Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 176

Anthony’s POV:

Jennifer and I took my private plane back to the Osman Kingdom.

Dana, Gary and Roy were also with us.

This time, we kept the trip a secret from the public.

As soon as the plane landed, we took Roy to my private residence so that he could check on my mother.

There, we found her still sleeping soundly in bed.

I hurried to her side and watched as Roy checked my mother’s condition.

I couldn’t help but feel worried.

Jennifer seemed to notice and slipped her hand in mine to reassure me silently.

After a while, Roy relaxed his knitted eyebrows.

“Mrs.Jones is in a coma because of black magic.Fortunately, I can easily remove the curse.”

“Please do as you see fit, Roy.”

His words lifted a weight off my shoulders.

We watched from aside as Roy raised his hands, one of which clutched a magic mace.

Then, he began to chant over my mother, and a dazzling light surrounded her sleeping body.

A few minutes later, my mother’s eyelashes started to flutter.

“Anthony!” she cried as soon as she woke up.

Her hands reached out towards me excitedly.

“I feel like I was trapped in an endless nightmare.My dear son, I’m so happy to see you.”

Tears welled up in her eyes as she spoke.

Jennifer and I hurried over to hug her.

“Do you remember what happened before you fell asleep, Mom?” I asked, patting her back gently.

“I remember not feeling well, and then Caroline brought me some porridge.After a few mouthfuls, I felt dizzy.I don’t remember what happened after that,” she explained.

So this was indeed Caroline’s doing.

I was angry, but I couldn’t say I was surprised.

“Mrs.Jones, that isn’t the only crime Caroline has committed; she also had Anthony’s memories erased.And now, she’s with Austin.He has announced that she is going to be his queen.The coronation ceremony will be held in a few days,” Jennifer told my mother.

Hearing this, my mother squeezed Jennifer’s hand tightly while looking at me with concern.

I shook my head to tell her that I was fine now and she had nothing to worry about.

“But there is also some good news.We have found Dana and Gary, two soldiers of the Osman Kingdom that had fought alongside the former king and Austin.Do you remember the war many years ago? It was said that all the troops were killed, with Austin as the sole survivor.But on our trip to the Rainbow Pack, we met two more survivors.They told us the whole truth.Apparently, Austin killed the former king in order to seize the throne.Dana and Gary can testify to this.We can finally overthrow Austin’s rule!” Jennifer exclaimed.

“That *******! Truth be told, I had always suspected Austin, but a part of me couldn’t believe that he was capable of killing his father.Anthony, what are you going to do? We must avenge your father!”

My mother held my hand and cursed through gritted teeth.

“Don’t worry, Mom.I will.We can discuss our plans with you now, actually.”

This calmed her down a little, and she looked at me expectantly.

For the sake of my mother’s health, I asked the maids to bring in some chairs for us, so that we didn’t need to go to the study for the discussion.

After discussion, she suggested we take action against Austin at the queen’s coronation ceremony to take him by surprise.

“I’ve also collected some evidence that proves Austin has murdered innocent people and smuggled drugs,” I said gravely.

“I’ll announce those cases to the public, too.”

“Once those crimes are revealed, Austin will completely lose the support of the public.” Jennifer winked at me, as though she was cheering me on.

‘‘That’s my girl!’ I smiled.I believe my plan would succeed as long as she was by my side.Jennifer’s presence made my heart feel warm.To celebrate my mother’s waking up, I ordered the servants to prepare a hearty meal and invited everyone to dinner.

After the delicious food was served, my mother raised her glass to thank Roy.

In turn, Roy nodded with a smile.

Jennifer and I sat together, and from time to time, I would listen to her whisper something interesting.

The atmosphere during the dinner was harmonious and merry.

“Anthony, haven’t you set the date of your wedding with Jennifer yet? After all, I want to have a grandson as soon as possible,” my mother suddenly asked, winking mischievously.

It seemed she noticed how close Jennifer and I were over dinner.

“Not yet, but we’ll get around to it, Mom.” I glanced at Jennifer as I spoke.

Hearing what I said, Jennifer blushed and lowered her head.I chuckled to myself.Jennifer looked so cute when she was flustered.

Jennifer’s POV:

At some point during the dinner, my phone rang.It was my brother, Jerome.

