Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 200

Anthony’s POV: Before the elders’ meeting, Jennifer and I had lunch together.While we were waiting for the dishes to be served, Jennifer gave Skylar a call. As the two of them chatted, Jennifer’s lips curved up into a content smile. By the time she hung up the phone, she was in a much better mood. “Anthony, you must tell the elders to cover up the news of what happened at the banquet hall.We absolutely can’t let that information be spread to the Rainbow Pack.Jerome and Skylar are going to get married soon.If the werewolves of the Rainbow Pack find out that she might have the vampire blood, they will definitely go against her,” Jennifer said seriously, staring at me. ”

Don’t worry.I will make it clear at the elders’ meeting,” I replied gently. Of course I hadn’t forgotten about this. “Your brother will definitely become the Alpha, and Skylar will be his Luna.” Jennifer nodded, looking visibly relieved. Soon after, lunch was served, and we both dug in. Once we were done eating, I had to attend the elders’ meeting. Just before the meeting, I took the magic pain-suppressing medicine that Roy had given me before for the Love Curse. Watching me take the medicine, Jennifer frowned. “Anthony, are you having a heartache again? Should I call the doctor?” After saying that, she patted her forehead remorsefully. “Sorry.I forgot that even a doctor can’t help.” “Don’t worry, Jennifer.I don’t have a heartache right now.I’m just taking some medicine beforehand so that nothing goes wrong during the meeting,” I told her gently, holding her hand to comfort her.I knew that Jennifer worried about me a lot. “But Anthony, you just took the medicine yesterday.Roy clearly said that you shouldn’t take too much of it.Otherwise, there will be side effects!” Jennifer said anxiously, grabbing my hand. “It’s all my fault.If I wasn’t here with you, you wouldn’t suffer from heartache.” A lump rose in my throat.I couldn’t bear seeing my mate blame herself like this. “Don’t say that, Jennifer.None of this is your fault.It was not you who cursed me,” I pointed out, looking into her eyes.

“Don’t worry.We’ll find a solution soon.” I comforted Jennifer for a while before taking her to the elders’ meeting with me.I also sent someone to inform my mother about it beforehand. The elders’ meeting was held in the large and spacious meeting room, which had a round table in the center. When I arrived, the elders were already seated around the table. “Hello, Mr.Jones,” the elders greeted me respectfully. “Anthony, am I late?” I had barely taken a seat when my mother walked into the meeting room, holding onto a servant’s arm for support. Jennifer and I hurried forward to help her sit down. “No.You came just in time, Mom.” After saying that, I resumed my seat and looked at the elders present. “Since everyone is here, let’s start the meeting now.” The elders nodded in unison and all stood up to salute me and my mother.

Once they had all sat down again, we began to discuss the first topic, which was how we were going to deal with Austin. “Austin has to pay the price for the heinous crimes that he committed.He should be executed! It will serve as a warning to others, and at the same time comfort the former king’s soul in heaven!” Ford, one of the elders, suggested first. As soon as he finished his words, several other elders echoed in agreement. “I object.

No matter what, Austin used to be the king, and he achieved a lot while he was in power.Even if he didn’t make any significant contribution, he still worked hard.He doesn’t deserve to be executed so cruelly!” Eric, an elder who used to support Austin before, retorted hotly, rising to his feet. “Humph! What contribution did he make? Kill the former king?” Ford snorted at Eric with disdain, and the latter’s face turned bright red. “I object to the execution,” Eric repeated firmly, looking at me. With Eric’s vocal objection, more elders who used to support Austin began to speak out their opinions. Everyone at the meeting began to argue with each other, and none of them were ready to admit defeat. After quietly listening to their argument for a while, I made up my mind. “Everyone, please be quiet.I think we should exile Austin and Caroline to an uninhabited island on the border of our kingdom.Their punishment will be having to stay on that island for their whole lives without ever being allowed to leave” I said slowly. After learning that my mother and Caroline had reached an agreement to keep Austin alive, I had come up with this punishment.

I did not believe in the principle of “an eye for an eye.” Of course, Austin deserved to be punished, but there was no need to kill him. As long as his connection with the outside world was cut off, he wouldn’t be able to stir up any trouble again, and that was enough for me. “I agree,” my mother said. “Caroline is pregnant.It’s too inhuman to kill her.Besides, she was once a princess.As for Austin, not only was he the king, but he is also the father of Caroline’s child.It would be too cruel to let the child grow up without a father.” “What do all think?” After listening to my mother’s words, the elders all fell into a tense silence.I asked them for their opinions.I was really hoping that they would all agree.

