Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 175

Jerome’s POV:

I finally found Skylar, but to my surprise, there was another man by her said.

His name was Robin, and he had the audacity to introduce himself as Skylar’s future boyfriend.

What was worse, however, was that Skylar didn’t deny it.

Moreover, seeing Skylar concerned about Robin made my heart ache.

I needed to clear things up.

Thus, when Robin was being treated for his wound, I pulled Skylar aside to talk to her alone.

“Jerome, what is it?”

Skylar asked me, obviously annoyed from being dragged out all of a sudden.

Despite this, I couldn’t help but pull her into my arms.

“Skylar, I’ve missed you so much.I’ve been looking all over for you.I was going crazy with anxiety!”

“Jerome, I’m sorry I misunderstood you.However, even though I now know that Linda’s behind all of this, I still feel like we should move on from each other.” Skylar pushed me away.

“What do you mean? Can’t we continue from where we left off?” Her answer struck me like lightning.

“I’m sorry, Jerome.I like my life right now.Linda wasn’t the only reason why I left the Rainbow Pack.I was thinking about it carefully and I realized I can’t become your Luna.What we had was great, but that’s in the past now.Thank you for loving me.And thank you for looking for me.But please respect my choice.”

“Skylar, if you don’t want to become my Luna, then I choose not to become the Alpha.I’m willing to give everything up to be with you, okay?”

I bit my lip anxiously, hoping to change Skylar’s mind.

“What? Your father’s the deceased Alpha.As the son of Alpha, you have your responsibility.You should shoulder it.”

Skylar tried to persuade me.

I frowned slightly.Was this the real reason why she was refusing me? Or had she fallen in love with someone else?

“Skylar, is it because of Robin? What’s your relationship with him?”

As soon as I asked, I felt regret.I realized that I didn’t want to know the answer.

“We’re just friends.My decision has nothing to do with him,” Skylar said to my great relief.

“Skylar, you still love me, don’t you? If we love each other so much, then why should we be separated? Please don’t leave me.I’ll make things up to you.I really can’t live without you.” I looked at her pleadingly.

“Too many things have happened recently.My mind is a mess.Please give me some time to think it over.” Skylar sighed.

I felt a glimmer of hope when she said this.At least Skylar didn’t refuse me outright.

I still had a chance! I hugged Skylar again excitedly.

This time, she didn’t try to push me away.

In that moment, I couldn’t hold myself back anymore.

I carefully lifted her chin to face me and pressed my lips against hers.

Although she didn’t respond, she didn’t push me away either.

The familiar taste of her sweet lips sent waves of warmth all over my body.

I greedily sucked on her lips and my tongue danced with hers.

“Skylar, we still love each other and we are mates designated by Moon Goddess.Please don’t give up on me, okay?” I whispered in her ear.

In my tight embrace, Skylar gradually softened.This made me feel that we could possibly get together again.

Skylar’s POV:

Jerome had searched for me personally.

While I did my best to pretend I didn’t care, my heart said otherwise.

The painful truth was, I still loved Jerome.

But even though I knew what Linda had done, I still couldn’t just let the matter slide.

Back then, Linda had fooled all of us.

I was on the verge of breaking down from the suffocation.

Even now that I thought about it, I still felt sad.

Now that Jerome was kissing me passionately, my first instinct was to push him away, but I found that I didn’t have the strength.

After all, I was pregnant.

And I had been poisoned not too long ago.

My body was too weak.

So instead of pushing him away, I leaned against Jerome’s chest.

He continued to kiss me gently.

When he pulled away, he was smiling widely, like a happy child.

Jerome had been desperately confessing his love for me, begging for my forgiveness and asking me to go back with him.

But my mind was still a mess.

I couldn’t just accept his love right then and there.

All of a sudden, I felt a blinding pain shoot up from my abdomen.

“Jerome, my stomach hurts so much.”

My legs buckled from under me and I fell into his arms helplessly.

