car with her. I didn’t expect that he would keep Jennifer by his side even though he was slowly being tortured to death by the Love Curse. It proved that he really loved Jennifer very much. Watching them together like this pricked my jealousy again. Why? Why couldn’t I be lucky enough to be loved by Anthony like that? I turned around and looked at the guards in the distance, secretly gritting my teeth.I had somehow gotten out of the prison.

This was the best opportunity that I would have to escape. It had taken me a lot of effort to get this far. I felt intoxicated by the fresh air outside. I really didn’t want to go back to the terrible dungeon, which was dark and musty, like a constant reminded of impending death. Even as the car started, I continued to be caught in a dilemma. Touching my protruding belly, I thought of Austin, who was still in the jail. With his stubborn and unyielding personality, he would never get a chance like I did. Could I really run away and leave him alone in the dungeon? After all, he was the father of my child. After pondering over it, I decided that I couldn’t leave Austin there alone. The guilt would eat me up alive. With a sigh, I finally gave up on my reckless idea. With the help of my directions, we soon arrived at the forest where Larry lived. After everyone got out of the car, I led the way, escorted by a couple of guards. I had to wander around the forest for a while before finally finding the log cabin where Larry lived. I looked back at Anthony, who gestured with his chin for me to go ahead and knock the door.

Gritting my teeth, I walked up alone to knock at the door. “Larry, it’s Caroline.I’ve escaped.I need your help.Open the door!” I shouted. I waited nervously for a few seconds, but there was no response. “It seems that Larry isn’t here,” I turn my head back and told the others. “Then let’s search the forest to see if he’s nearby,” Jennifer suggested. Anthony nodded in agreement. Escorted by the guards, I followed the two of them around the forest for a long time, but in the end, we found nothing. I knew that my fate rested on whether we found Larry or not.

If we couldn’t find Larry, then Anthony would really be killed by the Love Curse, and my own survival would be thrust into uncertainty. Thinking of this, I offered to give Larry a call. Jennifer glanced at me, took out her phone, and handed it to me. Under her gaze, I dialed Larry’s number and called him, but there was no answer. “What should we do, Anthony? What if Larry is hiding somewhere where we can’t find him?” Jennifer asked anxiously. Seeing her in such a worried state, I couldn’t help but curl my lips in satisfaction. “Don’t worry, honey.We’ll find a solution somehow.” Anthony hugged Jennifer and comforted her.I swallowed hard, gripped by complex feelings.It seemed that they really loved each other.In retrospect, I was like a clown for lying to Anthony that I was his mate.

“Mr.Jones, how about we enter the log cabin to see if we can find any clues there?” an old wizard who came with them suddenly suggested. The whole group headed back to Larry’s house, and I had no choice but to follow them. The house looked the same as the last time I’d been here, filled with magic books and medicine bottles. As the old wizard looked through the items in the house, the frown on his face grew deeper and deeper. It seemed that he couldn’t find any clues. “Who is it?” I was waiting idly aside when I heard a strange and slightly aged voice speak all of a sudden.

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