Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 130

Arthur POV:

Hearing Tony’s accusation, I was flustered.

Today’s banquet was just an ordinary one.

I didn’t expect so many things to go wrong.

And the most unbelievable part was, how could Tony, who had disappeared without a trace, come back to the Rainbow Pack? He even had the antique that I had used to bribe him all those years ago.

An ominous feeling pooled in the pit of my stomach, telling me that I could be on the brink of facing a huge crisis.

What if they were well- prepared? Well, in this situation, I could only force myself to calm down and vehemently deny everything.

“Elder Tony, what are you talking about? I was never familiar with you.How could I bribe you? Moreover, I never had enmity with you either.Why would I send my men to kill you? It’s ridiculous!”

I sneered in a desperate attempt to claim ignorance.

“Why are you lying? What’s your purpose of spouting nonsense here?”

“Arthur, you are the most shameless werewolf I have ever seen!”

Breaking out into curses, Tony rolled up his sleeves and showed everyone the dense splatter of scars on his arms.

“If you didn’t send anyone to hunt me down, why is my body covered with scars? These past several years, I’ve been running for my life.I had a narrow brush with death on several occasions.These scars that adorn my body are the evidence of your crime!”

“Who knows where those scars come from? What can they prove? Tony, what kind of deep hatred do you have against me? How can you slander me like this?” I barked.

I would insist that he was cooking up a story till the very end.

“If these scars can’t prove anything, then what about this antique? This was a gift to you from the late Alpha Lewis.Many werewolves were there to witness it.How did such a priceless treasure fall into my hands? It was common knowledge in our pack that I liked collecting antiques.You bribed me with this antique and forced me to accuse Jennifer of being a jinx.That was the only way you could have an excuse to kill Lewis and seize the position of the Alpha!”

Tony snarled indignantly, raising the antique in his hand.

To my dismay, the other elders echoed in agreement with him one after the other.

“Tony is right.We all saw Alpha Lewis give this antique to Arthur.”

“Tony isn’t lying.Arthur, how could you do such a thing? Jennifer was just a little girl.How could you bear to slander an innocent child? And poor Lewis.He should not have died such an unjust death.”

“Arthur, the evidence is clear for everyone to see.What else do you have to say for yourself? Unless you can prove that Tony’s words are false, we won’t believe you!”

**** it! Simon was the first to speak up, successfully instigating the rest of the elders.

They questioned me heatedly, not even bothering to refer to me as the Alpha anymore.Their attitude was disrespectful and downright aggressive, as if they wanted to force me to a dead end.

“Arthur, please give us a reasonable explanation.”

“If you can’t prove your innocence, we Visit to read the newest content, everyone! Tony said is true, what qualifications do you even have to be our Alpha? Please abdicate yourself.”

Their discussion escalated, drowning me bit Visit to read the newest content, everyone! past flashed through my mind.

All those years ago, I killed Lewis with my bare hands.

My body was covered in his blood as he glared at me, his eyes full of anger and resentment even as he took his last breath.

“No, Tony’s lying! You’re all talking nonsense.I didn’t kill Lewis! No!”

I found myself shouting as I covered my head, trying to suppress the splitting headache.

It was as if I was being driven crazy.

A strong sense of panic gripped my chest, suffocating me.

Ever since Visit to read the newest content, everyone! of him coming back to get his revenge.Had retribution finally arrived?

Jennifer’s POV:

It was finally time to take Arthur down.

Our plan went smoothly, but Arthur was a shameless werewolf.

Even after being backed into a corner, he was still struggling desperately.

Since he wanted to do things the hard way, I had another way to deal with him.

“Arthur, you claim that you didn’t bribe Elder Tony and that you didn’t kill my father.Well, let’s say that’s true.But then I have a question to ask you.If Visit to read the newest content, everyone! the Rainbow Pack, will you give up the position of the Alpha to him? After all, you were just forced to take over the position of the Alpha in order to maintain the stability of the pack, right? If you were really loyal to Alpha Lewis like you claimed, then you would pledge loyalty to his son.”

