Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 196

Austin’s POV: “I can give up my dignity for Anthony’s sake, because he is the most important to me,” Jennifer said slowly, looking straight into my taunting eyes. “Then what are you waiting for? Kneel ” I began, feeling complacent.But before I could finish my words, Jennifer interrupted me. “But I will never kneel down to a villain like you!” Jennifer said coldly. The damned *****! I was so furious that I punched the iron bars with my fist, which sent a stinging pain through my knuckles. “I will never tell you where Larry is! Get out of here!” I snarled, pointing at Jennifer. “Just wait to bury Anthony’s dead body.”


Despite my firm response, Jennifer continued to stare at me expressionlessly, as if I was a clown in her eyes.What a *****! “How can I get you to tell me where Larry is? Just put forward your condition, Austin,” Jennifer said, crossing her arms over her chest. Her tone was plain, and less humble than before. “Don’t even think about it unless you can help me succeed to the throne again!” I sneered. “In your dreams.Austin, you’ve already lost the support of the public.It’s impossible for you to be the king again.It looks like trying to negotiate with you is a waste of time.Good luck!” After saying that, Jennifer turned around and stormed out of the dungeon. I bristled with anger as I watched her receding back, but there was nothing I could do. “Austin…” I was still trying to calm down when Caroline, who had been silent all this time, suddenly sighed, walked up to me, and grabbed my arm.


“Why didn’t you negotiate with Jennifer seriously just now? Right now, our priority is to get out of here so that we can survive somehow.As long as Anthony is here, it’s impossible for you to become the king again.” “What’s the point of leaving this cell if I can’t be the king? Without the throne, I can only live in hiding and seclusion.I would rather die than live a life like that.Besides, I have no idea where Larry is.That cunning man is probably far away from here by now.How could I know where he is?” I explained, waving my hand impatiently. “Anyway, even if I know where Larry is, I’ll never tell them.I’ve already made up my mind.I want to wait and watch Anthony die with my own eyes.I would rather die with him than watch him ascend the throne!”


“But I don’t want to die, Austin.I’m carrying our baby in my belly.Don’t you want to hear it call you Dad?” Caroline protested in an aggrieved voice, holding my hand. When I looked at the sorrow on her pretty face, my heart softened. “I know Anthony well.He’s not inhuman.For the sake of the baby, he won’t kill you,” I comforted Caroline in a soft voice, caressing her face. Caroline’s POV: I was shocked that Austin could be so stubborn even in the face of impending doom. “Austin, please give up.I don’t care about being the queen anymore.I just want to give birth to our baby and live a peaceful life with you,” I pleaded as I embraced Austin, desperately hoping I could change his mind. ”

Do you really think we’ll be able to live a peaceful life after this? Wake up, Caroline.We are prisoners now.You have to face the truth.” Austin hugged me back, but his tone was firm.It seemed that he was resigned to his fate. However, I still wanted to survive, and I wanted Austin to be with me. “Austin, no.Stop fighting with Anthony.Otherwise, you will be killed!” I couldn’t help but burst into tears as I spoke, clutching onto Austin’s clothes. “Don’t you get it, Caroline? I don’t care about dying.Every time I think of how Anthony will be tortured to death by the Love Curse, I feel extremely happy.As long as he dies with me, I will die without regret! ” Austin remained unmoved.I gritted my teeth. I couldn’t understand why Austin was being so stubborn, even to the very end. “Austin, come on.I truly believe that if you admit that you were wrong to Anthony, he will let you go.As you said, he’s not in human.” Holding Austin’s hand, I looked into his eyes and tried to persuade him. “Admit that I was wrong to Anthony? When **** freezes over.I’ll never give into him.Stop saying such words, Caroline,” Austin replied, avoiding my eyes. I was rendered speechless by Austin’s stern refusal. For a long time, the prison cell was quiet. It was not until footsteps were heard outside the cell again that the suffocating silence was broken. I thought it was Jennifer coming back to talk to us again, but to my surprise, it was Elizabeth. With the help of a servant, she staggered towards the cell.

The moment I saw her, I instinctively took a step back. After all, I had asked the wizard to put a curse on her. I was afraid that she had come here to get even with me. “Caroline, I’ve come here to ask you a question.Why did you ask the wizard to put a sleeping curse on me?” Elizabeth asked coldly, looking straight at me as if Austin didn’t exist. “Why? All this time, I’d treated you like my own flesh and blood, but you stabbed me in the back.” I took a long look at Elizabeth. The kind and tender look that she used to have on her face when she looked at me was gone, replaced by righteous anger and disgust. Guilt flooded me, making a lump rise in my throat. All of a sudden, my legs became weak, and I dropped to my knees in front of her.

“I’m sorry, Mrs.Jones.I must have been out of my mind back then.I was so desperate to marry Anthony that I thought I could deceive him as long as I put you in a long slumber,” I explained in a shaky voice. Tears streamed down my eyes as I stretched my arm through the gap in the iron bars of the cell and tried to hold the hem of Elizabeth’s dress. “I’m sorry, Mrs.Jones.I know I was wrong.I’m sorry for what I did.Please forgive me!” “I really misjudged you, Caroline.From now on, I’ll never look at you as my daughter.” Elizabeth’s eyes turned red, but her voice was cold and steady.

She turned her head away, refusing to look at me. “Please, Mrs.Jones, help me and Austin.I don’t want to die.I still have a baby in my belly! I’m sorry.I really know I was wrong.Mrs.Jones…No, Mom…” I cried and begged. Sobs racked my body, which was gripped with an insurmountable regret that I’d never felt before. I clearly remembered how much Elizabeth used to dote on me. How could I do such a thing to her? If I could turn back time, I would never make such a stupid choice. Thinking of all the memories I shared with Elizabeth, I felt so ashamed. “You…Alas…” It seemed that Elizabeth was touched after hearing me call her “Mom,” because she closed her eyes and sighed. ”


Well, for the sake of the good days we shared, I will plead with Anthony to spare you and your child.” Elizabeth’s face quickly returned to its stony state, and her lips pressed into a thin line. “But even if you can avoid death, you can’t escape punishment.You’ll have to spend the rest of your life reflecting on what you have done.” After saying that, Elizabeth left with her servant, not sparing me another glance. Looking at her receding back, I was filled with so much gratitude and relief that I collapsed on the floor and cried silently. I really hadn’t expected that Elizabeth would agree to plead on my behalf. It was proof of how much she had loved me in the past. But I had failed her.I really didn’t deserve to be her daughter.I felt so guilty. Now that things had come to this, would I still have a chance at redemption?

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