Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 158

Jennifer’s POV:

Days had passed since Skylar left.

It was as though a dark cloud had befallen the pack and was affecting everyone’s mood especially Jerome’s.

He seemed to have aged tremendously in a few days’ time.

Worried for my brother, I kept texting Skylar, hoping for a reply.

“Skylar, where are you? Can you text me back when you see this?”

“Don’t be let Linda fool you.She’s a scheming she- wolf.Whatever happened was obviously part of her plan to drive you away.Please come back soon! We’re all worried about you.”

“Skylar, are you okay?”

“Has anything bad happened to you?”

I scrolled through our thread, re-reading all the messages I had sent Skylar.

Alas, she didn’t respond to any of them, which made me worried sick.Had something happened to Skylar? She had been away for days.

Plus, she was a girl.

So far, there had still been no news from Daniel.

Agitated and restless, I decided to talk to Jerome to see if there was anything more we could do.

I stopped at the door of his study and knocked.

“Come in.”

Jerome’s voice came from inside.

I pushed the door open and strode in to find him frowning deeply over some matters of the pack.

Ever since Skylar left, Jerome had locked himself in his study day in and day out.

I could see from the dark circles around his eyes that he hadn’t slept in a long time, burying himself in work.

We all knew that he was doing this to himself on purpose to keep his sadness at bay.

“Jerome, has Skylar reached out to you yet?” I asked Jerome with a sigh.

Maybe she replied to his message after she was less angry.

“No.I can’t stand it anymore.I haven’t heard anything from her in days.I need to go look for her myself.Jennifer, can you help me out here? I need to leave the Rainbow Pack.I don’t give a **** about becoming the Alpha.Money and power are nowhere near as important as finding Skylar.”

Jerome raised his head to look at me.

His eyes were dim, his cheeks were sunken, and his hair was disheveled.

My heart couldn’t help but break, seeing him like this.

“If you want to look for Skylar, I won’t stop you.But you have to solve the issue with Linda first so that you can explain everything to Skylar once you find her.” I relented.

If he wanted to look for Skylar in person, he could go.

After all, his heart had left with her.

Besides, I was also worried about my friend and wanted to make sure she was okay.

“Don’t worry.I will put this issue to rest as soon as I can.I’ve just been so worried about Skylar, wondering if she’s safe and sound.”

“Don’t worry, Jerome.Everything will be fine.I’ll go to find Anthony later and see Visit to read the newest content, everyone! help us.” I tried to comfort Jerome.

Jerome nodded slowly, and a tiny flicker of hope shone through his eyes.


I sighed and walked Visit to read the newest content, everyone! of the corridor, I saw Anthony standing in the garden, waiting for me.

“Honey, what’re you doing here?”

I rushed over and threw my arms around him.

“Have you heard any news from Lavender Pack?”

“Yes, I do, actually.My attendants found out that Linda indeed stayed in Lavender Pack before.She seemed to be close to the Alpha there.I also got some photos of them together.”

As he spoke, Anthony pulled out some photos and showed them to me.

In one of the photos, Linda was cradling Andy in Visit to read the newest content, everyone! -aged werewolf.

They looked quite close almost like a family of three.

‘Maybe Andy is not Jerome’s son, but the son of Lavender Pack’s Alpha?’ I thought.

“Honey, please keep these photos safe.I have a feeling that whatever Linda is hiding may have something to do with these.”

“I’ll take good care of them, don’t worry.

Also, I’ve sent someone to summon the Alpha of the Lavender Pack here.

He should reach the Rainbow Pack soon.

By then, he can confront Linda face to face.

Maybe we will find out Visit to read the newest content, everyone! the photos back into a folder neatly.

“Honey, you’re a genius!” I pecked him on the cheek as a thank you.

“Don’t get your hopes up.We still don’t know if anything will come out of this.I just don’t want to disappoint you, okay?” Anthony replied.

I nodded in agreement.

Anthony’s POV: After giving it some thought, I decided to bring another topic up.

“Honey, there’s something else I wanted to talk about.Jerome has told me that he wants you to become the Alpha instead of him.He doesn’t Visit to read the newest content, everyone! wants to live an ordinary life with her, so he’s giving the position to you.What do you think?”

