Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 166

Linda’s POV:

I had not expected Jerome to banish me and Andy from Rainbow Pack.

Because of his heartless order, we could not enter their territory for the rest of our lives.

I had no choice but to wander around with Andy in tow.

We went to Red Sun Pack first.

But when the Alpha there heard that we had been banished by the Rainbow Pack’s Alpha, Jerome, and Prince Anthony, he had the nerve to turn me and Andy away.

We tried going to Lavender Pack next.

I had hopes of taking my place once more as Alpha Bard’s mistress Andy was his child after all.

However, he kicked us out as well, claiming that he did not want Jerome’s trash.

In the end, Andy and I ended up becoming beggars in Blue Rose Pack.

Fortunately, the werewolves here were kind so we were at least able to keep ourselves from starving to death.

I had not expected to cross paths with Skylar in this damned place.

How unlucky of me! I was kind of hoping that she would be living miserably after leaving Jerome, but the reality was different from my expectations.

She seemed to be living well, and she didn’t look as dejected as I had thought.

On the contrary, Andy and I were in an awful situation.

“Linda, Andy, why are you here?”

Skylar looked shocked to see us.

I lowered my gaze because I didn’t want her to see me like this.

I frowned when she continued to question us.Did she want to make fun of our situation that badly?

“You’re Linda and Andy, aren’t you? Are my eyes deceiving me?”

“Yes, it’s me, Linda.Long time no see, Skylar!”

I lifted my chin stubbornly and met Skylar’s gaze.

I was willing to admit when I had lost as long as the other person was not Skylar.

I never wanted to lose to her.

“Why are you two here? What happened?”

Skylar crouched down, keeping her gaze on me and Andy.

We were in this miserable situation because of her.

Why did this ***** look sympathetic? How ridiculous! Jerome probably did not know Visit to read the newest content, everyone! was a great opportunity to pay him back for the pain that he had inflicted upon me.

“Skylar, I didn’t expect to see Visit to read the newest content, everyone! would be begging for the rest of our lives.Please help us.”

“What on earth happened to you?”

“We got kidnapped during an outing.I assumed that our kidnappers wanted to sell us off, but when I overheard them talking, I learned that they were actually Jerome’s enemies.They kidnapped us in hopes of using us to threaten Jerome.I didn’t want that to happen so I took a risk and managed to escape with Andy.We have been wandering at Blue Rose Pack ever since.”

“Jerome has been working Visit to read the newest content, everyone! to hurt him?” Skylar asked.

“They are probably Arthur’s men.Or they could have also been Jerome’s political rivals.Either way, they kidnapped us, hoping to prevent Jerome from becoming Alpha.I did not want Jerome to deal with that so I found a way to escape.Andy and I have resorted to begging just to stay alive.What I had not expected was that Jerome did not come looking for us.”

“Jerome isn’t that kind of man.Why didn’t you call him? Maybe he doesn’t know that you are Visit to read the newest content, everyone! ashamed to show my face to Jerome because I’ve been raped by other beggars.”

I forced myself to shed some tears as I wove an extraordinary yet miserable tale to invoke Skylar’s sympathy.

“Don’t cry, Mom.I will protect you.”

Andy hugged me, but he started crying as well.

“Get up.I’ll help you!” Skylar sighed.

What a softhearted girl! This was the opening that I was waiting for.

“Thank you, Skylar.That’s very kind of you.”

I helped Andy to his feet and thanked Skylar once more.

After all, she was the Visit to read the newest content, everyone! moment.

Suddenly, a werewolf walked over to us.

He came to a stop by Skylar’s side, and he seemed like a close acquaintance.

“Robin? Why are you here?” Skylar asked him.

This handsome young man named Robin was wearing expensive clothes.

I had not expected Skylar to find a new boyfriend so soon a rich one at that.

Did she hook up with this werewolf right after leaving her mate? I felt sorry for Jerome.

“You weren’t at home so I went looking for you,” Robin replied.

Robin’s POV:

From a distance, I saw Skylar talking with two beggars before taking some money out to help them.

Skylar was kind, but she didn’t know that most beggars in Blue Rose Pack were liars.

Afraid that she was being deceived, I went over to help her.

But once I was by her side, I learned that Skylar was acquainted with the two beggars.

“What’s going on here?”

I stepped forward and pulled Skylar to my side.

Although the beggar Skylar had been talking with was a beautiful she- wolf, her eyes were full of greed.

I had a bad feeling about her.

Even after Skylar explained their situation to me, I didn’t feel sorry for the she-wolf at all.

But if Skylar wanted to help them, I was willing to lend a hand.

“I can give this lady some money so that she and her son can live comfortably.”

“No, Robin.I know that you’re really kind and generous, but you’ve already helped me out a lot.I can’t keep letting you solve problems with money.” Skylar shook her head.

“Skylar, we are friends.And when my friend needs help, I should help, right? That is unless you don’t consider me as a friend.”

“Of course we’re friends.” Skylar hung her head.

“Stop being so formal around me.”

I took out my wallet, pulled out a credit card, and handed it to the she-wolf.

But she didn’t take it.

“I can’t accept this because it’s too much.Can’t you help me get a job instead? I’m willing to do anything to support myself because I have a child to raise.I want something long-term so that I don’t have to keep relying on others.”

“Will you be willing to work at my house as a maid?”

When the beggar nodded in agreement, I reluctantly decided that I had misjudged her.

She wasn’t as bad as I had thought.

I asked someone to guide the two beggars back to my residence and prepare a place for them to stay.

I accompanied Skylar to her new home.

“Thank you, Robin.You’ve been a great help again.I wanted to persuade Skylar to be more casual with me, but before I could speak” she added, “Don’t worry.I just landed a job today.I’ll save up my wages and pay you back as soon as I can.”

I was stunned by Skylar’s stubbornness.

I wished that she could be more at ease around me.

“Skylar, if you are in a hurry to repay me, why don’t you become my girlfriend instead? I don’t really need anything except for a significant other,” I teased her.

“Sorry.There is someone I like.”

Skylar stepped back to put some distance between us.

I couldn’t help laughing at her reaction.

“I was just kidding.Don’t take it so seriously.We are friends, and friends should help each other.You can stay here, rest assured.As for your two friends, I promise not to mistreat them in any way.Don’t worry.I know you already have a mate.I won’t take advantage of you.”

“Thank you, Robin,” Skylar replied gratefully.

As I kept my gaze locked with hers, my heart started beating faster.

Since when did I start to feel differently about her? I hoped that she could forget her mate one day.

When that happened, I could express my love for her fair and square.

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