“Skylar, what’s wrong?” he asked anxiously.

Before waiting for an answer, he had already scooped me up into his arms.

I had already broken into a cold sweat, which dripped onto the back of his hand.

He instantly realized that something was terribly wrong and rushed me to the nearest doctor.

“Doctor, please help! It seems that she got a stomachache out of the blue,” Jerome explained anxiously.

“Put the patient on the bed,” the doctor instructed briskly.

Jerome did as he said.

The doctor inspected me, trying to determine what was wrong.

After a while, he had me take some medicine, which gradually made me feel better.

“The patient’s baby isn’t stable yet,” the doctor explained to Jerome, taking off his mask.

“Be careful.Don’t let her get too emotional.Plus, she’s just been poisoned, so her immune system is compromised for now.She needs to stay in bed for the time being.”

As the doctor spoke, Jerome looked at me in confusion.I lowered my head guiltily.

Now, the truth was out.

I couldn’t hide my pregnancy from him any longer.

“What? Baby? Poisoned?” Jerome was so shocked, he stopped making sense.

After giving me a questioning glance, he turned back to the doctor and said, “Thank you, doctor.I’ll take good care of her.”

After that, he wheeled me back to my ward and gently tucked me into bed.

Up until now, I couldn’t meet his questioning gaze.

“Skylar, what happened? You were poisoned? And this baby…Are you pregnant with my child?”

“Robin and I took in Linda and Andy, not thinking she would try to take revenge on me.She poisoned my coffee, but fortunately, Robin saved me in time.When I was hospitalized, the doctor informed me I was pregnant,” I explained in a tired voice.

As I spoke, my voice grew softer and softer.

After all, it was wrong of me to have kept it a secret from Jerome.

As the baby’s father, he had the right to know of its existence.

I paused, wanting to say something more, but I saw tears streaming down Jerome’s cheeks.I was stunned.I had never seen Jerome like this.

He came over and hugged me.

“Skylar, I feel so bad.I wasn’t there for you when times got rough.Please forgive me.I will never let you or our child suffer ever again.” Jerome’s face was full of concern.

“You must’ve felt scared.Did it hurt when you were poisoned?”

“It did, but it doesn’t hurt anymore.” I shook my head.

“But my heart hurts,”he said sadly.

“For you.” Jerome pointed at his heart, his eyes filled with remorse.

I was speechless for a moment.

At a loss for words, I hugged Jerome back and leaned against his shoulder quietly.

It wasn’t until I saw Robin at the door that I gently pushed Jerome away.

“My wound has been bandaged,” Robin announced.

His expression looked dark.

He must’ve seen me hugging Jerome.

Thinking of this, I felt a little embarrassed.

“Thanks again for saving me,” I said sheepishly.

Jerome slipped his hand into mine and bowed to Robin.

“Thank you for saving my mate and my child.”

He expressed his gratitude to Robin.

But it was obvious he was jealous.

I knew he was just taking this as an opportunity to declare his possession of me.

“You’re welcome.Skylar, I’ll visit you another time.”

After saying that, Robin turned around and left.

He must’ve felt very sad.

But it was probably for the best.

After all, Robin deserved a better woman.

When Robin was gone, Jerome got in bed next to me and cradled me in his arms.

“Skylar, we’re about to be parents,” he said softly, his eyes aglow with excitement.

“I promise, I’ll take good care of you two.Our family of three can live a happy life together, right? Today is the happiest day of my life.I finally found you, and I found out we’re about to have our own child.Everything’s falling into place.I must be the luckiest man in the world/ Skylar, I love you.Without you, I wouldn’t be happy.Honey, our child needs both a mother and a father.Will you give me another chance?”

As Jerome spoke, I couldn’t help but feel moved.

I bit my lower lip restlessly.

Thinking about the baby, I wanted to forgive Jerome.

But could our relationship go back to normal? Linda was still a thorn in my flesh.What was I supposed to do?

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