Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 132

Anthony’s POV:

Everything I had planned for the banquet was going flawlessly until Ella appeared.

When Ella went crazy, my first reaction was to protect Jennifer.

I ran and stood in front of her just as Ella swiped her claw at Jennifer’s throat.

“Go to ****, *****!” Ella roared.

Her sharp wolf claw did not land on Jennifer but on my shoulder.

I stumbled backward with Jennifer in my arms.

My shoulder was burning in pain from Ella’s attack.


Jennifer screamed in horror and tears filled her eyes.

I saw how much she cared about me.I was not afraid of getting injured.I was more afraid of being unable to protect my beloved.

As long as Jennifer was fine, I felt at ease.

“You deserve this, Ella!”

Acting quickly, I reached out, grabbed Ella’s claw, and snapped her wrist.

She howled in pain as her wrist bone gave way with a crack.My attendants ran over to us and held Ella down to the floor.

“Anthony, are you okay? Your shoulder is bleeding.Go and have it treated first, okay?”

Seeing the wound on my shoulder, Jennifer bombarded me with questions out of concern.

‘I’m okay.Don’t worry.”

I patted her head reassuringly before turning to address the public.

“Ella attempted to harm Jennifer and she hurt me in the process.For her crimes against the two of us, I sentence her to life imprisonment.”

As soon as I finished speaking, Ella and Arthur I were taken away.Ella struggled and cried like someone who had yet to admit that they had done wrong.

Although my memories had yet to return, Jennifer I wouldn’t lie to me.

She told me before that Ella had attempted to kill her many times.

Just remembering it made me want to have Ella executed as well.

No one was allowed to hurt my beloved Jennifer and get away with it.

“Jennifer, you *****! May you die a horrible death! You will pay for this!”

Ella kept cursing Jennifer as she was dragged away.

“Ella, if you keep insulting my mate, I will make it so that you can never speak again!”

I looked at her with malice.

My threat brought Ella to her senses.

She cowered under my glare and immediately shut up.

Arthur, on Visit to read the newest content, everyone! taken away.

It was as if he had gone insane.

Before he was escorted out of the main entrance, he suddenly shouted.

More than ten Visit to read the newest content, everyone! and me.

I was not surprised.

Arthur had been the Alpha for more than ten years, after all.

He must have gained these werewolves as followers and trained them for this day.

Fortunately, I was well-prepared to take him down and eliminate him from a position of power.

With one arm around Jennifer, I took a pistol out with the other in preparation to fight.

“Jennifer, watch your back.” I patted Jennifer on the shoulder.

To my surprise, she quickly pulled out a dagger and rushed towards Arthur’s men.

Only Visit to read the newest content, everyone! not one who needed coddling because she was strong.

“Let’s fight side by side!”

I ran to keep up with Jennifer and aimed my gun at the werewolves attacking us.

I had always been good at shooting and my speed was first-rate.

I was confident that these werewolves would be no match for me.

I fired three bullets in a row and managed to hit two werewolves in the head.

They crumpled to the floor.

The third werewolf only got hit in the arm.

He roared, shifted into his wolf form, and ran towards me.


At that moment, Jerome rushed forward in his wolf form and fought the werewolf for me.

I didn’t need to worry about Jerome at all because he was strong.

Eventually, my attendants arrived.

The banquet hall fell into chaos.

In the end, Arthur’s men became outnumbered, and the floor was covered in blood.

Jennifer and I worked beautifully as a team during the battle.

Jerome fought valiantly as well.

“Mr.Jones, thank you for saving us all.Thank you so much.”

Having narrowly escaped death, the elders quickly approached us.

They wiped off the cold sweat on their foreheads and thanked me again and again.

“Jerome and Jennifer, you are clearly Lewis’ children.Your abilities are truly amazing.Jerome can definitely lead the pack to prosperity.”

Jennifer’s POV:

After seeing how we finished off his subordinates, Arthur became truly defeated.

He could only glare at us as he was dragged away.

He was imprisoned together with Ella.

Arthur was set to be publicly executed in three days while his vicious daughter was sentenced to life imprisonment.

“Dad, we have finally avenged you.Please rest in peace.We miss you and Mom very much.”

I stood in the hall as I stroked the antique left by my father.I put my palms together in prayer as tears filled my eyes.

I had been waiting for this moment for ten years.

After ten years of accumulating all that hate, it all came to an end today.

I had no more regrets.

Jerome walked up to me, patted me on the shoulder, and hugged me.

We tearfully embraced each other.

Thunderous applause suddenly broke out.

The elders prayed for my father and wished that his soul could finally rest in peace.

Later on, attendants entered the banquet hall to clean up the mess.

Daniel took Helen’s hand and walked toward us.

They sincerely expressed their well wishes.

“Jennifer, Jerome, your biggest wish has been fulfilled.I wish you both, Alpha Lewis’ pride and joy, much happiness.You shall lead the pack to a bright future.”

“Congratulations for successfully avenging your father.We shall be loyal to Jerome until we die.”

All the elders came to express their loyalty towards my brother.

“Jerome, when are you going to ascend to the position of Alpha? We are responsible for preparing for the succession ceremony.It will definitely be better than Arthur’s because you have the support of all our pack members,”

Simon said with a smile.

“What about holding the succession ceremony in four days? If my brother takes over the position of Alpha after Arthur is executed, it shall be a blessing for my father in heaven,”

I suggested after giving the matter some thought.

“I agree with Jennifer.” Jerome agreed.

The atmosphere brightened as everyone started talking about the succession ceremony.

“I have something important to announce.”

Suddenly, Jerome walked over to Skylar and held her hand.

“I have found my mate, and her name is Skylar.I firmly believe that she has the capabilities to stand by my side as my Luna.During the succession ceremony, I want to marry Skylar and make her my Luna.”

Skylar lowered her head shyly after hearing Jerome’s announcement.After a moment of stunned silence, the elders began to applaud.

“Jerome, you have found your mate! This is great! We are so happy for you!”

None of the elders had any objection about this; they cheered and blessed the happy couple.

“We hope that our new Alpha and Luna have a harmonious marriage!”

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