Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 194

Jerome’s POV: I didn’t stop running until I reached one corner of the garden.There were bushes here where Skylar and I could hide. I crouched down behind some bushes and cautiously peeked over the leaves.I wanted to check if our pursuers were still following us.I didn’t see any of our pursuers, but the path beyond the bushes was full of guests from the banquet. “Have you heard? Apparently, Austin killed the previous king.For that, Anthony overthrew his brother and imprisoned him.So will Anthony be the new king?” “But he’s afflicted with the Love Curse, which is an unbreakable curse.

That is unless he’s not in love.” “How horrible! I heard that there was a vampire in the banquet hall!” The guests gossiped as they walked past the bushes.Their voices were really loud so I heard them clearly. According to them, the battle had come to an end. Anthony had successfully overthrown Austin.I couldn’t help but feel relieved for him.But I was also worried about Skylar. “I wonder how a vampire managed to sneak in here.That damned vampire!” As the guests continued to talk, I looked down at Skylar. She seemed to shrink in my arms, and her face was pale. She obviously overheard their conversation as well. “Don’t worry, honey.Austin is no longer a threat, and Anthony is next in line to the throne.

He won’t believe the rumors.Besides, Jennifer will do her best to prove that you are innocent,” I told Skylar in an effort to comfort her. Her frightened look made my heart ache. “But I do have special powers, Jerome.What if I really am a vampire?” Skylar whispered. “What do I do?” I hugged Skylar, feeling sorry for her. To me, Skylar was Skylar. I didn’t care who or what she was because I love her, but others would not see it that way. While I was racking my brains to comfort her, a cat suddenly popped out from the bushes. The cat yowled and pounced on Skylar. I quickly threw out an arm to block it, but she still got startled so she screamed. “Who’s there?” The guests immediately stopped chatting and turned towards the bushes where we were hiding. A few of them even walked towards us. If they came even closer, we were going to be found. After taking a deep breath, I dashed out of the bushes with Skylar in my arms and made my way to the palace gates. “That’s her! She’s the vampire!” someone shouted from behind us. “Catch her!” As I ran, I looked back and saw the guests chasing after us. They shouted a lot, attracting the attention of the guards. “You traitor! How dare you defend that vampire? Stop right now and hand her over! Otherwise, you’ll be punished for helping her!” one of the werewolves running at the front of the pack yelled at me. “I’m not a vampire!”

Skylar covered her ears. “No, I’m not…” “Calm down, everyone.Nothing has been confirmed yet!” I tried to persuade the werewolves chasing us, but they obviously didn’t want to listen to me. In their eyes, there was a vampire. Vampires were our sworn enemies. Our pursuers increased. I became concerned that we would be surrounded. “Hold on tight to me, honey.We’re going to go over the palace wall!” I looked up at the wall as I whispered to Skylar. She nodded obediently. I ran a few steps towards the palace wall and then jumped. Even with Skylar in my arms, I managed to make it over the border, leaving our pursuers behind us. “Catch them!” However, there were also guards on the other side of the wall. When they saw me climb over, they surrounded us at once. I really didn’t want to hurt the guards because they were my colleagues. But I had to take Skylar away. I had no choice but to knock the guards down to the ground, avoiding their vital parts. After that, I rushed to the forest in the suburb. Skylar’s POV: My heart raced as Jerome protected me and then carried me off into the forest.I had never been as confused and helpless as I was now. “Skylar, are you uncomfortable? Are you tired of running around while carrying our baby?”

Jerome came to a stop before a big tree and set me down on a large rock. He looked very concerned. I took Jerome’s hand and sat down. He really had nothing to worry about. He had been carrying me this whole time so I was not tired at all. “I’m fine, Jerome.You protected me all the way here.What about you? You didn’t get hurt, did you? I’m sorry, Jerome, for getting you into trouble…” I shook my head, feeling very guilty, and hugged Jerome. “It’s all my fault, but I really don’t know why I have special powers!” “Don’t be sad, Skylar.I know you’re not a spy.” Jerome cupped my face in his hands and looked at me with a serious expression. “Even if you really have vampire blood, I’ll still love you.I love everything about you.” I had not expected Jerome to say that, and tears welled up in my eyes. “But Jerome, I will only be a burden to you.”

I shook my head while tears streamed down my face. “Everyone thinks I’m a vampire now so I can’t show my face anywhere.You’re about to become Alpha.You can’t get involved with me.I can’t be your Luna anymore, Jerome.” I felt heartbroken while saying all that. “No.The position of Alpha is important, but for me, there is only one Skylar in this world.I love you, Skylar.You’re the only want that I want.For you, I can give up everything,” Jerome declared.

I was deeply touched by his sincere words. Jerome! He was my love and my mate! I was so lucky to have him. I hugged Jerome, and then we kissed passionately. After a while, we finally let go of each other and took a minute to catch our breaths. “What do you want to do next, Skylar?” Jerome and I looked at each other, our eyes full of affection. I held his hand and burrowed myself in his arms. “I want to contact Jennifer first.” As I spoke, I fumbled for my phone, but I failed to find it.It must have fallen while we were escaping. Seeing that I did not have my phone, Jerome took out his, but it was already out of power.

“Don’t be afraid, Skylar.We can find a cave to hide and spend the night in,” Jerome said. He then helped me stand. I nodded and followed him into the depths of the forest. We eventually found a cave and prepared ourselves to stay there overnight. The cave was damp and cold so we snuggled up against each other. Jerome’s mere presence warmed me from my heart down to my toes. Was Jennifer looking for us? We had no means to contact her, and we did not know if our pursuers would find us first.What should we do next?

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