Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 169

Larry’s POV:

A few days ago, Caroline sent me a message, asking if she could bring someone to see me.

Because she was always very generous every time she came to me, I agreed to her request.

The last man Caroline brought to me was unconscious, but even then I could see that he was of noble descent.

I heard that Caroline held close ties with the royal family of the Osman Kingdom, so I wondered if the man she had brought had anything to do with them.

The mere thought of the royal family made me grind my teeth with hatred.

It was hard for me to reach any of the royal members, so when the rare opportunity presented itself, I sprang into action and cast the Love Curse on that unconscious man.

I guessed that the man Caroline was bringing this time might also have something to do with the royal family.

Thinking of this, a thought occurred to me and I decided to see this man alone.

“I’m guessing your real identity is by no means simple, am I right?” I asked the mysterious man before me.

My question made him stiffen.

“Are you so curious about my identity, Larry?”

“Of course, I don’t work with people who remain anonymous,” I said bluntly.

I had motives of my own, after all.I needed to know this man’s identity.

If he was by any means related to the royal family, I could use him.

Or kill him.

“Fine.I’m Austin, the present king of the Osman Kingdom.” He spoke calmly.

“Really?” I asked, bewildered.

What a jackpot! I was so excited that I couldn’t help but burst into crazed laughter.

I pounded on the table so hard that a cup shattered in front of me.

After all this time, my chance had finally come.

Years ago, my poor father had died miserably at the hands of the former king.

As a result, I hated the hypocritical royal family.

That damned king needed to pay the price of his crimes.

Now, I happened to be standing in front of the current king of the Osman Kingdom.

I could finally avenge my father.How could I not be excited?

“Larry, what’s going on?”

Austin stepped back when the glass broke.

It looked like he was afraid of my magic.

Realizing this, I felt immensely happy.

Who cared if he was the king? He was no match for my black magic!

“Oh, sorry about that.It’s just, I’ve been in the forest for so long and never expected I’d meet the king.I just got a little excited, that’s all.Please forgive me.”

“Whatever.Let’s get down to business.The man Caroline asked you to deal with before is named Anthony.He is our common enemy.I’m here to ask for your help to eliminate him once and for all,” Austin said coldly.

“Don’t worry.Caroline has paid me, so I’m willing to help you deal with this Anthony.Just wait and see.”

As I spoke, I studied Austin carefully.

His eyes were full of hatred.

“Larry, now that you know who I am, I promise you that you will benefit greatly if you help me get what I want.”

“Thank you.But there’s something I wanted to ask you.If you’re the Osman Kingdom’s present king, what happened to the previous king? Is he still alive?” Visit to read the newest content, everyone! man who killed my father.

“My father…He died on the battlefield,” Austin stuttered.

He seemed stunned, as though he didn’t expect I would ask Visit to read the newest content, everyone! like his father’s death had something to do with him.

“How did he die?” I continued to press him.

“Didn’t I tell you? He died on the battlefield.Larry, know your place.Stop asking questions about the royal family,”, Austin said fiercely.

It had been a casual question, yet his reaction was so violent.

It was evident that this matter was by no means simple.

“You look scared.If I’m not mistaken, it looks as though you killed the former king yourself,” I said with a playful smile.

“Of course not! Visit to read the newest content, everyone! here to make a deal with you!” Despite his words, Austin’s tone became more and more anxious.

I chuckled.

His reaction exposed everything and confirmed my suspicions.

“Good job! No, great job! If I knew that you killed the former king, I would have thanked you sooner.” I burst into laughter once more and started to clap my hands.

“What are you talking about?” Austin looked at me in astonishment.

“Please don’t ask too many questions.Anyway, I’m very happy to hear such news, and as such, I’ve Visit to read the newest content, everyone! the way, why do you want to kill Anthony? Who is he?” I asked.

“He is my younger brother, the prince of Osman Kingdom.As a result, he’s the biggest threat to me.” Austin snorted.

“Really? Interesting.Could this be karma?”

I laughed so wildly that I started to tear up.

I Wondered how the late king would feel if he knew that his two sons were trying to kill each other.

Served him right for killing my father.

“Larry, what the **** are you talking about?” Austin asked unhappily.

“Nothing.Was Visit to read the newest content, everyone! I hate to admit it.”

Austin lowered his head, his eyes burning with jealousy.

“Such being the case, he is doomed! Are you willing to be my ally? Don’t worry.In exchange, I will help you kill Anthony.”

“Larry, what’s going on? You seem to hate my father very much,” Austin asked with a frown.

“Never mind that.We’re here to talk about forming an alliance and nothing else.” I looked at him coldly.

“So, will you be my ally? I can use black magic to help you achieve all your wishes.”

