Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 131

Jerome’s POV:

During the banquet, I revealed my true identity, and all the elders present expressed their support for me.

Although Arthur had ruled the pack for more than ten years, I was thankful that the elders had not forgotten me and Jennifer.

With their support and the evidence provided by Tony, Arthur would not be able to turn the table.

“Thank you, elders.It is my honor to see you again.” I bowed to them to express my gratitude.

“When we were children, Jennifer and I had been hunted down, and we got separated.I was later saved by Mr.Jones, but I got amnesia after an accident.All this time, I had been living under a different name.I hadn’t come back because I hadn’t regained my memories.But then I met Jennifer.She jogged my old memories, and we were able to return to the Rainbow Pack with Mr.Jones’ help.”

“You have been through a lot, Jerome.Welcome back to the pack.”

The elders sighed in obvious relief.

“You and Jennifer have managed to escape death all this time.Alpha Lewis’ soul must have been protecting you two.”

“That’s right.Jerome and Jennifer suffered so much.**** it! How could someone want to kill two children?’ The elders were furious.

“Jerome, why were you and Jennifer being hunted down?” Simon asked deliberately.

“The werewolves who kept chasing us were Arthur’s men.He wanted us, the rightful heirs, gone so that he could keep his position of Alpha.If he managed to get rid of us, he would not have any trouble in the future.”

I pointed my finger at Arthur without hesitation.

“You are a liar who is pretending to be Jerome.You are distorting the facts.I had always been loyal to Lewis.I would never do such a thing!” Arthur argued.

He sounded quite desperate after hearing my accusation.

“I can prove that Arthur is involved in the recent assassination attempt against Jerome and me,” Jennifer declared.

As soon as she said that, a video began to play on the screen in the banquet hall.

It was a video of Jennifer and me in a taxi when it got hit by a truck.

The crash ended in a very ****** scene.

When I saw the video, my hands curled into fists.My poor sister…Why did she have to suffer like this?

“Turn that thing off! Where did you get the video? How can you show such a thing Visit to read the newest content, everyone! turned deathly pale in fear.

He hurriedly urged his attendant to take control of the situation.

As the culprit, he was surely feeling guilty Visit to read the newest content, everyone! be seen? I arranged for this video to be played because this is evidence that you tried to murder Jennifer and Jerome.You hired a truck driver to cause an accident that was supposed to have killed them,” Anthony sneered.

After that, the video stopped playing and a photo popped up on the screen.

The photo clearly showed Arthur negotiating with a werewolf, who was the truck driver in the video that played just now.

“Do you remember who that is? He’s the truck driver who Visit to read the newest content, everyone! Jerome.The evidence is right here.What else do you have to say for yourself?”

Anthony asked coldly.

Arthur crumpled to the floor and closed his eyes in despair.

Now that things had come to this point, he had no more room to argue.

Jennifer’s POV:

“Anthony, as the prince of Osman Kingdom, please exact justice for us—for what happened to the Rainbow Pack.” I asked Anthony for help after seeing Arthur fall to the floor.

“That is what I plan to do,” Anthony agreed.

He then sat in the highest seat in the banquet hall. I led Jerome and Tony to stand before Anthony.

“Arthur murdered my father, Lewis, and seized the position of Alpha more than ten years ago.The evidence is conclusive,”

I hissed while pointing at Arthur.I hated him so much.I hated him for killing my father and for separating me and my brother for so many years.

It was not until I met Anthony that my world began to brighten.

“Arthur killed my family and has been hunting me down ever since.He is nothing but a murderer,” Tony added.

“We once served Alpha Lewis.We can testify that Arthur killed him.We could not tell the truth all this time because Arthur is cruel and merciless.His ability to kill without a second thought made us afraid of him.”

Many elders stood up to testify against Arthur.Every accusation made the case against Arthur stronger.Arthur looked as if every word hurt him physically.

“I declare Arthur guilty of murdering Lewis and Tony’s family.He is also guilty of attempted murder for his continuous attempts on the lives of Tony, Jennifer, and Jerome.As a prince of Osman Kingdom, I sentence Arthur with the punishment of death.He shall be executed in three days,”

Anthony announced to the public.

“Hooray! Long live Mr.Jones!” Simon shouted.

“The evil Arthur has finally been punished.Our pack can now rise to its former glory.Thank you, Mr.Jones!”

“Arthur deserves something worse than death, and Jerome is the rightful heir of our former Alpha.Thank you, Mr.Jones, for upholding justice.”

Many shouted in excitement to celebrate this moment.

“Why should I be sentenced to death? I’m innocent…”

Arthur sobbed as he covered his face with his hands.

He was so shameless to pretend that he was the victim in all this.

He did not deserve any sympathy.

All of a sudden, Ella rushed over to Anthony and knelt before him.

“Mr.Jones, I beg you.Please spare my father! This is all a plot hatched by Jennifer to frame my father! Mr.Jones, you are smart enough to know the truth.Please don’t believe Jennifer’s nonsense.She is lying.”

I had not expected Ella to make a scene during a moment like this.Did she think she could save her father by doing so? Well, I still had a score to settle with her.

When we were both on Marge Island, she had tried to kill me many times.

It was now time for her to pay up.

“Anthony, Ella is the liar here.While we trained on Marge Island, she had set up traps for me and tried to kill me many times so that Arthur could keep his position of Alpha.Ella is as cruel as her father.Anthony, please seek out the truth of this matter and bring her to justice too.”

I pointed a finger at Ella and exposed her crimes against me.

“*****, what nonsense are you talking about? Not only did you slander my father, now you’re trying to frame me? You vicious, shameless *****!”

Ella screamed and cursed at me.

Her face became distorted in her self-righteous anger.

“Calm down, Ella.You know that I am right,” I retorted with a sneer.

“*****, I’ll tear your mouth from your face!”

Ella was so mad that she shifted her right hand into a wolf’s paw and tried to swipe my throat.

“If I’m going to die, I’m taking you with me!”

Ella’s attack was extremely fast and she was about to hurt me.My pupils shrank.

**** it! Did this crazy woman want to fight me that badly?

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