Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 117

Caroline’s POV:

I had spent a lot of time with Anthony the past few days.

This was perhaps the longest time I had ever spent with him.

Back when I was still studying abroad, I could only reach him via phone.

I knew Anthony rarely responded to others, but he would occasionally reply to my messages, which made my heart flutter.

This meant I was important to him.

I had always thought that one day I would become Anthony’s bride.

He never showed any interest in looking for his mate, so I had always assumed that we would end up together and that I was the only apple of his eye.

But one day, everything changed.

Ever since Jennifer showed up, Anthony only had eyes for her.

I used to think he would fall in love with me, but he didn’t.

He fell in love with someone else.

couldn’t help but feel incredibly annoyed.

Just then, my phone started to ring.

It was a call from Dylan.

“Hello, Dylan.”

I pressed the phone against my ear as I walked out of the ward.

“Mr.Jones, Jennifer got into a car accident on the way to visit you,”

Dylan said breathlessly, his voice trembling.

“She is seriously injured and unconscious right now.I don’t know if she’ll be able to come through the operation.Will you please come and meet her?”

I felt my world shatter when I heard Jennifer got into a car accident.

I could feel all the color drain from my face.

I couldn’t believe my ears.

She was in grave danger before I was able to regain my memories.

A wave of shock and worry swept over me.

I didn’t even take the time to think.

After asking where Jennifer was, I rushed towards the operating room as fast as I could.

Caroline tried to run after me and shouted, “Anthony, don’t leave me alone! Where are you going?”

I made sure to stress the word “baby” in front of Jennifer.

As I expected, Jennifer’s eyes went wide with shock.

“Baby? What baby? What do you mean?”

She gazed at Visit to read the newest content, everyone! my belly is Anthony’s,”

I said with flourish, clutching my stomach dramatically.

I even managed to squeeze out a few tears.

“Is she telling the Visit to read the newest content, everyone! memories.I honestly don’t know who the father of the baby is.But I’ve always seen Caroline as my sister.I don’t think I’d ever have a child with her,”

Anthony said sincerely.

I couldn’t help but start screaming hysterically when I heard that.

“Jennifer, this is all your fault! You took my beloved Anthony away from me! He should be mine!”

I stepped forward to rip Jennifer apart.

I wanted Anthony to see her true colors.

Blinded with rage, I raised my arm to scratch her viciously.

But Anthony blocked my Visit to read the newest content, everyone! it! Jennifer just got into a car accident and needs to recover.Leave us.We’ll talk later.”

But when would I ever have the chance to talk to him? He was too preoccupied with that *****! Seeing how Anthony protected Jennifer with his own body, I was so jealous that I almost went crazy on the spot.

Somehow, I miraculously kept myself together and held back my anger.

“Jennifer, I will not let this slide,”

I finally said through gritted teeth.

‘One day, I will destroy all of them.’’ Visit to read the newest content, everyone! Dylan to take me back to my ward.

Then, I heard him order his attendants to keep an eye on me.

When I was back in my ward, I couldn’t help but feel like I was being watched by Anthony’s men.

There was nothing I could do but take out my phone and send Austin a message in secret.

“Why the **** is that ***** still alive?”

Seconds later, I received a reply.

“I’ve already sent my men to take action.Jennifer should be dead by now.”

“Jennifer is not dead at all.She is just seriously injured!”

“What? Are you sure?”

Austin was surprised.

It seemed he had no idea that Jennifer was still alive.

I was so angry.

That ******* could do nothing right! I sent another message to him.

“Just get the job done, and don’t leave room for any mistakes.That ***** is driving me crazy.”

“Jennifer is just lucky.I can’t believe she survived the car accident.Which hospital is she in?”

“The hospital of the Rainbow Pack.”

“Oh, easy.Now that she’s weakened by her injuries, I’ll ask Arthur to send someone to kill her there.She can’t escape this time.”

“All right.I will trust you for the last time.”

I put down my phone and took a deep breath.

I might just go insane if Austin didn’t succeed this time.

Skylar’s POV:

The car accident was serious.

Fortunately, we all survived, but it was a close call.

I really thought that I was going to lose Jennifer.

I was just glad she was rescued in time.

Plus, seeing her get along well with Anthony made me feel even more relieved.

Dylan and I tried not to disturb them.

I sat in the corridor of the hospital, waiting for Dylan to come back from escorting Caroline to her ward.

I followed him into the room and listened to his report to Anthony.

“Mr.Jones, I’ve sent Miss Wilson back to her ward.Several attendants are keeping watch.”

“Okay, keep an eye on her.”

“I will, Mr.Jones.”

With that, we excused ourselves and left the two lovebirds alone.

I sat on a bench, exhausted.

Dylan sat next to me, and we mulled over what had happened in silence.

“Dylan, we should thank *** for keeping us alive.”

“Yes.I honestly thought we were going to die when the truck hit us.We were so lucky.”

Dylan slipped his hand into mine and I leaned against his chest.

Listening to his steady heartbeat, I felt a sense of security.

“I love you so much, Dylan.”

And I wanted him to know this.

Only then did I feel that I was truly alive.

I needed to say it now that I could.

What if I didn’t get the chance to say it later? I hoped that Dylan would know for the rest of eternity that I loved him.

“Skylar, I love you too.”

Dylan cupped my chin and made me look up at him.

Then, he leaned in and kissed me.

He kissed me slowly at first.

The kiss, however, grew more and more passionate.

I reciprocated and kissed him just as passionately, if not more.

In his arms, I felt the joy of recovering something I had lost, as well as the touching sweetness I could barely describe.

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