Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 168

Austin’s POV:

“Mr.Jones, Miss Wilson is outside the palace, waiting to see you,” my attendant reported while I was in the middle of dealing with the kingdom’s affairs.

“Let her in,” I replied.

I had arranged for Caroline to stay in my palace, and we had spent most of our time together.I had ordered guards to keep an eye on her just in case.

She was becoming more obedient recently so I allowed her to leave the palace sometimes.

I wondered what she wanted to talk about today.

“Is there any news about Anthony?”

Caroline entered the room slowly with a hand on her belly.

It was annoying that she asked about Anthony as soon as she came in, but seeing her belly doused my anger.

I made sure that Caroline was well cared for as her belly grew.

It made me a little happy to see how big it had gotten.

I had not ****** her in her ***** for some time now for the sake of the babe in her womb.

Now that her condition was quite stable, I could probably go back to enjoying the feeling of ******* a pregnant woman.

“Why are you worrying your pretty little head about that? Did you really think I was going to stop trying to kill Anthony? I’ve already sent some men to hunt him and Jennifer down,” I told her.

“And what happened after that?”

Caroline sat on my lap, brushing my arm with her large *******.

The baby had yet to be born, but I smelled a milky fragrance wafting from her body.

The vaguely sweet scent made me want to **** her, but now was not the right time for that so I held the impulse back.

“Anthony killed them all except for one.I suspect that he kept that man alive for questioning.If that is the case, we’re not in an exactly favorable situation.”

Just talking about it made my temper rise.

The men I trained were supposed to be loyal to me.

If they failed in any mission, they were supposed to commit suicide as a way of making up for it.How could that one allow himself to get taken away? What an idiot!

“No! We can’t just sit here and wait for Anthony to kill us.We need to do something!”

Caroline declared in exasperation.

“Well, what did you have in mind?”

“I was thinking of meeting with the wizard again to see if he can help us deal with Anthony and Jennifer, but that wizard really loves money.He might demand an exorbitant price.” Caroline looked at me expectantly.

I understood what she was trying to get at so I handed her a credit card.

“This card Visit to read the newest content, everyone! that be enough? I can also give you some jewelry.I’ll have them sent to your room later so you can pick out Visit to read the newest content, everyone! enchantingly as she cupped my **** and stroked it over my trousers.

Was this **** trying to seduce me? I was trying so hard not to **** her.

We had been together for quite some time now, and yet she had yet to tell me anything about this mysterious wizard.

Did she still not trust me? Based on what I had seen for myself, I could tell that the wizard was a very powerful one.

I wanted to meet him.

“Why don’t you take me along with Visit to read the newest content, everyone! might be more willing to grant your request if I show up,”

I tentatively asked while pinching Caroline’s ******* and smelling her fragrance.

But instead of getting swayed, Caroline stood up as if she had never tried to seduce me in the first place.

“What’s in it for me if I bring you along?” she asked.

“What do you want in exchange? Hmm?”

“What are you willing to give me?”

Caroline leaned over once more and pressed her body against mine with a coy smile.

“What if I make Visit to read the newest content, everyone! to be my queen? I can invite Anthony and Jennifer to your coronation ceremony and frame them for something during that time.”

My hand settled on top of her thigh before sliding up to touch her wet *****.

“Would you really do that for me? That’s great!” Caroline beamed.

“I’ll take you to see the wizard.I can’t wait to become your queen, Austin.”

“You’ve been such a good girl for me lately.The throne next to mine is going to be yours sooner or later.”

I guided her Visit to read the newest content, everyone! to **** my ****.

Caroline must have been pleased by my offer because she sucked my **** with a lot of enthusiasm.

Seeing her blissed-out face made me smile.

Now that Caroline had agreed to let me meet the wizard, I finally had an opportunity to deal with the mystery man and take control of the whole situation.

I didn’t mind making Caroline my queen ahead of schedule.

After all, I was becoming more and more obsessed with her body.

Caroline’s POV:

When Austin asked to meet Larry, the wizard, I realized that he did not completely trust me yet.

I wanted our relationship to be more equal and for him to make me queen so I agreed to let the two meet.

If I could not win Anthony’s heart, I could at least become the queen of Osman Kingdom.

Besides, being with Austin was amazing.

He always made me feel like I had gone to the heavens whenever we had ***.

Austin could give me both power and pleasure, and I wanted power.

I needed the power to deal with Anthony and Jennifer so that they could never live together in peaceful bliss.

I contacted Larry before taking Austin to see him.

Larry lived in a secluded house that was hidden deep inside a forest.

As we traveled through the forest, I received a message from Larry.

“The wizard asked me to enter alone.” I showed the message to Austin.

“All right.You can go in first.I’ll wait for you out here,” Austin replied in agreement.

I entered the log cabin.

Because it was really dark inside, I was startled when Larry spoke.

“Why have you come again, Caroline?” Larry’s voice came through the darkness.

“Larry, the amnesia spell you used last time didn’t work properly.Even though the man I loved lost his memories, he ended up falling for his mate all over again, turning a blind eye to me.I’m so mad at that shameless couple that I want to kill them! Is there any way you can help me with that? I want them to suffer a fate worse than death!” I explained the situation to Larry.

“I see.I had a feeling you were going to come back.As I was sealing that man’s memories, I came up with a plan B.I cast a curse on him that would make his heart feel like it is being devoured by a thousand ants whenever his passion is aroused.It’s called the Love Curse.It hasn’t been used in so long that almost all information about it has been lost.At present, I’m the only wizard who can cast it so you don’t need to worry about another wizard breaking the curse.But this curse can only be activated with a secret technique.I haven’t activated it yet so that he is fine for now.Once I activate the curse, he will wish that he is dead,” Larry replied.

“I didn’t expect you to plan that far ahead.How considerate of you! I really appreciated your help last time.Could you help me again? Hurry up and activate the curse.I want him and his mate to suffer!”

I rubbed my hands together in excitement.

“I can help you, but why should I? What benefit do I get out of this?” Larry asked.

“There is a limit of a hundred million dollars on this credit card.Will that be enough?”

I knew that Larry was a greedy man so I bribed him with the credit card that Austin had given me along with some jewelry.

Larry turned on the light, took the card, and put the jewelry box away.

“Since I have accepted your money and your jewelry, I promise you that the Love Curse will slowly take effect.That man will gradually be in a lot of pain.If he fails to break the curse and insists on staying together with his mate, he will soon have no choice but to die,” Larry declared with a weird smile.

It made me nervous enough that I wanted to leave.

“Then I shall take my leave.I hope that you won’t let me down.”

“Wait!” Larry called out.

I stopped in my tracks.

“Who accompanied you here?”

“He is my partner.”

I did not want to reveal Austin’s identity to Larry without his permission.

“Tell him to come in.I want to speak with him alone,” Larry told me.

That was strange.

When Larry asked me to enter by myself, I just assumed that was because he didn’t want to see Austin.

And yet, here he was, asking to meet with Austin alone.

When I opened the door, Austin started walking up to me.

I met him halfway along the path.

“How did it go?” he asked as soon as we were a foot apart.

“He has agreed to meet with you.”

“Great! That’s awesome! After this, I will give you anything you want, my dear.”

Austin patted me on the head before walking into the log cabin and closing the door behind him.

I could only wait for him outside.Why did Larry want to meet Austin alone? What were they going to talk about?

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