Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 137

Tony’s POV:

I felt as though a weight had been lifted off my chest.

Finally, I was able to repay my debt to Jennifer and Jerome by helping them overturn Arthur’s rule.

The Rainbow Pack was now in the hands of its rightful Alpha, and Arthur had finally gotten what he deserved.

Now that that was settled, there was one more request I had to make of the two siblings.

“Jerome, Jennifer, may I leave the Rainbow House? I want to go back to the mountain and reunite with my friends there.After all, they saved my life, and I haven’t thanked them yet.”

“Elder Tony, of course.We respect your decision.You may leave as you please.”

Jerome gave me permission without hesitation.

“Do you know what pack your friends are from? Do they still live in that mountain?”

“They were always very mysterious.As far as I know, they used to be soldiers of the Osman Kingdom.I heard that they even fought off the vampires on more than one occasion!”

I sighed and smiled helplessly.

“But I don’t know if they still live in the mountain.” I guess I’ll just have to try my luck.

“When are you coming back? The Rainbow Pack is still in need of your service.” Jerome looked at me.

“Elder Tony, I have an idea.How about you bring your two friends back here? That way, we can hold a banquet to thank them for saving your life!” Jennifer suggested.

I looked at her gratefully as tears welled up in my eyes.

I couldn’t believe she didn’t hold a grudge against me after all the pain I had caused her in the past.

She was too kind! “You’re too good to me,”

I said tearfully.

“I don’t know how I’ll ever repay you for your kindness.I might be old, but I swear to serve the pack for the rest of my life.I’ll go find my friends and return as soon as possible.”

“What about your health?” Jennifer asked worriedly.

I couldn’t believe she was worried about me.

I was the one who had falsely prophesied that she was a jinx, which had ultimately caused the series of unfortunate events in her life.

Despite this, she had forgiven me and even found it in her heart to worry about me.

“Thank you for your concern, Jennifer.I’ve Visit to read the newest content, everyone! the chance to help her before my time here on earth was over.

How could such a gentle and kind girl a jinx?

“Elder Visit to read the newest content, everyone! succession ceremony can’t be delayed too long,” Simon said as he walked in.

“Please make a decision as soon as possible.”

“Elder Simon, don’t worry,” Jerome said with a nod.

“I will deal with my personal affairs as soon as possible.”

Hearing this, I figured he was talking about Linda.I quietly wished him good luck and the wisdom to deal with that matter.

“Simon, you came just in time,” I said, waving to my good friend.

“I’m leaving the Rainbow House to look for those two men that Visit to read the newest content, everyone! after I said goodbye to Jerome, but I didn’t expect to meet you here.”

“Tony, let me go with you!” he said enthusiastically, pounding his chest.

“Two is better than one.” I was moved.

We hadn’t seen each other in years, yet he still cared about me.

What a good friend!

“Elder Simon is right.It’s safer if you two travel together.”

Jerome backed up Simon’s idea, and Jennifer nodded in agreement.

“Thank you, Simon.” I agreed without hesitation.

After handing over the pack’s affairs, we bade Jerome and Jennifer goodbye.

I hoped everything would go well.I wanted to find my friends as soon as possible and fulfill my wish.

Jennifer’s POV:

When Simon and Tony were gone, I turned to Jerome worriedly.

“What’re you going to do about Linda and her child, Jerome?”

“My mind’s a mess.I’ve been plagued by this matter recently.If the child is really mine, I can’t abandon him.Besides, the reason why Linda left back then was because she didn’t want to be a burden on me.She has suffered a lot these past few years.I owe her and Andy.” Jerome sighed.

“I feel sorry for Linda and Andy, but my dear brother, you have to think carefully.Skylar is your mate.You love her deeply.If you give up on her just because Linda showed up with a child, I’m afraid you’ll regret it.”

I put my hand on his shoulder and tried to reason with him.

Fortunately, my brother was a rational werewolf.

As long as he knew how he felt, the decision-making process would be much easier.

“Jennifer, I know what you’re saying.It’s true that my heart belongs to Skylar, but I just feel so bad for Linda.She has nothing.If I abandon her, who else can she turn to?”

“Jerome, don’t be so quick to believe everything Linda says,”

I warned my brother sternly.

“The truth is, I’ve always felt it strange that she showed up out of the blue.Don’t you think so, too? After all, she only appeared when it was announced that you were going to be the Alpha of the Rainbow Pack.”

“Jennifer, what are you saying?” Jerome looked at me in astonishment.

“Jerome, let me be frank.I think Linda showed up only now because she’s hungry for your wealth and power.Most of the werewolves in Rainbow Pack are very rich.As the pack’s future Alpha, you’re about to inherit a fortune.Every woman will want to be with you.”

Finally, I voiced my thoughts.Jerome was shell-shocked.

“Jennifer, Linda and I used to be in love.We were together for so long.I never took her for a money- oriented woman.While what you’re saying makes sense, I doubt Linda is that kind of person.Perhaps the timing is all just a coincidence and she has no other ulterior motive.But now that you’ve mentioned it, I will be more careful.”

Jerome paused, deep in thought.

“By the way, how have you and Mr.Jones been?”

“We’re fine now.Don’t worry.Although he hasn’t regained his memories yet, he has already accepted me as his mate and we’ve been getting along really well.Once you’re established here as the pack’s Alpha, I’ll return to the royal palace with him.”

Talking about Anthony, I couldn’t help but smile.

“He is very good to me.I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him.”

“It’s great to see that you two are getting along so well.”

Jerome breathed a sigh of relief.

“But what about you and Skylar, Jerome? I’ve noticed she’s been depressed lately.Please pay more attention to her.She did nothing wrong and must feel terrible about this sudden change.”

I kindly nudged my brother.

“She’s been sad lately? I’ll go find her right away!”

Jerome ran out guiltily, anxious to comfort his mate.

I prayed that he and Skylar would get their happy ending.

I also wished that Anthony and I could make plans for our future without worrying about them.

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