Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 123

Caroline’s POV:

I had spent days alone in the ward and had grown absolutely bored.

I tried to leave the ward on more than one occasion, but I was stopped by Anthony’s men each time.

I knew that Anthony was keeping an eye on me and that he no longer trusted me.

I also knew that he had been accompanying Jennifer in the intensive care unit while I was rotting in my ward.

I sadly realized that no matter what I did, I couldn’t win his love.

When I knew the guards weren’t listening, I secretly called Austin and asked him if he had finally killed that *****, Jennifer.

However, to my  great disappointment, Austin told me that his men couldn’t even get close to her since Anthony was by her side all the time.

Anthony even checked every single medicine that was meant for Jennifer.

Austin’s men couldn’t find any opportunity to strike.

I almost threw a fit when I heard this.

Anthony loved Jennifer so much.

I knew I couldn’t compete with her, especially what with my current situation.I thought it over and decided I had nowhere to go but the royal palace of Osman Kingdom.

There, I could regroup and plot against Jennifer properly.

But I couldn’t do this alone, not with Anthony’s men keeping watch.I had to ask Austin for help to escape.

Austin agreed without hesitation and sent someone over to cover for me.

Fortunately, the escape went smoothly and I made it back to the royal palace in one piece.

Austin was there to personally receive me.

He had even prepared a banquet for me.

Together, we went to his residence and sat down for dinner.

But I didn’t have an appetite.

Thinking about what Anthony had done, I didn’t want to do anything but flip the table in front of me.

“Anthony is so heartless,”

I said bitterly, sipping at my wine half-heartedly.

“No matter what I do, I can’t get him to love me back.His eyes are on Jennifer and only her.I had his memories erased, yet he still chose that *****.What’s so good about her anyway? Why is Anthony so obsessed with her? They really **** me off.I hate him so much.He’s so cruel to me! Not only does he distrust me, he even sent his men to keep an eye on me.If you didn’t help me, I’d still be rotting in that hospital.”

“Caroline, welcome back,”

Austin said with a chuckle, pinching my chin.

“Don’t be sad.I’m here for you.If you hate those two so much, I’ll make sure they suffer endlessly.Of course, if you agree, I can also let them die a horrible death.”

“I appreciate the sentiment, but I’d have to think about that.While I do want Jennifer dead, I’m not sure I have the heart to hurt Anthony.After all, I’ve loved him for so long.” I smiled bitterly.

“It doesn’t matter.I respect your choice.Let’s talk about it once you’ve made up your mind.”

Austin rested one hand on my waist, while the other Visit to read the newest content, everyone! a little perturbed.

Austin was usually vicious and cruel, never gentle and tender.

What was going on with him today? Had he changed?

“Austin, why Visit to read the newest content, everyone! at Austin’s handsome face questioningly.

“Babe, don’t you know? It’s because I like your body.”

Austin smiled like a demon from ****.

“It’s been a while since I last saw you.My **** misses your *****.”

As he spoke, he rubbed his hard **** against my buttocks.

I moaned and I couldn’t help but soften at his touch.

I could feel his big, hard **** from underneath his clothes.

I couldn’t help but think about the naughty stuff we did in the past and was filled with an insatiable desire Visit to read the newest content, everyone! a ****.

I loved Anthony, but I couldn’t resist Austin’s ****.

But now that I was angry at Anthony, I didn’t feel the need to stay loyal to him.

Thinking of Anthony’s cruel attitude towards me, I put down my glass and spread my legs before Austin.

“Caroline, you ****.”

Austin shoved his hand under my skirt and tore off my underwear in one swift movement.

Then, he reached up and stroked my wet, swollen ****.

“**** me, Austin.”

I reached for him and held his big, thick **** in Visit to read the newest content, everyone! right now.”

“****, Caroline.You’re so wet.Do you want me to **** you hard?”

Austin pressed the tip of his **** against the opening of my *****.

I moaned at his touch and was consumed with desire for him.

Just as he was about to thrust his **** inside me, a thought suddenly occurred to me and I shoved him off me.

Austin’s POV:

Caroline was finally back and I had plans to **** her tonight.

However, just as my plan was about to reach fruition, she suddenly pushed me away.

What a ****! Why was she still refusing me when her ***** was so wet? Was she just playing hard- to-get?

“*****, what the ****? Didn’t you want to befucked?”

I asked coldly, pinching Caroline’s ****** harshly.

“I’m sorry, Austin,” she said, wincing at my touch.

“I’m not feeling well today.I don’t want to…Let’s talk about it next time, okay?”

She averted her gaze.

“What? Your ***** is wet as ****.What do you mean you don’t want to?”

As I spoke, I cupped and squeezed her soft *******.

Then, I leaned over to kiss her neck.

“What the **** is going on? If you don’t tell me, I’ll **** you like there’s no tomorrow.”

“Austin, I’m pregnant with your child.We can’t have *** now.”

Caroline finally blurted out the truth.

Shocked, I stopped abruptly.

Ever since we started having ***, I had been obsessed with Caroline’s body.

However, marrying her and having a family with her never crossed my mind.

And yet now, she was pregnant with my child.

I almost slapped myself to recover from my initial shock.

I never had a child before.

But now that she was pregnant, maybe I could let her have the baby.

Maybe this child would help solidify my position of power.

“Caroline, what are you planning to do with the child?”

I asked softly, caressing her fair and tender *******.

“I don’t know.I wanted to make Anthony responsible, but that didn’t work.Even though he had lost his memories, he refused to believe that the child was his.”

Caroline sighed.

“Austin, what if I just have an abortion? Anyway, since Anthony won’t accept the child, and since you won’t marry me either, the existence of the child is meaningless.”

“How dare you even think about aborting my child?” I raised her chin.

“I want you to keep the baby.”

“What good will come of that?”

I frowned slightly.I didn’t expect Caroline to want to bargain with me.

“After you give birth to the baby, I will consider making you my queen.”

I kissed her soft lips.

“Caroline, stop dreaming of being with Anthony.He’ll never love you.Being my queen is better than chasing after unrealistic fantasies.”

Caroline hesitated for a while, but then she finally conceded.

“Okay.I’ll Keep the baby.”

“My **** is still hard, ****.”

I forced her to kneel in front of me and parted her lips with my fingers.

“**** on it and let me *** in your mouth,” I ordered her.

“Austin, you are so naughty…”

Caroline stuck out her tongue and licked my fingers.

Then she lowered her head and sucked on my swollen ****.

She swayed her **** in the air as she sucked on me.

Her big ******* also swayed.

“*****, I’m going to **** you hard!”

I rampaged in her mouth, making her roll her eyes to the back of her head.

I pulled her **** cheeks apart, revealing her star-shaped ****.

With a devilish smile, I inserted my finger into the hole.

“Ah, Austin…”

Caroline screamed and convulsed as I pushed my finger in deeper.

She was a ****.She was still so lewd even though she was pregnant.

This time, I went easy on her.Next time, though, I planned to **** her hard.

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