It was true that Jerome had told me that he didn’t want to be the Alpha.

I figured he valued Skylar above all else, even if it meant giving up such an esteemed position.

But it was a matter of great importance, so I definitely couldn’t make the decision alone.

I still had to ask Jennifer what she wanted.

“I don’t agree.This isn’t just about the two of us, it’s about the future of the Rainbow Pack.My brother is a good leader and the elders trust him.If he suddenly gives up the role and hands it over to me, I doubt the elders will be happy.Plus, the Rainbow Pack has never had a female ruler before,”

Jennifer said seriously after thinking for a while.

“I think he’s just worried sick about Skylar.I’m sure that he’ll be able to think straight once he finds her.”

“But I think it’d be good for you to become the Alpha.And who cares if you’re a girl? You’re just as good as Jerome, if not even better.”

I always thought highly of Jennifer’s ability, so when Jerome brought the idea up to me, I wasn’t surprised in the slightest.

My mate was capable.

I had faith in her capabilities.

“Forget it.”

She waved her hand dismissively.

“I’ll think about it later.The most important thing now is to find Skylar.I’m worried about her.We haven’t heard a thing from her in a while.Let’s go out and look for her right now.”

As Jennifer spoke, she intertwined her fingers and mine and practically dragged me out.

Together, we headed to the Rainbow Pack’s boundary to check the surveillance videos again but more carefully this time around.

Later, we inquired everyone we encountered, hoping to find any clues towards Skylar’s whereabouts.

But it was futile.

No one had seen Skylar on the day she disappeared.

“Can we draft a notice offering a reward for anyone who can help us find Skylar? We can attach her photos to it.Then, we can post them in every corner of the Rainbow Pack so that those who have seen Skylar will come to us voluntarily,” I suggested.

“That’s a good idea,” Jennifer agreed with a nod.

We went straight to work.

The notice was posted everywhere in the entire territory of the pack, covering every place that Skylar might pass by.

Everything was going smoothly until we passed through a dense forest on our way back to the Rainbow Pack.

I felt something was not right with this place.

“Jennifer, be careful.There might be an ambush.”

I took Jennifer’s hand and pulled her to my side.

Sure enough, a group of werewolves emerged from the shadows.

They were all armed and obviously had been hiding here in the forest for a while now.

In the blink of an eye, Jennifer and I were surrounded.

Jennifer and I were forced to fight against them, despite being tremendously outnumbered.

But with our combined strength, we defeated the entire group of werewolves just as we were getting exhausted.

We left but one of them alive, who was struggling to escape.

I rushed over and violently picked him up by the collar.

“Who sent you?” I demanded.

He was choking under my grasp and couldn’t say anything.

He tried to break free from my hands, but to no avail.

“He is trying to kill himself! Stop him!”

Jennifer suddenly shouted when she saw that he was trying to poison himself before giving up any secrets.

I grabbed his jaw, forcing him to spit out the poison in his mouth.

“You’d better not play tricks with me.If you want to suffer less, just answer my question or else, I’ll make your life a living ****.”

As I spoke, I threw him to the ground and pressed my foot against his chest.

He was the last werewolf alive among this group of killers.

I wasn’t going to let him die so easily.

“Tell me!”

I roared, stepping hard on the wound on his chest.

Blood gushed out.

I could feel his life force ebbing away from underneath the sole of my foot.

“Please spare my life.We were just following your brother’s orders! He ordered us to assassinate you by any means possible.We had no choice!”

Finally, he caved.

Now I understood why they had dared to attack us this was all Austin’s doing.

**** that *******! First, he killed our father, and now, he even tried to kill me.

How crazy was he? I knocked the werewolf out cold and walked up to Jennifer.

“Are you okay? Did you get hurt?”

As soon as I finished speaking, I noticed the gash on Jennifer’s arm.

Fortunately, it was nothing too serious.

“Let’s head back and put him in the dungeon.Then, we can have him testify against Austin,” Jennifer told me.

“Okay.” We also need to deal with that nasty wound.

“I led Jennifer out of the forest.I decided to let this werewolf live a few more days.After all, Jennifer was right.I could use him in my quest to overthrow Austin once and for all.” Austin had done so many unspeakable crimes.He needed to pay the price.

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