Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 118

Jennifer’s POV:

“Do you need to get that bandaged?”

Seeing the scratch on Anthony’s arm made me feel bad.

I couldn’t believe Caroline went crazy in front of him just now.

Yet, at the same time, I was happy that Anthony defended me in front of her.

“I’m fine,”

Anthony answered, carefully observing my reaction.

“It’s nothing.I’m sure it’ll heal soon.”

I knew why he was acting so cautious.

I sank back into bed, depressed at the thought of Caroline’s baby being Anthony’s.

= While I didn’t believe for a second that Anthony would have slept with her, the mere thought of them having a child made me feel so gloomy.

“Jennifer, I might’ve forgotten the past, but I have a gut feeling that I’ve always treated Caroline like a sister,”

“You’re the only girl who I view as a mate.I know you’re sad, but please trust me.I’ll find a way to regain my memories.Then I will know the truth.”

“But how? How did you lose your memories in the first place?”

This question had been plaguing me.

How could Anthony lose his memories out of the blue? Someone must be behind this.

Anthony fell quiet, thinking about it carefully.

“I don’t know either.I think it must have happened in my sleep.I’ve heard that a wizard’s black magic can alter one’s memories.Maybe I can ask a wizard to help me.But they have a reputation for being mysterious and hard to find.Anyway, don’t worry.I’ll look into it.”

“What are you going to do about Caroline’s baby?”

“I really don’t believe that the child is mine.But I can’t confront Caroline right now.Otherwise, she may do something terrible.Don’t worry.I’ve sent someone to investigate her.I want to see who she’s close contact with.I will inform you as soon as I get any news.”

“Okay.I trust you.Even though you’ve lost your memories, I Know you’re not a *******.There’s no way Caroline’s baby is yours! By the way, what makes you think that I’m your mate? Aren’t you worried that I’m lying?”

Anthony reached out and held my hand.

“Jennifer, you make me feel something else.It’s exactly this indescribable feeling that makes me believe that you’re the one for me.Whenever I see you, I can’t help but want to get close to you.The second I heard that you got into an accident, I was scared to death.I realize now that you’re too important to me.I don’t Know what to do with you by my side.”

Tears welled up in my eyes and I threw my arms around him.

He had finally spoken out his true feelings.

“You know what? The reason why you feel this way is because I’m your mate and we’re connected telepathically.Just like this.Do you feel it? We are mates.”

As I spoke, I moved my hand from his chest to his Adam’s apple.

“Anthony, Visit to read the newest content, everyone! stunned when he heard this.

Then, he grabbed the back of my head and kissed me.


I hadn’t kissed Anthony in what seemed like Visit to read the newest content, everyone! pleasure.

Anthony seemed to be stimulated by this.

He bit my lower lip and looked at me affectionately.

His eyes were blazing with desire and his hands roamed all over my body restlessly.

The kiss I wanted for so long was so intoxicating, I fell like I was drowning.

Anthony’s POV:

I was holding Jennifer in my arms.

We kissed passionately, as though I could never get enough of her.

I found myself obsessed with the way she tasted.

Jennifer seemed to have cast a spell on me.

I felt like I Visit to read the newest content, everyone! never felt this way before.

She was right.

This was how a couple felt towards each other.

This was the feeling of loving someone.

I could feel that my love for Jennifer must be really deep.

As we kissed passionately, my wolf Zane started shouting at me in my mind.

“Anthony, pin Jennifer down now and sleep with her!”

“Zane, have some respect for Jennifer.I love her, but I’ve lost my memories.If I have *** with her in this condition, what does that make me?” I scolded him.

“Well, regain your memories faster! Jennifer’s so beautiful, I can’t believe you won’t pin her down,”

Zane said helplessly.

The truth was, I agreed with Zane.

I wanted Jennifer more than anything in the world, and my **** felt the same way.It throbbed painfully in my pants.

“Anthony, you *******!”

Zane teased me.

I felt embarrassed and wanted to hide my hard ****.

“This is Jennifer’s fault! She’s so beautiful that whenever I get close, I can’t help but feel aroused.”

I felt embarrassed.

I wanted to retreat and put some distance between me and Jennifer before she found out.

As though Jennifer could read my mind, her gaze suddenly landed on my crotch and smiled slyly.

“Honey, do you want to get closer to me?”

“Well, maybe someday.But I’ll restrain my desire for you while I still haven’t regained my memories.”

I tried to look calm, but I couldn’t help turn red with embarrassment.

“You have a responsibility towards me now that you’ve kissed me,”

Jennifer said coyly.

“Babe, even though I don’t remember what we’ve been through, I can’t help but feel drawn towards you.We will be together eventually and I will forever be responsible for you,”

I replied to Jennifer.

It sounded like my words moved her because, in the next second, Jennifer wrapped her arms around my neck and she was kissing my Adam’s apple.

Slowly, her lips moved from my Adam’s apple to my chest.

She began to lick my ****** playfully, but she didn’t stay there for long.

After a while, her lips were hovering above my belt, but she paused abruptly in her tracks.

What a tease! Oh, my ***! I really couldn’t stand it.

“Jennifer, stop teasing me.I’m going crazy over here!”

I gasped breathlessly and softly pushed Jennifer away.

My big **** was already secreting liquid, eager to come out.

No way! Things couldn’t go on like this.

“Anthony, relax and have *** with me.I miss the feeling of your big **** in my *****.I want you inside me.”

“Jennifer, I can’t do that.”

Although my **** was already extremely hard, I had to stand my ground.

“Your wounds haven’t healed yet.”

“Fine.Then put it inside my mouth.”

Without waiting for a response, Jennifer started to unbuckle my belt.

Before I could react, I felt her soft tongue pressing against the tip of my ****.

Then, all at once, she took all of me inside her mouth.

I couldn’t stop myself anymore at that point.

I moved to the Jennifer’s rhythm and thrust into her mouth as deep as I could.

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