Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 140

Jennifer’s POV:

When Jerome announced the result of the paternity test, I secretly observed Linda’s reaction.

I had always found her somewhat suspicious, but part of me hoped that I was thinking too much.

However, I saw the flicker of a complacent smile on her face after Skylar left.

I was sure about it.

Was she trying to get Skylar to leave willingly and have Jerome all to herself? If my guess was right, then I’d never let Linda go for deceiving two of the most important people in my life.

Moreover, Skylar was simple and innocent, but she was loyal and a great friend.

She was a perfect match for my brother.

I couldn’t allow any scheming woman to come between them.

“Jennifer, I don’t know what to do.Skylar locked herself in her room, refusing to talk to me.Ever since she found out the result of the paternity test, she shut me out.No matter what I say to persuade her, she doesn’t care,”

Jerome told me, letting out a groan of frustration.

“Jerome, you should understand Skylar’s feelings.It’s hard enough for a woman to accept her mate’s ex entering their lives.After finding out that Andy is indeed your child, she must feel like a third party.”

I sighed and patted Jerome on the shoulder.

“But don’t worry.I know how much she loves you.I firmly believe that you two will be able to cross this bridge.How about this? I’ll visit Skylar later and talk to her.”

“Jennifer, please.If things go on like this, I will be really worried about her.”

Jerome massaged the space between his eyebrows, and there was a tired look in his eyes.

“Jerome, did I do something wrong? Is Skylar angry with me?”

Linda asked guiltily, walking over to us.

“I knew I shouldn’t have appeared.It’s my mistake for coming here.You and Skylar were a perfect couple.It’s all my fault that your relationship is a mess.”

“Linda, don’t say that.Skylar is not angry with you.Don’t get her wrong.I already feel bad that you and Andy had to suffer for so long.Don’t worry.I’ll take care of Andy.After all, he is my child,”

Jerome said, comforting Linda.

“I’m the one who left back then.You don’t owe me or Andy anything, and you don’t have to feel sorry for us.I’m fine.You should go after Skylar.Don’t neglect her because of me.After all, you two are mates.I hope you can be happy together.”

I could tell that beneath Linda’s kind and broad- minded words lay a calculative intent.

“Linda, you’re so considerate.The more understanding you are, the more ashamed I feel,”

Jerome said.

Sure enough, he felt guilty towards Linda.

“Linda, do you want to be my sister-in-law?” I asked.

I couldn’t stand seeing her manipulate my brother like this.

“No, no, not at all.Jennifer, you must be kidding.I wouldn’t dare to have such an inappropriate idea!”

Linda shook her head fervently and waved her hands, with a slightly flustered expression.

But I had a feeling Visit to read the newest content, everyone! think it’s an inappropriate idea? Tell me, where were you all these years after you disappeared? How was your life? Did you Visit to read the newest content, everyone! lot of questions.I hope you don’t mind.”

As I spoke, I maintained a gentle and friendly smile on my face, but my questions were sharp.

“I…I lived a hard life after leaving Jerome.It was only for the sake of the baby that I held on.I wanted to give birth to him and raise him up,”

Linda stammered after a moment of stunned silence.

Her face had gone pale.

“Jennifer, I swear on my life that the only man I’ve been with is Jerome.He’s the only one I’ve Visit to read the newest content, everyone! anyone else.”

“Linda, I was just casually asking you.There’s no need to be so nervous.By the way, I like Andy a lot.He’s so cute! Can I take him out for a while?”

I turned to Andy with a bright smile.

Linda’s response didn’t convince me at all.

If I could get a chance to talk to Andy alone, I might be able to learn more about Linda’s past through him.

“Of course.”

Linda agreed to my request, but there was a note of reluctance in her voice.

With her Visit to read the newest content, everyone! a walk.

Before leaving, I specially reminded Jerome to handle the situation with Linda and Skylar carefully.

Anthony’s POV:

Jennifer dragged me out of the house to go for a walk with the three-year-old Andy.

I knew that my mate was up to something, but I couldn’t figure out what was on her mind.

“Honey, why did you suddenly want to take Andy out?”

I grabbed Jennifer’s arm and asked her in a low voice when we passed by a candy shop and the little boy was distracted enough.

“I find Linda really suspicious.Since I can’t get any information from her, maybe I can find out something from Andy.”

Jennifer shot me a playful wink.

My mate was really clever and creative.

I would never dare to get on her bad side.

No matter what she wanted to do, I would try my best to cooperate with her.

Even now, I went shopping with them and carried all their shopping bags without uttering a single complaint.

In fact, I enjoyed watching Jennifer and Andy interacting with each other.

Jennifer spoke to Andy in a sweet and caring way.

At first, the little boy seemed to feel a little awkward and uneasy, but gradually, he warmed up to her.

Along the way, Jennifer bought him a lot of things, including lollipops, toys, and cakes.

I was only responsible for paying the bills and carrying the shopping bags for them.

As I watched the two of them getting along well, a thought popped up into my mind.

What would my children with Jennifer be like? It would be wonderful for us to live with our children in the future, right?

“What, are you interested in becoming a father? Thinking about it is meaningless.You should just take action.Jennifer is beautiful, so your children will be beautiful too.Have a child with her as soon as possible,”

Zane, my wolf, said to me in my mind.

“We’re not even married yet.I have to be a responsible mate.I can’t get her pregnant before marriage,”

I replied, rejecting Zane’s idea.

“Wow, you’re so uptight.What’s wrong with getting pregnant before marriage? The earlier you get Jennifer pregnant, the earlier your mother will have a grandchild.Who knows, she might recover,”

Zane continued to urge me.

I couldn’t deny that I was tempted by his words.

I was indeed eager to have a lovely baby with Jennifer, but that only made me want to marry her as soon as possible.

After a while of wandering around shopping, we took Andy to an amusement park.

On the merry-go- round, Jennifer sat holding the child, while I sat next to them.

This was a good chance.

Smart as she was, Jennifer finally began to put her plan into action.

“Andy, do you like playing with me?”

Jennifer asked, shaking a lollipop in front of the boy.

“Yes! Jennifer, you’re so sweet.”

Andy nodded and looked at the lollipop with eager eyes.

Jennifer handed him the lollipop and chatted with him a while more before suddenly changing the topic.

“Andy, how did you and your mother live before this? It must have been difficult for her to raise you alone, right?”

Jennifer’s tone was casual, with a trace of concern.

“Nah, it wasn’t that bad.We lived quite a good life.Mom took me to the Lavender Pack.The Alpha and the werewolves there were very good to us.But after a while, Mom started crying a lot.I don’t know why.Then one day, she suddenly left and brought me here to the Rainbow Pack.”

As if realizing what he had said, Andy widened his eyes and covered his mouth with regret.

“I can’t say anything more.Please don’t tell anyone about what I said.”


Jennifer asked with a frown.

“Mom asked me not to tell anyone.I don’t know why.”

Andy scratched his head and began to focus on sucking the lollipop.

Then, he fell into silence.

No matter what Jennifer asked after that, Andy refused to answer her.It seemed that Jennifer was right.

Linda was indeed not simple.What secret was she hiding?

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