Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 125

Tony’s POV:

I couldn’t believe it.My friend, Simon, was sitting next to me.

Ever since Arthur became the Alpha, I had been living as a fugitive.

I had to flee, and as such, I didn’t get many chances to see Simon.

Now that we had been reunited, I couldn’t help but sigh wistfully.

I couldn’t believe I was lucky enough to be alive and see my good old friend.

But even more pressing was Jennifer, who was asking me for the truth about the past.

I hesitated for a while, lost in my memories.

Scenes of the past flashed in my mind.

Over ten years ago, before Arthur ascended to the position of Alpha, he was the Beta.

Despite this, he still held a high position in the pack as the second hand of Alpha Lewis.

Arthur approached me out of the blue and asked me to do him a huge favor.

Arthur asked me to make up that prophecy about Jennifer being a jinx and that everyone around her were doomed to die.

I didn’t know him that well, so I didn’t expect him to ask something so ridiculous of me.

Naturally, I didn’t want to accept Arthur’s request, but then he kidnapped my family and threatened to torture them.

When he saw that I was still hesitant, he started to bribe me.

I had the hobby of collecting antiques back then, so Arthur offered me the antique that Lewis had given him as a reward for helping him.

Despite my initial hesitation, I ended up agreeing to cooperate with Arthur.

I foretold in public that Jennifer was a jinx, which turned the elders of the pack against her.

Later, Jennifer’s mother, Doris, died suddenly.

Everyone said that Jennifer was the cause of Doris’ death.

They demanded Lewis to eliminate the jinx, but of course, Lewis didn’t agree.

He would rather die than turn on his daughter.

Then, Arthur formed a coup, overturned Lewis’ rule, and killed him.

As if that wasn’t enough, Jennifer and her brother, Jerome, went missing.

Later, Arthur ascended the position of Alpha.

This series of unfortunate events was only just the beginning of my nightmare.

Arthur’s rule was very cruel.

He hunted me and my family down, probably Visit to read the newest content, everyone! secret.

Although I had promised to Arthur time and time again that I would never tell anyone the truth about what happened, he Visit to read the newest content, everyone! of my family.

Now, I had no family left, and this was all thanks to Arthur.

Despite my hatred towards him, I ran away.

I even fled to a barren mountain and lived under a different identity.

Only in this way could I evade his capture.

Over the years, I gradually grew insane.

Today was the first time in ages that I came to my senses.

Simply put, Arthur was evil.

He needed to be punished.

“Tony, Jennifer needs your help,”

Simon said gently, looking at me hopefully.

“You will tell her the Visit to read the newest content, everyone! I got out of bed to walk up to Jennifer.

“Jennifer, I’m not going to lie.I feel terribly ashamed just to face you.It was because of my false prophecy that you have suffered all these years.I am a sinner!”

I knelt on the floor, my heart full of regret, and apologized to her.

“I’m sorry.I have no right to ask for your forgiveness.I can only do my best to make up for you.

Back then, Arthur asked me to cooperate with him.He asked me to prophesy that you were a jinx, despite this being untrue.I never expected that he would kill your father under the guise of eliminating the so-called jinx.Arthur was so vicious, but I admit that I was his accomplice.I deserve to die.Jennifer, please give me a chance to redeem myself!”

The more I spoke, the sadder I became.

I lowered my head with guilt.

I felt nothing but shame in front of Jennifer.

Jennifer’s POV:

Tony had finally sobered up.

In a clear state of mind, he confessed and told me the truth about the past with tears streaming down his cheeks.

Now that I found the truth, I felt terrible.

It turned out that Arthur’s plot against me and my father ran deeper than I had thought.

He had fabricated a lie about me in order to kill my father.

If it weren’t for the false prophecy about me, would my father have died? “Elder Tony, why?”

I choked, tears welling up in my eyes.

“Why did you do as Arthur asked?”

“I’m sorry, Jennifer.I had no choice.Arthur captured my family.He threatened to harm them if I didn’t cooperate with him.He also bribed me with an antique.I was so obsessed with it and eventually agreed to his request.But now that I’m sober, I realize how big of a mistake that was.Arthur is downright evil, and I must bring him to justice!”Then, he buried his face in his hands and cried bitterly.

“You know what? After Arthur became Alpha, he betrayed me and had all of my family killed.”

Seeing him like this made me think twice about how I felt towards him.

There was no doubt that Tony had helped Arthur get what he wanted.

I should hate him, but from the looks of things, this poor old werewolf had been pushed into a desperate situation, and he had lost his family as a result.

In fact, we were all victims, and Arthur was our common enemy.

“Elder Tony, I can’t forgive you for my father’s death, but even I admit you’re one of the victims here.The one we should target is Arthur.”

I helped him to his feet.

“You don’t have to kneel down and apologize to me.I believe that you truly regret the past.Since *** guided me to find you, it means that he has given you a chance to redeem yourself.”

“Jennifer, you are so kind.*** bless you.”

Tony wiped the tears from his eyes and bowed gratefully.

“I will do my best to make amends.Let me testify against Arthur for you.I have evidence against him.He gave me an antique that belonged to your father, and everyone in the Rainbow Pack know that Alpha Lewis had given that very antique to Arthur.”

“Do you mean this?”

I found the antique that Tony loved so much and handed it to him.

“I saw this in your home when we first found you.I remembered it had belonged to my father, so I brought it back.At the time, you were still hysteric, but you held it close and tinkered with it every day.”

“Yes, this is the one.”

Tony took the antique from me and traced its outline with his finger sentimentally.

“Back then, Arthur bribed me with this and forced me to tell a false prophecy.Now, I will try my best to prove your innocence, Jennifer.By the way, I have some friends on that mountain.They saved my life once.After I help you deal with Arthur, I want to go back to see them.Simon, did you come across anyone else when you found me on the mountain?”

“We only saw a child.We didn’t see anyone else,”

Simon replied with a slight frown.

“Tony, what’s going on?”

“A few years ago, Arthur’s men were chasing after me when two young werewolves saved me.I lived in seclusion with them on that mountain, and they treated my injuries.But I can’t remember what happened after.Maybe it’s because I went insane.” Tony sighed.

“Never mind.The top priority is to bring Arthur to justice.After that, I’ll take time to go back to the mountain.”

Then, we started to discuss how to overthrow Arthur’s rule.

Looking around the room at all the focused faces, I felt that it wouldn’t be long before Arthur got what was coming to him.

Finally, my father would be able to rest in peace.

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