Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 114

Chapter 114: Favor From A Friend

Caroline’s POV:

I kept tossing and turning last night.

I found it difficult to sleep because Anthony was clearly keeping a polite distance from me.

I woke up in the middle of the night, but I kept my eyes closed and pretended to be asleep.

When Anthony’s phone rang and he stepped out of the ward, I knew that someone important must have called him.

Driven by curiosity, I quietly tiptoed over to the door and eavesdropped on his conversation.

But Anthony spoke in a low voice and I couldn’t get any nearer, so I could only get bits and pieces of information.

I learned that he was suspicious of me and that was why he asked someone to keep an eye on me.

He also made an appointment to meet with the other person.

Who did he ask to investigate me? Did he have suspicions regarding the baby in my womb? Who on earth was he meeting in the afternoon? Could it be Jennifer? I had so many questions.

Before Anthony ended the call, I tiptoed back to my bed without a sound.

I covered myself up with the blanket and pretended that I was still asleep, but on the inside, I was deeply bothered.

I didn’t know how to make Anthony believe that this child was his.

After giving it some thought, I decided to give him reasons to stay by my side the whole afternoon.

I could not let him go out and leave me.

I had been in a constant state of panic ever since Jennifer appeared.

If Anthony went to meet Jennifer and that ***** managed to sway his feelings in her favor, my chances with him would get even slimmer.

I heard the door swing open.

Anthony returned to the room, and I continued pretending to be asleep.

I didn’t open my eyes until the doctor came in to check up on me.

“This lady is getting better.She can be discharged after two days.Please take good care of her, sir,” the doctor told Anthony.

“Okay.Thank you very much.”

Anthony thanked the doctor.

After that, a nurse brought us some breakfast.

Anthony and I ate together in the ward.

I saw this as an opportunity so I seized it.

I pressed a hand over my chest and coughed.

“Anthony, I’m still not feeling well.Can you stay and keep me and our child company today?”

I looked at him pitifully.

“I’m sorry, Caroline.I can’t.”

Anthony shook his head.

“There is something Visit to read the newest content, everyone! I have to go.Don’t worry.I will ask the nurses to take care of you.You’ll be in good hands.”

“Anthony, what’s so important that Visit to read the newest content, everyone! you do it after I leave the hospital? I need you now.”

I tried to persuade him.

“Caroline, why are you being so clingy? You are an adult, not a child.I need my own space.Please stop pestering me all the time, okay?”

Anthony was unmoved by my request.

His stubbornness was infuriating! I grabbed his wrist and cried out, “Anthony, please don’t go.I’m scared.I’m so worried that you’ll leave me.If you want to leave, take me and our child with you.”

I covered my belly and cried Visit to read the newest content, everyone! sobbing.

I tried to look as if I could faint at any time.

The move worked.

Anthony was forced to come to a compromise.

“Calm down, Caroline.You’re getting agitated again.The doctor said that you can’t get too emotional or stressed.Fine.I’ll stay, but you have to understand that you can’t always keep holding me back like this.I hope you straighten yourself out.”

After saying that, Anthony went over to sit at the desk on the other side of the room.

He sat there with his back to me.

Even his back looked attractive.

How could I not obsess over him? However, when I remembered how he kept trying to distance himself from me like this, my jaw clenched in annoyance.

This was unacceptable! So I sent a message to Austin, urging him to hurry up and kill Jennifer as soon as possible.

Not long after, I received a reply.

He said that everything was ready and all I needed to do was to wait and see.

A great show was about to begin.

‘Jennifer, I’m looking forward to the day when you get smashed to pieces! After that, you won’t be able to compete with me for Anthony’s heart.’

Dylan’s POV:

This morning, Skylar and I got up at the same time and went to the dining room to have breakfast with everyone else.

“I have contacted my friend, Jeff.He will come later to the villa to see to Elder Tony’s care.”

I was in high spirits while I told everyone the news.

I then turned to look at Jennifer.

“By the way, Jennifer, I have also contacted Mr.Jones.It’s a good thing that he hasn’t forgotten me.We have made plans to meet this afternoon.I’ll take you with me to see him.You can explain things to him in person.I’ll be there to back you up.He trusts me a lot.So as long as I’m with you, he will believe you.You two will soon clear up any misunderstandings and get back together.”

“Really? That’s great! Thank you.You are the best brother in the world!”

Tears welled up in Jennifer’s eyes.

Seeing Ker so happy made me happy as well.

After breakfast, Jeff rushed to the villa.

I briefly introduced him to everyone and then led him to Tony’s room.

We surrounded Jeff and watched him treat Tony.

Jeff was a skilled doctor and he systematically examined Tony.

Jennifer looked a little worried.

As if I could read her mind, I smiled and explained, “Don’t worry.I know that Elder Tony’s identity is a secret.Jeff is an old friend of mine.You can count on him to keep it a secret as well.”

I then looked at Jeff and asked, “How is he?”

“His condition is a little complicated.I have dealt with many cases, but none of them was similar to his.I plan to stay here and take him on regular walks.That should help him recover.As for his identity, I promise to keep it a secret.Dylan has told me everything about him.Rest and proper exercise should help Tony regain his sanity.Fortunately, this villa is in a remote location and is pretty safe.I won’t take him too far.”

Jeff and I looked at each other and smiled.

“Dylan is my good friend.I’m glad I can be of help to him.Don’t worry, everyone.I’m confident that I can cure Tony.”

“Jeff, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for your help.”

Jennifer bowed to Jeff, prompting everyone else to express their gratitude as well.

“We are friends, and that’s what friends do.”

Jeff hurriedly helped Jennifer up.

“Tony needs a quiet environment, and you all don’t have to stay here.Go back to whatever it is that you were doing.I’m here.When Tony’s condition gets better, I’ll inform you right away.”

“Thank you, Jeff!” I took Skylar and Jennifer out of Tony’s room.

Before I left, I waved at Jeff.

Next on my to-do list was to take Jennifer to Lehrman Hotel so that she could meet with Anthony.

Daniel and Helen were madly in love these days.

He said he was going to see Helen and he left the villa.

Jennifer and I prepared to go to the hotel.

Before we set out, we talked about Anthony.

“Jennifer, it seems like Mr.Jones has only forgotten you.He still remembers me.Don’t worry because I’ll be right next to you.We’ll find a way to make things work out.When we get to the hotel, just tell him the truth.”


Jennifer rubbed her hands nervously.

Just then, I received a message.

I opened my phone to read the text, and when I saw the message, my face froze.

“What’s wrong, Dylan?” Jennifer asked me with a frown.

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