Holding Jerome’s hand, I looked straight into Arthur’s eyes and challenged him.that’s true.

But then I have a question to ask you.

If the son of Alpha Lewis comes back to the Rainbow Pack, will you give up the position of the Alpha to him? After all, you were just forced to take over the position of the Alpha in order to maintain the stability of the pack, right? If you were really loyal to Alpha Lewis like you claimed, then you would pledge loyalty to his son.

Holding Jerome’s hand, I looked straight into Arthur’s eyes and challenged him.

“Jennifer, if the late Lewis’ son was here, I would certainly hand over my position to him.I would always be loyal to Lewis.Unfortunately, his son died a long time ago.I feel sorry for him, but there’s nothing I can do about it.It’s the truth,”

Arthur said hypocritically.

I sneered inwardly.

This was the moment I had been waiting for.

It was time to expose Arthur’s true colors.

I pushed Jerome in front of everyone and took off his sunglasses, revealing his face.

“Well, Arthur, it’s your lucky day.You don’t have to be sorry.Jerome Smith, Alpha Lewis’ son, is here.When are you going to abdicate? Just now, you swore that you would return the position of the Alpha to Jerome, right? You won’t go back on your word, will you?”

I asked casually, raising my eyebrows.

I secretly felt pleased with everyone’s reaction.

As soon as Jerome’s sunglasses were taken off, there was an audible gasp from the other werewolves in the hall.

Arthur was so shocked that he shook his head fervently, unwilling to face the reality that stared him in his eyes.

“No way! Jennifer, what kind of sick joke is this? Jerome died a long time ago.How can he come back?”

Arthur screamed hysterically.

“Hello, everyone.I’m Jerome Smith, the heir of the late Alpha Lewis.It’s been more than ten years since we’ve all seen each other.I apologize for my long absence.Thank you for your efforts to keep the Rainbow Pack safe over all these years.”

At this time, Jerome confidently walked into the crowd and introduced himself to all the elders with a smile.

“Oh, my! He is indeed Lewis’ son.Even though he’s all grown up, his eyes look just like his father’s.This is Jerome Smith, all right.”

One of the elders recognized Jerome at once, and wiped the tears from the corner of his eye.

“I never expected that both of Lewis’ children would still be alive.This is such good news.Lewis, how are you doing in heaven? We all miss you very much.”

The other elders nodded, seeming to share his sentiment.

I could see that they all revered my father very much.

As a tyrant, Arthur had already lost everyone’s support in spirit.

Now, he would be truly overthrown.

The revenge that I had been dreaming of for ten years was finally about to come true.

“Jerome, do you remember me?”

A white-bearded elder walked up to Jerome with hopeful eyes.

“Of course I remember you, Elder Barton.You were my father’s right-hand assistant.I was lucky enough to be carried by you in your arms when I was a child.It’s been so many years since I saw you, but you still look so strong.” Jerome hugged Barton.

“Jerome is the heir to our original Alpha.Arthur is just a Beta who stepped in for him back then.Now that Jerome’s here, he should give up the position!”

Simon took this opportunity to fan the flames of the fire once again.

“We will all support Jerome to reclaim his position as the Alpha of our Rainbow Pack.I believe that he’ll govern the pack well.”

“I support Jerome too.He has Lewis’ blood running through his veins.There is no question that he’ll be a fantastic leader!”

“I agree.It’s time for Arthur to abdicate.Jerome, we firmly support you.Please ascend to the position of Alpha as soon as possible!”

Almost all the elders present voiced out their vehement support for Jerome.

Surrounded by them, my dear brother smiled triumphantly.

In contrast, Arthur’s face was deathly pale, with undisguised embarrassment.At this moment, I was the happiest person in the world.

I had finally avenged the wrongful death of my father.Now that the situation had come to this, I wanted to see what other tricks Arthur had up his sleeve.

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