Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 115

Chapter 115: Car Accident

Jennifer’s POV:

Ever since I had been reunited with my brother, I no longer felt as helpless as before.

After my brother called Anthony to explain the situation, Anthony asked us to meet him.

That was a good sign.

It meant that Anthony trusted us more now.

I was happy that I was going to see Anthony again.

Maybe this problem between us was going to come to a conclusion soon.

After all, my brother, Dylan, was Anthony’s most trusted subordinate.

Anthony believed him wholeheartedly.

If everything went well today, Anthony and I could probably get back together.

All of a sudden, my brother got a message from Anthony.

Had he arrived at the hotel already? I couldn’t wait to see him.

“Dylan, what did Anthony say? Is he already there? We should hurry up.He might get impatient while waiting for us,”

I asked Dylan in my excitement.

However, Dylan looked apologetic as he replied, “Anthony canceled the appointment.He said that there was something urgent that he needed to attend to at the hospital.”

“The hospital? Why is he in the hospital? Is he injured? I need to go to the hospital.I can’t rest assured until I see him for myself.”

I was worried for him.

Had he actually gotten hurt after the assassination attempt during the anniversary banquet of the Rainbow Pack?

“We’ll go with you,”

Dylan told me.


Finally, Dylan, Skylar and I decided to go to the hospital together.

I hailed a taxi and told the driver, “Please drive quickly.”

My heart was heavy with worry for Anthony’s well- being.

The atmosphere in the taxi was depressing, and everyone was quiet.

After a while, Skylar tried to reassure me.

“Don’t worry, Jennifer.Everything will be fine.You and Mr.Jones will have your happy ending.”

“Yes, he must be fine.If Anthony could send a message, it was probably just a minor injury.But I still want to see him and check his condition myself,”

I answered Skylar, who was sitting in the back seat.

After saying that, I turned around to look at the road ahead.

I wanted to see Anthony as soon as possible.

If something bad had Visit to read the newest content, everyone! him through his recovery.

My eyes were fixed on the road until the driver screamed.

I saw a truck rushing towards us at an Visit to read the newest content, everyone! wheel, but it was too late.

The truck rammed into the taxi.

I was seated in the passenger seat, while Dylan and Skylar were seated in the back.

A second before the truck collided with the taxi, I glanced at the rearview mirror to check on my brother.

Dylan held Skylar in his arms, and he called out my name in a shrill voice.

“Jennifer, jump out of the car!”

I wanted to do as my brother said, but the truck was too fast.

I had no time to Visit to read the newest content, everyone! the taxi was sent flying.

It rolled in the air before hitting the ground with a loud bang.

It skidded to a stop with the chassis facing up.

The car’s body was deformed, and some of its tires got blown out from the impact of the collision.

The windshield shattered, and all the airbags were activated.

All I felt was a crushing force that smashed my bones and tugged on my limbs.

The world looked like it was spinning.

I was stuck in my seat, and I could feel Visit to read the newest content, everyone! pain all over my body a few seconds later.

I could no longer focus on the world around me.

Was I going to die here? But I had not even seen my beloved yet.

He had not remembered me yet.

As I started to lose consciousness, I thought that I saw Anthony.

He was looking at me gently, just like how he used to do.

I wanted to go over to him but I didn’t have the strength.

How unfortunate that I could no longer stand by his side.

Dylan’s POV: When the car accident happened, Skylar and I were seated in the back of the taxi.

Because the truck barreled into the front of the vehicle, we did not get the full brunt of the impact.

Skylar were well- protected.

She only had a couple of bruises on her hands and feet, and the accident left her a little shaken.

My hands were scratched up from some shattered glass.

They were bleeding but I had no time to deal with my wounds.

I was more worried about Jennifer since she sat in the passenger seat.

It looked like she was knocked out, and I had no idea how serious her injuries were.

I reached out and managed to open the car door with shaky hands.

I crawled out and made my way to the passenger seat.

The door was completely deformed, and the scene before me made my heart skip a beat in a bad way.

Jennifer was unconscious and covered in blood.

I hustled her out of the taxi.

Skylar also found her way out of the taxi.

When she saw me holding Jennifer in my arms, she started crying.

“Oh my ***…Dylan, what should we do?”

“Call an ambulance!” I ordered.

Skylar took out her phone and quickly made the call.

The poor taxi driver died on the spot.

A kind- hearted passer-by dragged him out of the car and covered him with a white cloth.

By the time the ambulance arrived, a lot of people had gathered around us.

I helped the medical staff load Jennifer into the ambulance.

Inside, they performed emergency procedures to keep her alive.

My heart ached as if it was being cut by a knife.

Skylar and I got on the ambulance.

She cried the whole ride to the hospital.

Before the ambulance left the scene of the accident, I looked around and noticed that the truck was gone.

Did someone want my sister dead? If something bad happened to her, I would never forgive the culprit.

When we arrived at the hospital, Jennifer was wheeled into the operating room.

Skylar and I were taken to another room to have our wounds treated.

I thought of informing Anthony about this.

As I pulled out my phone, my hands trembled.

I finally managed to dial his number, and the prince answered my call immediately.


It was Anthony’s voice.

“Mr.Jones, we got into a car accident on the way to you, and Jennifer was seriously injured.She’s currently in a coma, but I don’t know if she will live.Can you come see her?”

I asked.

“Where are you now?”

Anthony’s voice sounded very anxious.

He sounded like he was out of breath which suggested that he was running.

He was probably on his way.

My voice broke a little as I told him the address of the hospital we were in.

After hanging up the phone, I couldn’t hold back my tears anymore.

I started crying, uncaring of who saw me.

I couldn’t imagine what life would be like without Jennifer.

She was the only family I had.

I sincerely wished that Jennifer would be able to pull through this.

‘‘***, if you’re listening, please make her wake up!’’

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