Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 155

Jennifer’s POV:

Anthony and I had a crazy night.We went to sleep very late.

As a result, we didn’t get up until noon of the following day.

Skylar was the first thing on my mind, so I went to see her as soon as I got up from bed.

Before going to her room, I prepared some breakfast and honey water for her, knowing she might have a terrible hangover.

“Skylar, are you awake?” I knocked on the door, but received no response.

“I’m coming in!”

I figured she was probably still asleep, so I fetched a spare key and opened the door.

To my surprise, there was no one in the room.

Moreover, the closet was empty.

Everything was neat and tidy, just like the way it was before Skylar stayed here.

Even the quilt was folded carefully.

Other than a letter lying on the desk, there wasn’t a trace that Skylar had even stayed in this room.

In a daze, I picked up the letter.

Skylar had left without telling us.

What on earth had happened that made Skylar leave so decisively? I dashed to Jerome’s room as fast as I could, only to find him looking dazed and dejected.

Linda and Andy were there, too.

Andy’s eyes were red and puffy, as though he had just been crying.What were they doing here?

“Jerome, what on earth happened?” I demanded.

“I woke up in bed next to Linda, and Skylar saw us.”

“What? How did that happen?”

No wonder Skylar left! If I were in my friend’s shoes, I would’ve reacted the same way.The poor girl must’ve been crushed!

“Did you have *** with Linda after getting drunk last night?” I asked pointedly.

“I…don’t know.I was really drunk.I barely remember a thing. I just woke up to find Linda lying beside me.” Jerome looked up at me helplessly.

I glanced at Linda.

When her eyes met mine, she immediately averted her gaze, as though she was guilty of something.

“Do you know that Skylar’s gone?” I asked my brother.


Jerome stood up in disbelief.

“Why didn’t you try to explain to her?”

I sighed and handed the letter to Jerome.

He looked very sad.

“This is all my fault.If I was able to control myself, we wouldn’t be in this situation,”

Linda said in a sobbing tone.

“Linda, you can drop the act already.I know you’re happy that Skylar left.” I lost my temper.

I couldn’t help it; Linda’s hypocritical face was ******* me off.

I always felt that Linda was up to no good.

Now she even resorted to trickery to drive Skylar away.

I knew Jerome.

Of course he would never betray his mate! As the saying went, onlookers saw more than players.

Perhaps Skylar was just momentarily blinded with rage.

Maybe once she calmed down, she Visit to read the newest content, everyone! figured Skylar left because she had reached her limit.

She had been suffering amidst this love triangle, so she likely decided to give Visit to read the newest content, everyone! just saying that because you’re Skylar’s friend.But what happened between your brother and me last night was indeed an accident.” Linda had the audacity to defend herself.

“I don’t believe you,” I told her frankly.

She looked surprised.

Then her eyes turned watery, as though she was about to cry to prove her innocence, but we simply ignored her.

The most important thing now was to find Skylar, not to listen to this woman’s nonsense.

“Linda, brace yourself.The truth will come to light sooner or later.”

I shot Visit to read the newest content, everyone! of panic flashed through her eyes, which I happened to catch.

But I let it go for now.

“Jerome, hurry up.We have to find Skylar as soon as possible,” I urged.

There was no time to spare, so we had to deal with Linda at a later time.

We needed to find Skylar before she left the pack.

Jerome came to his senses and followed me out, leaving Linda and her son behind.

We wanted to check the surveillance videos to find Skylar first, but we were too Visit to read the newest content, everyone! the screen, we saw Skylar walking away, lugging a heavy suitcase.Seeing this, my brother squatted down silently.

He looked so dejected and desperate, I didn’t know how to comfort him.

Soon, Daniel and Helen arrived.

They must have heard the news that Skylar had left.

“What happened?”

Daniel and Helen turned to me, confused.

“This morning, I went to Skylar’s room, but it was empty.She only left a letter, saying she had made up her mind to leave,” I briefly explained.

“How did it come to this?” Daniel asked Visit to read the newest content, everyone! heavily.

“Shrug it off, Jerome.We need to focus on finding Skylar.”

I put my hand on my brother’s shoulder to comfort him.

We had all witnessed the love between my brother and Skylar.

We could only imagine the pain he must’ve felt now.

Of course, no one blamed him.

After all, my brother was also a victim.

“Skylar might have gone to the Black Stone Pack.After all, that’s where she grew up,”

Daniel guessed boldly.

This seemed to be the most  reasonable speculation now.