After all, this was the best compromise for both sides. “Since both Mr.Jones and Mrs.Jones agree on this punishment, I have no objection.” Eric was the first to speak up. The other elders whispered among themselves, and then stood up one by one to show their support for my decision. “More than half of you have shown your support for this decision, so it’s settled.As punishment for his sins, Austin will be exiled to a lonely island with Caroline.The two of them will never be allowed to leave that island for the rest of their lives,” I stood up and announced. Elizabeth’s POV: It was only when I heard Anthony publicly announce the decision regarding Austin’s punishment that I felt relieved. Of course, I didn’t care one bit about Austin, but I was glad that Caroline’s life was spared. Although I couldn’t forgive her for what she did to me and Anthony, I still couldn’t bear to watch the girl I had once thought of as my daughter be executed. “I have another suggestion.Since Caroline is pregnant now, it’s not safe for her to travel, nor is it safe for her to give birth alone on that uninhabited island.How about we wait until she gives birth to send her to the island?” I said boldly, looking around at the elders. “Yes, that sounds reasonable.”

To my relief, they all nodded in unison. The matter of Austin’s punishment had finally come to an end. But my solace was short-lived; when I saw the hesitant expressions on the elders’ faces, I realized that they wanted to bring up the more pressing issue at hand how would Anthony deal with the Love Curse? After all, the question of whether Anthony would ascend the throne or not rested purely on whether he could get rid of the Love Curse. I understood their caution. “Mr.Jones, have you come up with a way to solve the problem of the Love Curse?” Primo stood up and asked after a while among the hushed whispers. “Yes, it’s a matter of great importance.Mr.Jones, I hope you can give us a deadline for solving the Love Curse, so that we can decide what to do next ” Eric said bluntly. “If we can’t count on you to succeed the throne, then we’ll have to choose a new candidate.”

‘‘This old man is really unwilling to give up.Is he hoping that Austin’s child can take over the throne?’’ I thought, resisting the urge to snap at him. “I will find Larry and get him to remove the Love Curse as soon as possible.Please rest assured, everyone,” Anthony said calmly. “Don’t worry, everyone.Anthony will definitely Larry soon,” I added, trying my best to reassure the elders. “Anthony’s health is in a stable condition now, so there’s no need to fret.” “Even so, as the elders of the country, we have to plan for the future.It’s nothing personal.Our country can’t be without a king.Mr.Jones, please solve the problem of the Love Curse as soon as possible and take over the throne,” Primo said seriously. “That’s right.In my opinion, we should just let Miss Smith leave,” someone muttered. Anthony’s face darkened when he heard that. The elder who spoke cleared his throat awkwardly and avoided Anthony’s gaze. “By the way, Mr.Jones, have you found the she- wolf named Skylar?

How are you going to deal with her? I heard that she and Miss Smith are close.What if Miss Smith is also a spy sent by the vampires?” an elder suddenly asked, speaking about Jennifer as if she wasn’t in the room. It was Jennifer’s turn to glare at the elders. “Everyone, I can vouch for Jennifer.She has never had anything to do with the vampires,” I said hurriedly. In such situations, it was imperative to weed out doubt before it could take root. “I’m currently having Skylar’s special power investigated.As soon as I get the result, I will let you know.But as for her being a spy sent by the vampires, it is all hogwash.I’ve known her for a long time.She is loyal to our cause,” Anthony explained. Then, he glanced at the elder who had questioned Jennifer’s allegiance. “Until we get to the bottom of this matter, I urge all of you to keep it a secret.If news of this spreads to the public, it will cause unnecessary panic.At that time, I won’t Spare anyone who turns out to be responsible.”

“Mr.Jones, we believe in your abilities and means.We will keep it a secret.I hope you can find out the truth as soon as possible.” Hearing Anthony’s calm and dignified tone, the elders seemed to be intimidated and didn’t question him anymore. “Yes, Mr.Jones.In the meantime, we will help you deal with the government affairs.Please rest assured!” another elder added. Watching them express their staunch loyalty for my son, I felt a sense of pride in my heart. ‘‘My dear husband, did you see that? Our son is an independent lycan now.’’ I genuinely believed that as long as Anthony ascended the throne, our country would prosper under his rule. After discussing some of the current government affairs, the meeting officially came to an end. The elders dispersed from the meeting room, after which Jennifer and Anthony helped me back to my room. Along the way, they asked me how I was feeling, obviously concerned about my physical condition these days.

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