Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 195

Anthony’s POV: After I sent my trusted subordinates to look for Jerome and Skylar, Jennifer and I once again walked around the royal palace to look for them, but we still couldn’t find any trace of them. The worried look on Jennifer’s face made me feel sorry for her, but I knew that no matter how hard I tried to comfort her, it wouldn’t be of any help. After all, Jerome was her brother, while Skylar was her best friend. Two of the closest people to her were missing. There was no doubt that she must be feeling very anxious right now. I could only accompany her silently. ”


Mr.Jones, two suspected spies from the vampires side have escaped from the royal palace.” Once we reached the royal palace, a guard rushed over, bowed to me, and reported the news. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jennifer’s face darken. “Okay, I see.You can leave now,” I said to the guard while squeezing Jennifer’s hand to calm her down. “Yes, Mr.Jones.” The guard promptly left. “Anthony, I can’t stay here and do nothing.I want to look for them outside the royal palace,” Jennifer said, decisively turning around to leave. “Jennifer, don’t worry.Skylar is with Jerome right now.With his protection, she’ll be fine.Jerome is the future Alpha, and he’s very strong.You should trust him,” I said, trying to comfort Jennifer. ”


Let’s go back and have a good rest.I’ve already sent my men to look for them.They’ll let us know as soon as they find something.” “But Anthony, I’m really worried about Skylar.” Jennifer sighed, with reluctance written all over her face. “Honey, this is not the right time.Many people know that I have been bewitched with the Love Curse and that you are my mate,” I explained in a gentle voice, pulling Jennifer into my arms. “Whether we know it or not, there are many eyes on us.It’s not safe for us to go out and look for them.The remaining people in Austin’s faction may take the opportunity to get revenge on us.” “You’re right, Anthony.Let’s go and get some sleep.You must be tired after the long day.” Jennifer’s eyes softened, and she took my hand. Her words of concern for me filled my heart with happiness. I accompanied Jennifer back to our bedroom, but not before ordering my men to strengthen the search for Jerome and Skylar to the periphery of the royal palace.


I only sent out the men that I absolutely trusted. If and when they found Jerome and Skylar, they would immediately bring them to me without letting any harm come to them. Once we were in the bedroom, Jennifer pulled me to sit down. “Anthony, how do you feel? Is the Love Curse having an effect on you?” Jennifer asked with concern. “I’m fine, honey.Go to sleep.You must be tired after fighting with all those guards.” I pulled Jennifer onto the bed, caressed her hair, and coaxed her to lie down. “I keep having this fear that I’ll hurt you, Anthony,” Jennifer said in a tortured voice. “I don’t want to see you suffer at all.” “That will never happen, honey.Go to sleep.No matter what happens, I won’t give up on you.” I bent closer and kissed Jennifer’s forehead. Then, I tucked her in. Under my constant care, Jennifer finally closed her eyes and let sleep envelop her. It was obvious that she was exhausted from today’s battle, but she had tried her best not to show it. I quietly slipped out of the bedroom and headed straight to the bathroom, quickening my pace with every step. When I entered the bathroom, I couldn’t suppress the pain in my chest any longer and spat out a large mouthful of blood in the sink. The sight of the red liquid staining the porcelain sink gripped my heart, making it hard for me to breathe. If things went on like this, would I really die? I was not afraid of dying, but I couldn’t bear to leave Jennifer alone. I turned on the tap and watched as the running water washed the blood away. Then, I wiped the remaining dots of red for fear of being discovered. When I was listening to the guard report just now, my chest began to ache.