After excusing myself from the table, I headed to a corner to take the call.

“Jennifer, I’ve found Skylar!”

Jerome announced excitedly the second the call connected.

Then he talked about how Andy had died thanks to Linda’s assassination attempt.

“Oh, my ***, poor Andy.I hope he’s happy in heaven.”

Linda might’ve been a vicious woman, but Andy was innocent.

“Oh, and one more thing, Skylar is pregnant.”

Then, I was met with a moment of silence.

Finally, he said dejectedly, “But I’m not sure if she will take me back.”

Shocked, I asked, “What? Don’t say that.Don’t worry, I’ll talk to her.Anyway, I’m really glad you found her, Jerome.”

Then we talked about Skylar’s physical condition.

Once he had completely updated me, we ended the call and I went back to the dinner table to join Anthony.

After dinner, Elizabeth went back to her room first.

After a while, Anthony and I decided to talk to her.

Although she laughed and seemed happy at the dinner table, we both knew she was suffering internally now that she knew Austin had killed her husband.

Sure enough, when we entered her bedroom, we found her sobbing into her pillow.

Anthony hurried to her side.

“Don’t cry, Mom.I’ll take care of Austin,” Anthony said firmly.

“I really want to kill that ******* right now! I can’t believe it! He had the audacity to murder his own father!”

Elizabeth buried her face in Anthony’s arms and cried.

I walked over to the two and sat next to Elizabeth, patting her on the shoulder to comfort her.

“Mrs.Jones, it’s important that we don’t act rashly right now.But don’t worry. Anthony is making the necessary arrangements to execute his plan to avenge his father.”

Finally, Elizabeth calmed down.

Anthony helped her into bed while I asked her maids to take good care of her.

Then, we made arrangements for the accommodations for Roy, Dana, and Gary.

It was already late at night when everything was settled.

Anthony and I decided to steer clear of the royal palace until the day of the queen’s coronation ceremony.

After dismissing the servants, Anthony took me to the balcony of the bedroom.

It was finally time for us to be alone.

“Anthony, you’ve been running around all day.Aren’t you tired?”

“I’m never tired with you by my side.”

Bathed in the starlight, Anthony looked at me affectionately.

When I looked back at his handsome face, I felt as though my heart was about to melt.

“Are you scared, babe?” Anthony hugged me, stroking my waist.

“Not at all.You won’t let anyone hurt me, will you?” I shook my head.

We were so close that I could feel his warm breath on my skin.

We both knew that at this moment, we needed a kiss to unleash our love for each other.

Under the moonlight, we kissed each other sweetly.

We stayed on the balcony for a few more minutes, but after a while, Anthony worried that I might catch a cold, so he took me back to the room.

After taking a shower and settling into bed, I called Skylar.

At first, I didn’t have much hope.

After all, Skylar hadn’t answered my calls in forever.

To my surprise, the call connected.

“Skylar! How are you? I heard from Jerome that you’re having a baby?”

I tried my best to keep my tone light and gently, worried that Skylar’s mood would be affected otherwise.

After all, she must’ve had mixed emotions.

“Yes, but I don’t know what I’m going to do,” Skylar answered after a while.

Her voice sounded hoarse, as though she had been crying prior to the call.

“Linda is just Jerome’s past.You’re Jerome’s present and future.Plus, *** has already punished her.Why don’t you forgive Jerome already? You might miss out on someone who truly loves you,” I coaxed her.

“I’ll think it over.Thanks, Jennifer.”

Skylar chuckled, which made me sigh with relief.

She sounded like the cheerful girl I had always known.

“It’s so sad, what happened to Andy,” I said with pity.

“I hope he’s enjoying himself in heaven.Anyway, Skylar, I really miss you.I can’t wait to visit you.There’s just some things Anthony and I need to take care of here.”

After the call with Skylar, I looked into Anthony’s smiling eyes.

“Now that Skylar is pregnant, I guess we have to work harder.”

He lay behind me and kissed the back of my neck.

My face suddenly turned hot.Did he want to make love now?

“I’m just kidding.I know you’re tired.Let’s get some rest.But you owe me this time,” Anthony whispered in my ear.

I kissed him back with a smile and fell asleep in his arms soon.

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