Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 133

Jerome’s POV:

My sister and were finally at ease because Arthur got what he deserved.

I spent the next few days preparing to take on the role of Alpha.

With the help of several elders, I became ready to deal with the pack’s affairs.

“You are a capable werewolf, Jerome.You have the abilities to govern the Rainbow Pack.Soon, you will be able to take charge of everything by yourself.”

Simon’s look of admiration made me feel validated.

He was mainly responsible for helping me become familiar with the pack’s affairs as quickly as possible.

He was now my right-hand man, just like he was for my father back then.

“Thank you, Simon.I would not be able to learn everything this fast without your help.”

I turned to the other side of the room.

“Thank you for your help these past few days, elders.I was able to familiarize myself with the affairs of the Rainbow Pack in such a short time.”

I bowed respectfully in the elders’ direction.

Their eyes welled up with tears after they heard me thank them.

“You are a good man and will be an even greater leader.Your father would have been proud to see the man you’ve become.”

It was not going to be an easy task to rule a pack.

Now and in the future, the Rainbow Pack could only prosper if I could work together like this with the elders.

The first item on my agenda was to gain their approval.

They all praised me as the heir of the Alpha they used to serve and love.

After all, I was modest, polite, and I knew to give credit where it was due.

I could tell that they all thought highly of me.

It felt great to finally live up to my father’s expectations.

I was confident that I could govern the Rainbow Pack well.

Three days passed quickly.

Today was the day Arthur was set to be executed.

We went to the execution ground to watch.

The area became filled with werewolves who wanted to witness Arthur’s death for themselves.

Arthur was tied to the elevated stage, but he looked far from regretful.

“Today is your last day, tyrant.You shall pay for what you have done.”


The werewolves of Visit to read the newest content, everyone! Arthur after having been suppressed by his dictatorship for so many years.

Some even threw rotten vegetables and eggs at him.

I raised a Visit to read the newest content, everyone! Arthur.

Before he was about to get shot, Arthur looked at my sister and me in despair.

After all, very few people did not fear their own death, and Arthur was not one of them.

“Jennifer, I was wrong.I’m really sorry.Please forgive me.I’ll gladly let you rule the Rainbow Pack.As long as you spare my life, I promise to never appear before you again.”

Arthur looked like he was going to cry as he desperately begged for our forgiveness.

Did he really think he could escape his Visit to read the newest content, everyone! him? He must have thought we would be too soft-hearted and let him go.

Where did he get the courage to beg? It was only because of our mercy that he wasn’t being torn to pieces.

“Arthur, did you even stop and think before killing my father? You didn’t even think about letting my father go, but now, you want us to let you go.Do you think that is fair?”

Jennifer angrily roared at him.She could have exploded in her fury.

“Fire,” I ordered the executioner.

Arthur Visit to read the newest content, everyone! was later carried off the platform.

His eyes were wide open and his expression was frozen in horror.

I looked at the blood that was splattered across the execution stage and prayed for my dead father together with Jennifer.

“Dad, Jennifer and I have finally avenged you.Now that the culprit has finally been punished, you can rest in peace.You can rest assured that we will govern the Rainbow Pack well and live a good life.”

I couldn’t help shedding a few tears as I hugged Jennifer.

We had gotten our revenge, but we were far from happy.

Although the culprit had gotten the punishment that he deserved, my sister and I could never get back what we had lost.

Our parents were never coming back to us.

Punishing the man responsible for their death was satisfying, but it did not beat the pain of losing our parents in the first place.

“Jerome, the execution is over.Let’s go back.”

Skylar stood beside me and held my arm.”All right.Let’s go.”

But just before I was about to leave with her, I suddenly saw a figure in the crowd that left me shocked.

The figure was so familiar.

When I stopped in my tracks, Skylar asked, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing.”

I rubbed my eyes and looked again, but the figure had disappeared.

I was probably seeing things out of exhaustion.

There was no way the person I saw just now was my ex-girlfriend.

How could that be possible? She disappeared a long time ago.

I returned with Skylar, but I was in a daze.

The figure I had seen just now was giving me complicated feelings.

Skylar’s POV:

Later that afternoon, I tried on a dress for tomorrow’s ceremony while Jerome dealt with some documents.

I went over to his office to see him.

“Honey, do I look good enough in this dress to become your Luna?”

I walked over to him with a smile, lifted the hem slightly, and spun in a circle.

“Of course you do.You look good no matter what you wear,”

Jerome replied without any hesitation.

Pleased with his praise, I walked over to him and wrapped my arms around his waist.

I then said teasingly, “Jerome, I’m more beautiful when I don’t wear anything.Can we make love now? We haven’t done it for some time.”

I pressed my body against Jerome’s flirtatiously only to find that he was not in the mood.

“What was wrong with him? Was he working too hard? “Jerome, aren’t you exhausting yourself recently?”

“I’m fine.Don’t worry about me.I’ve been busy because of everything I’ve had to deal with these past few days.I’ll be fine when things calm down,” he told me reassuringly.

“All right.Take a break every now and then because it’s important that you stay in excellent health.I’ll leave you alone for now, but remember to call me if you need anything.”

“I will.”

Before I could leave the room, one of Jerome’s attendants reported, “There is a she-wolf outside who wants to see Mr.Smith.”

I turned to look at Jerome.

He was focused on a document so I asked the attendant, “Did she give her name?”

“I believe she called herself Linda.”


It was a common name, but I didn’t know anyone with that name.

Before I could think about it some more, I saw Jerome’s face become pale in shock.

The document he was holding dropped to the floor.

Did Jerome know her? Why did he react that way?

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