After I took Jennifer to the bedroom, the pain only worsened. Despite taking the magic medicine, I still felt unbearable pain. It seemed that the power of the Love Curse was so terrible that even magic medicine couldn’t suppress it. It seemed that I needed to find Larry as soon as possible to remove the curse. I didn’t have much time left. After calming down somewhat, I went back to the bedroom and found Jennifer sleeping soundly, which gave me a sense of relief. Then, I went to the monitoring room alone to get the surveillance footage of the banquet hall today. I wanted to find out Larry’s whereabouts. Unfortunately, what I found only left me feeling even more frustrated. Frowning, I replayed the particular scene of Larry escaping a few times, but every single time, I saw the same thing: Larry disappeared into thin air after walking out of the banquet hall. No wonder he was a grand wizard. He had brilliant tricks up his sleeve. But for me, this was a matter of life and death;

I would definitely find him. Jennifer’s POV: I couldn’t fall asleep at all. I didn’t know where Skylar and Jerome were, or if they ever even okay. And to make matters worse, I knew that the Love Curse could attack Anthony at any time. These two things constantly bore down on me, making me feel anxious and uneasy. But I didn’t want Anthony to worry about me, so I lay down on the bed and pretended to be asleep. There was something wrong with his expression. I knew him too well. Although he pretended as if he was completely fine, I could see the trace of a lingering pain on his face. With my eyes closed, I heard Anthony’s footsteps fade away. After a few seconds, I scrambled up to my feet and followed him secretly. I tailed Anthony all the way to the bathroom and saw him spit out a mouthful of blood into the sink. When I saw that scene, I had to cover my mouth to suppress the scream that threatened to escape my lips. I didn’t want to let Anthony know that I was here.

If he knew that his white lie was exposed, he might blame himself more. Suppressing the sadness in my heart, I sneaked away and slipped back into bed, once again pretending to be asleep. Just as I thought, after a while, Anthony came back to the bedroom to see me. He didn’t leave until he made sure that I was asleep. As soon as he left, I sat up again. The image of Anthony spitting out blood because of the Love Curse drove a knife through my heart. How many more times would he have to suffer like this? I couldn’t sit still and wait for him to die. But what could I do? I sat on the bed in a daze for a moment. Suddenly, Austin, who had been sent to jail, came to mind. Since I couldn’t find Larry now, maybe I could start with Austin. After all, he was the one who had asked Larry to curse Anthony. He must know where to find Larry. Thinking of this, I couldn’t bear to waste time any longer. I immediately walked out of the room and towards the dungeon.

When I arrived there, the guards didn’t stop me. It was only after passing through multiple heavy doors and entering the innermost part of the dungeons that I saw Austin and Caroline, cooped up in the same jail cell. “*****, how dare you show your face here?” As soon as Caroline saw me, she shot up from the floor, screamed, and rushed forward. Her hands tightly gripped the iron bars and shook them, as if she wanted nothing more than to tear me apart right now. “Oh, wow.Aren’t you the ***** that Anthony is playing with? How could you have the time to come to such a place? Shouldn’t you be trying your best to please him? Otherwise, he will ride off with another woman!” Austin taunted me, coming over as well. He glared at me with his eyes narrow, as if he was shooting daggers at me. “Austin, do you know where Larry is?” I asked expressionlessly. Launching into a verbal dispute with the two of them would only be a waste of my time.I didn’t care about their insults. “You want to remove the curse? Bah! No way!” Austin spit hard on the floor. “Don’t break your pretty little head thinking about it.

There is no solution to the Love Curse.You’ve no choice but to watch Anthony slowly die of heartache.Ha-ha!” “That’s right.Stop dreaming, Jennifer.Why should we help you?” Caroline burst into laughter, too. “Please tell me where Larry is.I beg you, Austin,” I said through gritted teeth, trying to remain as humble as possible. I came here to save Anthony’s life, so I had to endure whatever insults they hurled at me. “Ha, how touching! If I tell you where Larry is, what will I get in return?” Austin asked with his lips widening into a sinister smile. “I’ll plead with Anthony to spare your lives.”

“Ha! You think I care about living? I have lost the throne.There is no point in living without it!” Austin refused without hesitation. “Austin, please.Please tell me where Larry is,” I begged, clenching my jaw. I had no other choice but to pin all my hopes on Austin. “I’m willing to do anything!” “All right.I can tell you, but you have to show me your sincerity.Is this the attitude you have when you ask someone for help? Kneel down and beg me.Maybe I will be merciful enough to think about it.” Austin raised his chin arrogantly and looked down at me.

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