“Of course!” Austin nodded.

“I’m here to cooperate with you.”

“Then, here’s to a smooth alliance.” I handed him a glass of wine.

“Cheers.” Austin clinked glasses with me.

Austin’s POV:

To my surprise, it was Larry who took the initiative to propose an alliance.

I didn’t know why he was so enthusiastic, but I could tell he would be a good ally.

“What did Larry say to you?”

Caroline came up to me as soon as I emerged from Larry’s log cabin.

“Nothing special, just that he’s willing to cooperate with us.When Anthony returns, he’s doomed.”

I couldn’t completely trust Caroline, so I didn’t tell her everything that was discussed in the log cabin.

“Great! Larry told me he cast the Love Curse on Anthony.Once he activates the curse, Anthony will never be able to arouse his passion for the one he loves.Any arousal will result in great pain – a pain even worse than death!”

Caroline exclaimed happily, slipping her arm into mine.

“That’s good news, Caroline.Knowing Anthony, he would rather die than give up his love for Jennifer.Well, good luck to him.Good job, Caroline.Your connection with Larry has resulted in a valuable alliance.Let’s go back and hold a meeting with the elders.You will be my queen.”

“Really? Thank you, Austin.”

Caroline squeezed my hand excitedly.

As soon as we got back to the royal palace, I summoned all the elders and held a meeting.

When everyone was present, I led Caroline into the hall.

“Mr.Jones, what is the meaning of this?”

The elders were confused when they saw Caroline sit down next to me.

“I have an announcement to make.I will marry Caroline, and consequently, she will be the queen.I hope you can make the proper preparations for her coronation ceremony.I will not tolerate any absences.”

“Mr.Jones, are you joking? Caroline is a princess of the Osman Kingdom.How can she become the queen?”

“Yes, this matter is against the rules.”

“You are brother and sister by law.How can they become husband and wife?”

As expected, many of the elders objected.

I couldn’t help but feel annoyed, especially by the ones who secretly supported Anthony.

I’d like to see if they would still be as arrogant as they were now once Anthony was dead.

“My decision is final.You’ve all been pestering me to find a queen and have children, right? It just so happens that Caroline is pregnant with my child the royal heir to the throne.Doesn’t she deserve to be my queen?”

Caroline’s pregnancy was my trump card to force them to agree.

I admitted that the baby in Caroline’s belly was mine, hoping these stubborn elders wouldn’t object anymore.

As expected, the hall fell silent when I announced this.

Then, some elders began to cave.

“Since Miss Wilson is pregnant with your child, let’s schedule the queen’s coronation ceremony as soon as possible.”

“Although there is no precedent for a princess to marry the king, Caroline is not related to you by blood, and she is pregnant with your child.She is indeed the most suitable candidate for the queen.”

“I hope you can get married as soon as possible.”

“Well, the queen’s coronation ceremony will be held on the first day of next month.What do you think?” I asked with a smile.

“We have no objection, Mr.Jones.”

Most of the elders nodded in agreement.

Only a select few elders still held their ground and disagreed, but their voices were drowned out eventually.

Finally, we decided on the time for the queen’s coronation ceremony.

After the meeting, I took Caroline back to my room.

“Austin, I’m finally going to be your queen!”

That night in bed, Caroline wriggled in my arms excitedly.

“Even if you become my queen, you’re nothing but a **** in bed.” I slapped her plump buttocks.

“The baby’s condition should be stable now.Can I **** you now?”

“Fine, but please be gentle.” Caroline nodded shyly.

“*****, don’t you like it rough?” I practically tore her clothes off.

“Argh! Be careful with the baby!” she shouted worriedly.

“It’s okay.I know what I’m doing.”

My big **** pressed against her ***** excitedly.

I made her sit on my lap.

“****, sit on it and move by yourself.”

Caroline sat on my lap, and I could feel her petite body trembling in anticipation.

Before she could make a move, I grabbed my **** impatiently and shoved it into her *****.

Perhaps it was because she was pregnant, but Caroline seemed to be more sensitive than before.

Her ***** was sopping wet, some of her fluids even leaked onto the bed.

“**** it! It feels so good!”

I cradled her bulging belly and watched her bounce up and down.

Every time she moved, the ******* would bounce like crazy.

I secretly wished I could just shove my **** all the way into her ***** and make her beg for mercy.

“Argh! Austin, your **** is so big that it’s going to reach the baby,”

Caroline screamed and squeezed her eyes shut.

Soon, she reached her climax.

I kept changing positions whenever she climaxed.

She was ****** to a point where she peed.

I was determined to get this amazing ****.

‘‘Caroline, you will never be able to escape from me for the rest of your life.’’

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