Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 147

Dana’s POV:

For as long as I could remember, the former king had always favored Anthony.

We all had thought that he would be the one to inherit the throne.

We were shocked when we heard the news that Austin had become king.

How did this happen? It was known to all that the former king was partial to Anthony.

This matter always felt strange to us.

Later, Gary and I exchanged thoughts and found that we felt the same way.

It seemed only plausible that the reason why Austin killed the former king on the battlefield was to seize the throne.

It was precisely because the former king had favored Anthony that Austin must’ve felt that he needed to do something drastic.

If our theory was correct, then everything made sense.

Ever since then, Gary and I had been living our lives in hiding.

Austin ordered his men to hunt us down, probably because he feared his crime would be exposed.

But luck was on our side as we happened to meet Anthony today.

I couldn’t help but feel a rush of excitement the moment we saw him.

I was a soldier of the Osman Kingdom, after all.

I had sworn loyalty only to the former king, and had witnessed his murder by Austin.

This angered me, yet I was completely helpless.

Years had passed, yet I never stopped hoping for a chance to avenge the former king.

Now, the opportunity was finally here.

I had faith in Anthony.

I had a gut feeling that, as long as we followed his lead, everything would eventually fall into place.

“Mr.Jones, we will do everything in our power to reveal the truth about your father’s death.I hope that Austin will get what he deserves,” I offered.

We had been fugitives for too long.

If we wanted to put an end to this, we needed to help Anthony and end Austin’s reign.

“Thank you.How have you been all these years?”

It was a simple question, but I couldn’t help but feel moved that Anthony was concerned about us.

“We’ve been living in shame for the past couple of years, but Visit to read the newest content, everyone! we would take Austin down someday.Just as my hope was beginning to waver, we ran into you!” I cried with joy.

“Mr.Jones, may Visit to read the newest content, everyone! Osman Kingdom?” Gary asked anxiously.

We were both agitated to usurp Austin’s throne.

“There are still some things I need to take care of here at the Rainbow Pack.I’ll go back as soon as they’re dealt with.You two will come with me then.Together, let’***** Austin where it counts.I always suspected that Austin was behind our father’s death.I had spent years collecting evidence against him, but I didn’t find anything concrete enough to tie him to the murder.Despite this, I’ve gathered enough about his Visit to read the newest content, everyone! evidence I have collected, I will be able to impeach him,” Anthony said.

Gary and I exchanged glances and nodded resolutely.

“Mr.Jones, please be careful.Austin is a sly fox.His spies are everywhere.We can’t afford to make any mistakes.”

Austin was ambitious, and he was willing to kill to reach his goals.

I didn’t want Anthony to get hurt.

After all, he was our only hope now.

“Don’t worry.My men are stationed right by the Rainbow House.It’s safe here, at least for now.Again, don’t go out unless necessary, lest Visit to read the newest content, everyone! in unison.

Jennifer’s POV:

I couldn’t believe it.Tony’s two friends from the mountain were the soldiers who had witnessed the murder of the former king, Anthony’s deceased father.

My heart beat excitedly.

Justice was in the horizon!

Elder Tony, thank you.You managed to bring back the soldiers of the Osman Kingdom who survived the battlefield.You are doing Anthony a huge favor. I felt happy for Anthony.

“I propose we have a dinner party to celebrate.On the one hand, I want to thank Dana and Gary for saving Tony’s Visit to read the newest content, everyone! the reunion of Mr.Jones, Dana, and Gary.I hope Mr.Jones’ plan will be a success,” Jerome offered.

Everyone agreed cheerily.

Things seemed to be moving in our favor.

Amidst the merry talking, Anthony and I exchanged glances and smiled.

We could tangibly feel each other’s happiness.

While preparations for the party were being made, Anthony picked out a dress for me and asked me to try it on.

After changing into the dress, I walked over to Anthony as elegantly as I could.

He was obviously stunned for a moment.

When he came to his senses, he met me halfway and slipped his arms around my waist.

Leaning over, he whispered in my ear, “My mate is truly the most beautiful girl in the world.You look especially dazzling in that dress, Jennifer.”

Anthony’s praise made me chuckle with delight.

I kissed him on the lips.

Under the moonlight, we kissed passionately.

We had been very busy these days and hadn’t gotten a chance to be alone in a while now, so I cherished this moment.

“Jennifer, let’s stay here for a little bit longer.”

Anthony put his hand behind my head and kissed me again.


I said in between breaths.

When we finally pulled away, I said breathlessly, “Congratulations! You’ve finally found witnesses who can back up your claim against Austin.I hope things go well from here on out.”

“Thank you, babe,”

he said softly, running his fingers through my hair.

“But I’m afraid it’s not that simple.Austin has also accumulated a lot of power over the years.If I really want to defeat him, there’s still a lot of work to be done.”

Anthony was right.

After all, Austin was still the king of the Osman Kingdom.

If Anthony launched his plan prematurely, he might fail against Austin.

Moreover, he still hadn’t regained his memories and his mother, Elizabeth, was still in a coma.

As if these setbacks weren’t enough, Jerome wasn’t the Alpha of the Rainbow Pack yet.

In a word, it still wasn’t the right time to attack Austin.

“By the way, were you able to contact a wizard?” I asked suddenly.

“The sooner we find one, the sooner we can bring back your memories.”

“My men are still looking for one,” he replied with a sigh.

“Okay.” I pouted a little disappointedly.

“I’ll ask Jerome to see if there’s any news from Jeff.Jeff once said that his friend knew a wizard.They might be able to help us.”

“Jennifer, you are really my better half.With you, everything’s so much easier,”

Anthony praised me and pinched my cheek.

I buried my head in his arms shyly and took in his scent.

Anthony smoothed my hair over and over again.

I purred like a kitten in his arms.

I was only ever like this in front of Anthony.

It was nice to know that I had someone I could rely on.

I stood on tiptoe and pecked Anthony on the lips.

It was just a simple peck, but he didn’t let me go.

Anthony kissed me back affectionately, his tongue dancing with mine.I hugged his waist and felt that I had the whole world in my arms.

It wasn’t until the dinner party was about to begin when we finally pulled away.We held each other’s hands and walked towards the venue.

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