Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 173

Linda’s POV:

When I heard that Robin had rushed Skylar to the hospital, I practically squealed with joy.The poison I had bought worked!

“Oh, sweet revenge!” I couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

“Have fun in ****, Skylar.”

But now, I had to find Andy and flee as soon as possible.I rushed back to my room.

“Andy, my sweetheart, let’s go on an adventure!” I opened the door and found Andy sitting on a chair.

When he saw me come in, he beamed at me.

But what I saw in his hand made me stop dead in my tracks. The poison!

“Andy, what are you doing?”

I rushed to his side and swatted the bag of poison out of his hand.

Scared out of my wits, I shook him by the shoulders.

I was just thankful I had found Andy in time.

“How could you play with this? It’s not a toy!”

I was so frightened that I hurriedly threw all the remaining bags of poison into the trash can.

“Andy, let’s go wash your hands.You weren’t supposed to touch the bag you were holding just now.”

I grabbed his hand, intending to take him to the bathroom, but he broke free from my grasp.

“But why, Mom? It tasted good.I just ate one.It was sweet!”

Andy stuck out his tongue to show me.

“Andy, what did you just say?” I felt my heart stop in my chest.

“I ate one…”

“Oh, my ***!” I roared bitterly.

The very poison I prepared for my enemy was taken by my own son.I harmed my own son!

“Andy, spit it out!” I cried desperately.

I clapped Andy on the back, hoping he would vomit out the poison.

I was on the verge of breaking down, but I needed to keep it together.I needed to save my child.

“Andy, get on the floor.”

I made Andy lie prone on my lap and pressed down on his stomach hard.

Then, I stuck my finger down his throat to force him to vomit.

Sure enough, Andy started to cough violently.

I felt a glimmer of hope.


But Andy didn’t spit out the poison.

Instead, he began foaming at the mouth and crying for me.

Soon, he couldn’t speak, and his breath gradually weakened.

My heart ached.

I felt so helpless.

“Hold on.I’ll call the doctor!”

With trembling hands, I took out my phone and dialed the emergency hotline.

But before the ambulance could get here, Andy had passed out.

“Andy, wake up! Don’t scare Mommy, please! My dear! I can’t live without you!”

I cried hysterically, tears streaming down my face.He was my only family.What was I going to do if he left me?

“Why are you crying? What’s wrong with Andy?”

I heard Robin’s voice from behind me.I whirled around and rushed to him.

Out of sheer desperation, I fell to my knees and started to beg.

“Please, please save my child! He was poisoned!”

I cried so hard that my voice went hoarse.

After a while, I couldn’t even speak.

I could only grovel.

“Did Andy take the poison by mistake?” Robin frowned deeply.

“Could this be karma? You evil woman, you deserve it.But because the child is innocent, I’ll try to save him.”

I watched helplessly from the sidelines as Robin tried every means to resuscitate Andy.However, no matter how hard he tried, Andy couldn’t spit out the poison.

“I’m sorry but I might not be able to save him,”

Robin announced to me with a  darkened expression.

“No! My son, don’t die!” I cried desperately.

I had never felt so much regret in my life.

In that moment, I felt as though my world had gone dark.

Why did I leave the poison on the table? This was all my fault.

I killed my own son.

I couldn’t stop crying hysterically, cradling Andy in my arms.

I knew the neighbors could hear me, but I didn’t care.

Jerome’s POV:

I was busy searching for Skylar around the Blue Rose Pack when I heard shouting.

I headed towards the commotion, hoping to ask about Skylar.

“Excuse me, have you seen this girl?” I held up a picture of Skylar.


A middle-aged man glanced at the photo in my hand and shook his head.

When I was about to ask the others in the area, I overheard them talking.

“I heard that the maid’s child was poisoned.She has been crying nonstop in the yard.What a pity!”

“The child’s a goner. How sad!”

Just as I was about to look for Skylar elsewhere, I saw Linda running out of the villa.


“Linda, why are you here?”

I jogged over to her.Her tear-stained face looked at me with shock.

Her hand reached up to cover her mouth, and she was unable to speak for a long time.

When I was about to ask what was going on, I saw Andy being carried out of the villa.

“What happened to Andy?”

As I spoke, Andy was carried into an ambulance.

The ambulance was about to leave, so I didn’t waste any time and climbed into the back with them.

“Hurry up! This child needs first aid right now!”

As soon as we arrived at the hospital, doctors and nurses rushed over and sent Andy into the emergency room, closing the door behind them.

We could do nothing but wait outside.

Only then did I realize that there was a stranger standing next to Linda.

He was talking on the phone.

While waiting for Andy’s prognosis, Linda explained what had happened today.

It turned out that Andy was poisoned.

After a while, the door to the emergency room opened and a few doctors shuffled out slowly.

They shook their heads at us.

Then, Andy’s dead body was wheeled out on a gurney.

“I’m sorry.We couldn’t revive him.”

“No! My Andy- my child!”

Linda shrieked hysterically.

She rushed over to her son’s lifeless body and wept.

Looking at such a miserable scene, I couldn’t help but have mixed feelings.

“I’m sorry,”

I walked over and awkwardly patted Linda on the back.

“This is my retribution.My beloved Andy is dead! Jerome, can you give me one more chance? I’ve lost everything.I’ve lost Andy.You are my last hope…”

Linda begged me with tears in her eyes.

“I’m sorry, Linda, but you already know the answer to that.” I shook my head.

“Take care of yourself.”

The attendants started to wheel Andy’s body to the morgue.Linda rushed over to stop them.

“No! Don’t take my child away!”

Linda cried hysterically, throwing her body on top of Andy’s.

When I was about to pull her away, I heard a familiar voice.

“What happened?”

It was Skylar! I turned around and saw Skylar in a hospital gown, supported by a nurse.

I was overjoyed.

I ran to her and hugged her tightly.

“Skylar, what’re you doing here? I’ve been looking all over for you!”

I took in her scent hungrily.

But to my surprise, Skylar simply pushed me away and walked over to the man who was by Linda’s side earlier.

The man stood in between me and Skylar, and the two seemed very familiar with each other.

“Who is he?” I asked Skylar, jabbing my finger at the man.

Was Skylar dating someone else? No way!

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