Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 165

Jerome’s POV:

“Excuse me, sir.Have you seen this woman?” I asked a passing werewolf while showing him Skylar’s photo.

“She looks a little familiar.I think I’ve seen her somewhere.”

The old werewolf squinted as he peered at the picture in my hand.

“Look closer, and please try to remember.”

Since I arrived at Black Stone Pack, I had inquired about Skylar everywhere.

Now that I was faced with a possible link to Skylar, I felt a little excited.

“I remember her now.This woman is Skylar! She performed excellently during the elite werewolf trial.She was so awesome that she was the only female selected from Black Stone Pack.”

“Have you seen her again after that? Has she been in this area?”

“Oh, I just saw her a few days ago.I happened to pass by just as she was about to get raped at a fast-food restaurant.I wanted to help her but the restaurant owner looked fierce and I’m a weak old man.Luckily, some young werewolf came to her aid before anything bad could really happen.”

The old werewolf sighed.What? Skylar had been through such an awful situation?

“Do you know who the young werewolf is? Where did they go after that?”

“No, I didn’t recognize him.And I don’t know where they went either.I recognized Skylar but I don’t know the werewolf who saved her.He didn’t look like a member of our pack.”

“I see.Thank you!”

What that old werewolf had said shocked me.

I did not know that Skylar had gone through such a difficult time.

My heart ached for her.

I was getting sick with worry.

“Jerome, why don’t we go to the airport and find out where Skylar was headed?” one of my attendants suggested.

That was a good idea.

We could go to the airport to check.

Maybe then I would learn which pack Skylar had gone to.

With this in mind, I took a taxi with my attendants to the airport.

“Hello! I need to know which flight one of your passengers went on.”

As soon as we arrived at the airport, I rushed over to the ticket counter.

“I’m sorry, sir.We have a policy about protecting our passengers’ privacy.We cannot share that information with you.”

“Could you please do me this favor? She is my mate, and I’m looking for her.I just need to know where she was headed.”

“Jerome? Why are you here?” a familiar voice called out.

I turned around and saw Daniel and Helen standing behind me.

“Daniel! Visit to read the newest content, everyone! here as well to investigate Skylar’s whereabouts?”

“Yes.Are you planning to go look for her in person?”Daniel asked me.

“lam.I can’t imagine what kind Visit to read the newest content, everyone! left me.I just met an old man who told me that Skylar is in the company of a werewolf from another pack after almost getting raped.”

“Everything will be fine.We’ll find Skylar, and the two of you will be together again.” Daniel put his arm around my shoulder to reassure me.

“By the way, Daniel, do you have any way to get Skylar’s flight information? I tried just now, but the airport staff refused to tell me anything.”

“Let’s see what I can do.” Daniel Visit to read the newest content, everyone! which flight one of your passengers went on.And if there are any surveillance videos that she is in, I would like to see those as well.” Daniel showed his ID to the staff.

“Yes, sir. Please wait a moment.”

Once the receptionist looked at Daniel’s ID, her attitude changed immediately.

She typed away on her computer and searched for Skylar’s flight details.

Not too long after that, she showed Daniel a portion of the surveillance video.

“Look here, sir.Is this what you wanted?”

“Yes.Thank you very much.”

After taking Visit to read the newest content, everyone! Daniel learned that Skylar had taken a plane to the Blue Rose Pack’s territory.

“Thank you, Daniel.I’m going to the Blue Rose Pack now.”

“Good luck, Jerome,”

Daniel and Helen told me sincerely.

After bidding them goodbye, I bought a ticket for the earliest flight to Blue Rose Pack.

‘‘Wait for me, Skylar.I’m coming for you.’’

Skylar’s POV:

After arriving at the Blue Rose Pack, I stayed in the residence that Robin had arranged for me.

However, I was still depressed about Jerome.

Robin treated me kindly.

He often took me out on walks or shopping trips.

He gave me all sorts of gifts and tried every means to make me happy.

This only burdened me emotionally because I didn’t know how to repay his kindness.

After thinking about my situation and how dependent I was becoming, I knew that I couldn’t go on like this.

I needed to find a job so that I could have a steady source of income.

I sent applications online, but sadly, with my educational background, I was only qualified to work as a waitress.

Considering the mess that I was in, I was willing to give my all no matter what the job was.

So the next day, I got up very early so that I could apply for jobs in person.

My first stop was at a well-known restaurant.

It was often crowded, and its staff members were mostly female so what happened at the Black Stone Pack fast-food restaurant was unlikely to happen here.

The owner of the restaurant asked me a few questions and nodded with satisfaction until he saw what household I was registered under.

“I’m sorry, miss, but we can’t hire you,” the owner told me regretfully.

“May I ask why?”

“You are not a member of Blue Rose Pack.Our company has been quite stable because we only recruit people from our pack.So you don’t meet our requirements.”

“I see.That’s understandable.Thank you for your time.”

I got up from my seat and left.

I thought that the first restaurant was an exception.

I had not expected the next restaurants I applied at to have a similar policy.

It was going to be difficult to find a job in the area since I was not a member of Blue Rose Pack.

“Don’t let this get you down, Skylar.Cheer up!”

After rallying my courage, I went to my next interview which was at a cafe.

This was my last interview for the day, but I was hoping for success.

The cafe was famous and owned by a middle-aged she-wolf who looked very easy-going.

However, because of my previous job interviews, I was uncertain if she was going to hire me.

“I think you look good and have a pleasing personality, which are my minimum standards for recruiting people.If you’re ready, you can work here starting tomorrow.”

After going over my resume and asking me questions, the cafe owner was kind enough to give me a job.

“Thank you, ma’am.I’ll work so that I don’t disappoint you!” I was so happy that I wanted to cheer out loud.

“That’s good to hear.We need employees who are as passionate as you are,” the owner replied.

I walked out of the cafe with a skip in my step.

The more I thought about it, the happier I felt.

I finally had a job! I hummed a song as I passed by an alley.

It was an alley where very few werewolves passed.

After my experience of nearly getting raped, it was not a place where I wanted to linger so I walked faster.

But before I could pick up my pace, I noticed two beggars kneeling before me.

“It’s going to rain soon.You should find some place where you won’t get wet.”

The two felt familiar somehow so I approached them.

My hand automatically went to my pocket to offer them the only money I had on me.

“Here you go.”

I took the money out of my pocket and handed it over to them.

Now that I had a job, I knew that I was going to get paid regularly.

I wanted to pay forward the kindness that I had just received.

“Skylar? Why are you here?”

My hand froze in the middle of handing the money over.

I took a better look at the two beggars before me.

Oh my ***! Were my eyes deceiving me? The two beggars were actually Linda and Andy! Why were they here?

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