Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 146

Tony’s POV:

Over the past few days, I had been inquiring all over about the whereabouts of my two friends.

Simon and I were led back to the mountain where Jennifer had first found me.

Not long after, we finally stumbled upon the small village there and found the log cabin where Dana and Gary lived.

“Dana, Gary!”

I cried excitedly, waving at the two familiar figures in the distance.

“I’m so glad I found you!”

They were carrying hoes on their shoulders.

It looked like they were about to head out to work.

But the second they saw me, they stopped dead in their tracks.

Practically dropping their hoes to the ground, they hurried over, astonishment written all over their faces.

“Kim, is that you? I almost couldn’t recognize you.”

They circled around me and studied me carefully.

“You look…different.You’re glowing and energetic a far cry from when we last saw you!”

My two friends were practically gawking at how much I had changed.

I smiled gently, remembering the first time our paths had crossed.

I was being hunted down, and they were the ones who had taken me in and saved me.

But Arthur was relentless in his chase.

I gradually went insane from the anxiety, even going so far as to forget my two old friends.

It wasn’t until Jeff treated me that I remembered everything.

“Yes, it’s me, my old friends.I’ve been treated and I’m now sane.Actually, my real name is Tony.I’m an elder of the Rainbow Pack.”

I threw my arms around the two of them, happy to be reunited.

Previously, I had changed my name to Kim in order elude Arthur’s grasp.

Now that Arthur was dead, I could use my real name without fear.

“By the way, this is an old friend of mine, Simon.”

I turned around and introduced Simon to them.

“I was delirious before and caused you a lot of trouble.But I’m fine now.I’m here to say thank you and hopefully repay your kindness.How have you two been?”

“Things are still the same,” Gary replied with a smile.

“Life here in the mountain isn’t Visit to read the newest content, everyone! wild vegetables every day.It gets tough sometimes, but at least we’re free and comfortable.By the way, where have you been these days? Visit to read the newest content, everyone! when we came back, you were nowhere to be found.We looked everywhere for you.We thought you were finally caught, and we were really sad for a long time.”

The two looked at me, filled with remorse.

I was moved by how much they cared about me.

If it weren’t for them, I would have been killed a long time ago.

I felt a little guilty, thinking about the lengths they went through to look for me.

They invited us into their home and we sat down to Visit to read the newest content, everyone! someone came to find me and took me back to the Rainbow Pack.There, a doctor treated me.With my mind cleared, we were able to take down the people who were hunting me and brought them to justice.Now, I don’t have to hide anymore.”

“Tony, we’re so happy to hear that.Your mental state was in tatters last time we saw you.Dana and I always wanted to have you treated, but we couldn’t risk going down the mountain to look for a doctor.We were afraid Visit to read the newest content, everyone! had to give up.We’re really sorry about that, Tony.Fortunately, your friend was able to find you and get you the help you needed.”

Gary sighed.

“No, please don’t apologize.You have done more than enough for me.Without you, I never would’ve survived on this mountain alone.Not only did you save me, you also befriended me.”

Tears welled up in my eyes.

Dana invited us to stay for dinner, and we happily accepted her invitation.

As we ate, I told Simon, “You might not be used to the taste Visit to read the newest content, everyone! lived on them and wild animals alone, but I actually quite liked them.The way of life here is simple and quiet.”

“They taste good.They have a unique flavor about them,”

Simon commented in between mouthfuls.After dinner, I proposed that Gary and Dana come down the mountain with us.

“Friends, please come with me to the Rainbow House.I want to properly thank you for taking care of me.”

To my surprise, they exchanged hesitant glances.

“Tony, we both know you mean well, but we just can’t risk exposing our identities.”

Dana and Gary declined my invitation politely.

They had always been elusive about their true identities.

I didn’t ask any further questions, but I still hoped they would reconsider my proposal.

Although the life on the mountain was free and unrestrained, it was still difficult.

They needed to hunt and gather for food every day.

Comfort was not a guarantee, but strife was.

“It’s safe at the Rainbow Pack,”

I said in an effort to change their minds.

“The previous Alpha has been impeached and the current one is our friend.He will keep you safe.”

“Okay, Tony, you win,” Gary said with a smile.

“We’ll go with you.After all, it’s been a while since we left this mountain.It was beginning to get a little boring up here.”

I beamed at them.Together, we headed back to the Rainbow House.

Anthony’s POV:

Jennifer urgently dragged me towards the hall, announcing that Tony and Simon had come back.

I could feel her excitement.

She always truly cared about those around her, which made me smile.

I liked this about her.

Everyone gathered in the hall and awaited Tony’s arrival.

When they strode in, my gaze landed on his two friends behind him.

I was stunned when I recognized who they were.

Oh, my ***! I could barely believe what I was seeing.

If I wasn’t mistaken, it was Dana and Gary – two of my father’s old subordinates.

But hadn’t they died a long time ago? When they saw me, they were also shocked.

The two rushed forward and bowed before me.

“Mr.Jones, we didn’t think we’d see you here.What a surprise! How have you been?”

I helped the two to their feet and looked into their eyes in a daze.

After a while, I came back to my senses and asked, “What’re you doing here? If my memory serves me right, you were soldiers from the Osman Kingdom who supposedly died alongside my father years ago.”

Was there something I didn’t know? “We’re honored that you remember us, Mr.Jones.It’s true.We did march alongside your father and Austin.Alas, our troops suffered immense casualties and were almost completely wiped out.Even Gary and I were seriously injured, laying among a heap of corpses.Austin must’ve thought we were already dead, because he killed your father before our very eyes and left the scene without even looking back.When he was gone, Gary and I struggled to our feet and somehow managed to run away to the Rainbow Pack.This whole time, we’ve been hiding on the mountain.”

Tears welled up in his eyes as Dana spoke.

When I heard this, my heart practically stopped in my chest.

I had always suspected that Austin was behind my father’s death.

It turned out that I was right.

I clenched my fists tightly.

All these years, I had been looking for evidence to support my claim, but to no avail.

Now that Dana and Gary had confirmed my suspicion, I could finally fulfill my long cherished wish: to make Austin pay.

However, a question had been bugging me.

“Why didn’t you go back to the royal palace together to testify against Austin?”

“We had no choice.Austin has been trying to hunt us down to eliminate all eye witnesses.We figured he must’ve found two missing bodies when they cleared up the battlefield and realized we had escaped.To be honest, hiding from him was really difficult, which is why we settled in the desolate mountain.”

Dana sighed heavily.

“But we decided to keep on living, if it meant we could expose Austin’s crime one day.Maybe it’s fate that we ran into you today, Mr.Jones.We are willing to confront Austin.Please forgive us for running away before.”

“We need to think this over carefully.You can stay in Rainbow House for the time being.Don’t go out unless necessary.It’s safer here.”

I patted them on the shoulder.

“Okay, Mr.Jones.”

They breathed a sigh of relief.

“Thank you for your understanding.We are loyal to you and will do anything to help you overthrow Austin’s rule.” I smiled with gratitude.

Who knew that Tony’s friends were the soldiers from the Osman Kingdom? Now that they were with me, it was a great opportunity to defeat Austin.

I must bring the bad guy who killed my father to justice.

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