“Then let’s go to Black Stone Pack to find Skylar,” I said resolutely.

“Let’s split up.We’ll cover more ground that way.”

Jerome’s POV:

She did it.

Skylar left me.

My heart was broken and my world was collapsing.

Before today, I never would’ve thought that Skylar would leave me.

I always thought we would be together forever.

After all, she was my mate.

“I’ll go.You all stay here.I’ll go to the Black Stone Pack alone.I need to be the one to find Skylar and I’ll bring her back myself,” I said in a low voice.

Skylar was my mate and she left because of me.

It was only right that I looked for her.I couldn’t burden everyone else with my problems.

But they didn’t agree.

“Jerome, let us do it.You are the future Alpha of the Rainbow Pack.They need you right now.Moreover, the Alpha’s succession ceremony hasn’t been held yet.You can’t leave the pack until then.Don’t worry.We will bring Skylar back safe and sound,” Jennifer said.

What happened today made me realize that the most important person in my life was Skylar.

Without her, I didn’t even know how to keep on living.

Becoming the Alpha was nothing compared to her.

Fame, wealth and status couldn’t keep me going.

It was Skylar who made life worth living.

“Jennifer, I have to find Skylar,” I said firmly.

“I don’t need to be the Alpha.I’ll let go of the position and give it to you.I just want to be with Skylar.”

My sister was outstanding.

She was on par with males, even stronger sometimes.

I firmly believed she was strong enough to become the Alpha of the Rainbow Pack.

“Don’t be impulsive, Jerome.We didn’t have a female Alpha before,” Jennifer protested.

She looked at me, her eyes full of concern.

“How about this? I’m going to take Helen back to Black Stone Pack to meet my parents.I can help look for Skylar then,” Daniel offered.

“Good idea! Daniel’s from the Black Stone Pack.He must be very familiar with their land.That will be much better than my brother going alone.” Jennifer nodded.

“I’ll do my best to find Skylar,” Daniel promised.

“I will help you too.We will find Skylar together,” Helen echoed.

Everyone agreed that Daniel’s help was the best way to find Skylar for the time being, since I still had the responsibility of Rainbow Pack and I couldn’t leave.

It seemed that I had no choice but to let Daniel and Helen help me.

“Thank you, Daniel.”

I shook Daniel’s hand to thank him.

“Please tell me if you find her.It doesn’t matter if Skylar doesn’t want to come back.I just need to know she’s safe.”

“Okay, no problem,” Daniel agreed.

‘Skylar, my mate, where on earth are you? I would give up everything to look for you, but I can’t abandon my duties right now.I’m sorry, please forgive me.’ Daniel and Helen left soon after we were done discussing.

Jennifer approached me and sat down.

“Jerome, cheer up,” she said lightly.

“It’s not completely your fault.”

I knew my sister was saying that only to comfort me, but I knew that wasn’t true.The truth was, this was all my fault.

I failed my mate, so she decided to leave me.

“Jerome, do you remember anything from last night?” Jennifer asked.

It only dawned on me then that the matter between me and Linda hadn’t been resolved yet.

“Jennifer, do you trust me?” I asked seriously.

“Of course I trust you.You are my only family.You wouldn’t lie to me,”

Jennifer answered without hesitation.

Jennifer was a good sister.

I felt unworthy to be her brother.How could I keep worrying her like this?

“I don’t remember having *** with Linda, and I don’t believe that I’d have *** with her no matter how drunk I was.I don’t have feelings for her.The only possibility is that I mistook her for Skylar.”

“Linda must be lying,” Jennifer said slowly.

“I also feel that something is off.”

“Jerome, I keep telling you that you need to be careful around Linda.This whole tirade only proves that we underestimated her.She must be hiding something,” Jennifer analyzed.

Did Linda really hide a lot of things from me? But why? What was her purpose? “Jerome, have you ever wondered about Andy? Is it possible that he is not your biological son?”

“Jennifer, what do you mean?” I was shocked by such a proposition.

“The truth is, I’ve actually suspected for a while now that Andy isn’t your child at all.I overheard him talking with Linda one time, asking how many fathers he had.I’ve always kept this in mind.The whole situation is too suspicious.Anthony and I are investigating Andy’s background.We will tell you when we get any news,” Jennifer said.

“Okay, thank you.”

When Jennifer was gone, I picked up the letter Skylar left.

When I saw the handwriting on the paper, tears welled up in my eyes.

‘‘Skylar, will you ever come back?’’

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