Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 134

Jerome’s POV:


It was as if my blood froze when I heard this name.

I had not heard that name in a long time, and yet, that person was making a reappearance in my life.

I thought that the figure I had seen at the square had been a figment of my imagination.Who knew that it really was Linda? She had returned.

I had gotten into a relationship with Linda after losing my memories.

Our relationship was so good that we even agreed on getting married.

However, our relationship didn’t last long because Linda claimed that she had come down with an incurable disease.

She then disappeared from my world, leaving only a letter behind.

I couldn’t understand why she left.Even if she was ill, she didn’t have to leave me.What she did was responsible considering the depth of our relationship.I didn’t mind if she was sick.I was ready to stay by her side until death tore us apart.

I couldn’t accept Linda’s disappearance from my life.For a long time, I searched for her but came up with nothing.I even thought that she had already lied.I had not expected her to appear here at this very moment.What was going on? Was it really inda? Or was it another she-wolf with the same lame?

“Are you all right, Jerome? You don’t look so good.”Skylar went to my side out of concern.

“I’m fine.Don’t worry,” I replied in hopes of issuing her.

“Let Linda in,” I told the attendant as I staggered to my feet. I didn’t know why but I was not happy.In fact, I was even scared to see my ex-girlfriend.I looked at Skylar, nervous about what was going to happen next.

A beautiful albeit pale she-wolf entered the room wearing worn-out clothing.

I stepped back unconsciously when I saw her face.

It really was my ex-girlfriend.

She had hardly changed over the years.

But what was more shocking was that she was accompanied by a child who looked to be a few years old.

The child was really cute and resembled Linda.

Perhaps this was her child.

But wasn’t she supposed to have been missing? What on earth had happened? Who was this child?

Linda’s POV:

I was filled with expectation as I followed after the attendant.

When I entered the room, I saw Dylan getting up from his seat, his eyes wide with surprise.

I had not expected Visit to read the newest content, everyone! fact, I thought that we were never going to meet again.

A few years ago, Dylan and I fell in love.

We were happy Visit to read the newest content, everyone! to get married.

I looked forward to being his bride.

However, the Alpha of another werewolf pack was attracted to me and wanted to keep me as his mistress.

That pack was very rich.

The conditions that the Alpha offered were good enough to make me hesitate.

Dylan was Anthony’s attendant, and his job was not something we could brag about.

If I married him, it was unlikely that we were going to live luxuriously.

I loved Dylan but he couldn’t give me the life that I wanted.

A relationship Visit to read the newest content, everyone! rocky.

I flinched at the mere thought of such a future.

The future I wanted for myself could not be found with Dylan even though we loved each other.

I secretly spent time with the rich Alpha until I became pregnant with his child.

In order to make Dylan give up on me, I wrote him a letter that claimed I was terminally ill and about to die.

The truth was that I left him for the rich Alpha and joined a new pack.However, things didn’t go as smoothly as I had expected.

After the child was born, I thought that the rich Alpha would marry me and I would live the life I wanted.

However, I could not elevate myself from the position of mistress.

Not long after that, the Alpha grew tired of me.

He ordered me to take my child and leave so we were forced to wander around.

I thought we were doomed.

But then I got a stroke of good luck.

Two days ago, I arrived at the Rainbow Pack.

I chanced upon a photo of Jerome on the newspaper and learned Dylan’s real identity.

He was actually the son of the Rainbow Pack’s former Alpha, Lewis.

I went to see him to try my luck.

The moment I laid eyes on Jerome, I confirmed that he was Dylan.

How great that he was set to become the new Alpha of the Rainbow Pack.

My son and I were saved.

“Dylan? Is that really you, Dylan?”

I took my child’s hand and walked over to him.

I let a few tears roll down my cheeks to make Dylan sympathize with us.

The Dylan I knew was soft-hearted.

Every time I cried, he treated me gently and pampered me.


Jerome admitted he was Dylan.

I knew that he would be suspicious so I had prepared an excuse to approach him.

I needed him to agree to take me and his child in so that I could become his Luna and live a luxurious life.

“Linda…What’s going on?” Jerome asked.

I brought up the excuse that I had come up with.

“Dylan…no, Jerome, I never thought I would see you again in my lifetime.I didn’t tell you then but I was actually pregnant when I learned about my disease.I left so that I would not be a burden to you and sought out doctors to help me.Finally, a cure for my rare disease was found and the baby was born safely.”

When I mentioned the baby, Jerome’s eyes went from me to the child hiding behind my legs.

His eyes flickered with emotion, but he still looked doubtful.

“Now that my disease has been cured, I have been traveling around and looking for you.As you can see, your son and I managed to stay safe and sound.And then, I saw your photo in the newspaper.I didn’t think I’d find you in this place.We’ve been struggling all this time, but now, we have been reunited.I’m here today because I was hoping you could take us in.”

“What did you just say? Who is this child’s father?”

“This is your son, Andy.He is three years old, and he is a sensible child.You will like him.” I patted the child on the shoulder.

Andy immediately walked up to Jerome and greeted him sweetly, “Hi, Dad.”

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