Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 189

Jennifer’s POV:

Anthony and I fought side by side and killed off Austin’s lackeys.

They were no match for me because my claws tore them easily apart.

However, there were so many of them.

As soon as I managed to get rid of my opponent, another would attack.

It felt as if the battle was never going to end.

My eyes turned red as I became more and more ruthless.

While focusing on my opponents, I gradually became unaware of my surroundings.

“Watch out, Jennifer!” Skylar shouted hysterically.

I turned around and saw that all the dancers had picked up weapons and were rushing towards me.

They had not taken part in the fight earlier so I had not paid much attention to them.

They must have been waiting for me to drop my guard.

The dancers were coming at me so quickly that I did not have enough time to dodge their attack.


Anthony also noticed that the dancers were ambushing me.

He wanted to come to my aid, but he could not get rid of Austin.

The dancers lunged, their swords less than a meter away from slashing me.

My eyes narrowed as I roared and stretched out my claws.

I was determined to fight them to death.

But before we could clash, a strong gust of wind blew from behind me, forcing the dancers back and scattering them across the floor.

I was stunned, unsure of who had saved me.

When I turned around, I saw Skylar.

She had her hands stretched out in front of her, and she looked a little dazed.

“She can control wind! She must be a vampire!”

one of the guests yelled while pointing at Skylar.

“No, no.I’m not…”

Skylar staggered back in horror.

I realized that the gale that saved me just now was caused by Skylar and her special power.

**** it! Skylar’s identity was about to get exposed.

“Don’t be afraid, Skylar.Everything’s going to be okay.Let’s go.”

Jerome, who was next to Skylar, reacted quickly.

He gathered Skylar in his arms and put his coat over her, covering her face.

“Jerome, take her out of here right away! Run as far as you can!”

I shouted at my brother while fighting with the dancers.

We were all being so loud that it did not escape Austin’s ears.

His eyes narrowed as Visit to read the newest content, everyone! with a vampire?”

Austin pointed at Jerome, who was running toward the door.

“Stop that man! Catch the vampire and kill her!”

The royal guards Visit to read the newest content, everyone! fast, I dashed to the door and stopped the royal guards from attacking my brother.

“Gary, Dana, cover for Jennifer.”

Anthony also realized that things were not going well so he left Austin behind and came to help.

After hearing Anthony’s order, Gary and Dana joined the battle to help us stop the royal guards from attacking.

The situation became even more chaotic that I had no time to care about anything else.

I could only fight and hope that Jerome managed to escape with Skylar.

“Anthony, you Visit to read the newest content, everyone! me! Guards, kill all these spies!”

Austin seized the opportunity to fight back.

He pointed out Anthony as the enemy and swore at him.

With our backs up against each other, Anthony and I fought off the guards.

The harsh training I had been through came in handy at this moment.

My fists and feet moved quickly, and I was able to defeat many enemies with my sharp claws.

Not far from me and Anthony, Dana and Gary fought bravely against several guards.

They were not at a disadvantage Visit to read the newest content, everyone! like this, I believed that Austin’s chances of winning would gradually decrease.


Austin yelled while glaring at Anthony and me with intense hatred.

“Watch out! The grand wizard Larry is here to help them!”

When I heard the name that Austin called out, I quickly turned to warn my teammates.

As soon as I finished speaking, a man in a black robe suddenly appeared before us.

He waved his wand and muttered something.

The wand spewed out streams of black fire.

“Watch out! He’s using black magic!” Anthony yelled.

We rolled on the floor, barely avoiding the attack.

“Are these the people you want me to deal with? They are very weak!” Larry snorted with disdain.

Seeing his complacent expression made me sneer.

Anthony and I had already expected that Austin would ask Larry for help.


Anthony roared for reinforcements.

Roy, who had been hiding outside, appeared at the entrance of the banquet hall along with several other wizards.

“Protect the prince!”

Roy held up his wand and cast a water spell to extinguish the black flames.

The other wizards followed suit and chanted all sorts of spells to attack Larry.

“Humph! None of you are worthy enough to be considered my opponent.” Larry flew into a rage.

“Let me teach you all a lesson!”

He fired a round of lightning in our direction, but Roy and the other wizards were prepared for this.

They worked together and used a defensive incantation to defend us against Larry’s attack.

Although Larry was very strong, our wizards outnumbered him so they were able to hold him back.

Caroline’s POV:

I was waiting in the bedroom for Austin to appear with good news.

However, while I was lying in bed, a maid rushed over to tell me that something had gone wrong in the banquet hall.

“What happened?”

I sat up on the bed and frowned at the maid.

“The king and the prince are fighting,” the maid answered.


In a fit of anger, I grabbed the maid and shook her.

“Why didn’t you tell me about such an important thing earlier? You’re so useless!”

I shoved the maid aside and rushed to the banquet hall, forgetting the fact that I was supposed to be pretending to be injured.

I couldn’t let anything bad happen to Austin.

He was the only one I could depend on now.

If Austin fell, I would end up in Anthony’s clutches, and he was going to make me pay for my crimes.

When I arrived at the banquet hall, the situation was worse than I had expected.

I heard the deafening sounds of fighting.

I entered the hall and saw blood all over the floor.

I was shocked to see how many guards had died.

What was going on? I took a few steps back and felt something under my feet.

I looked down and realized that I had stepped on an arm.

I was so startled that I screamed, nearly falling backwards in the process.

Where was Austin? I looked around anxiously and eventually caught sight of him.

At that moment, I noticed that Jennifer was coming up behind him with her claws raised.

She looked like she was aiming for his neck.

“Watch out, Austin!” I screamed.

Austin must have heard me because he rolled on the floor, dodging Jennifer’s attack.

But before I could sigh in relief, that ***** turned around and ran towards me.

I tried to dodge, but she was too fast.

I even stretched out my claws in self-defense, but she managed to grab my neck first.

How was she so strong?! I struggled in her grip, but my efforts were useless.

“What are you planning to do with me?”

I tried to claw the hand gripping my neck.

“Look over here, Austin.I have Caroline!”

Jennifer lifted me up by my neck.

“If you don’t surrender now, I’ll break her neck.”

Jennifer was squeezing my neck hard enough for me to have difficulty breathing.

She looked like she was seriously going to kill me.

The possibility of that happening scared me out of my wits.

My eyes instantly welled up with tears.

“Austin…Help me…”

My gaze locked with Austin’s, and he looked torn.My survival instinct made me cry for help with all of my strength.

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