Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 110

Chapter 110: A Date

Jennifer’s POV:

Tonight, I made sure to dress up nicely because I was going to meet Anthony.I even did my hair and put on some makeup.

As expected, the moment Anthony saw me, he could not look away.

It should not be difficult to catch the attention of a man who used to love me and make him fall for me once more.

I was ready to fight against Caroline to the end.

If she wanted to beat me using trickery, I was not going to hold back any longer.

Besides, I had no plans of giving Anthony up to her.

Sure, he had lost his memories.

But if she could make Anthony lose his memories, I could make him fall in love with me again.

I came to the restaurant as agreed.

It was disappointing that he had forgotten all about me, but I was really happy to see Anthony.

It was even more disappointing that I could not hug him even though he was my mate.

Anthony was surprised to see that I ordered spaghetti with black truffles for him.

“How did you know what I like?”

When Anthony looked into my eyes and asked me that, it was as if he had gone back to how he used to be; but I quickly sobered up.

His current expression was just his usual one.

He still had yet to remember that he loved me.

But that didn’t really matter.

I was who I was, a person who had no plans of giving up.

“I remember everything about you because I love you.I know things that others don’t,”

I replied while looking him in the eye.

After a moment of stunned silence, Anthony asked me, “Are we really mates, Jennifer?”

“We are.Have you completely forgotten me? Don’t you remember anything?”

I looked at him hopefully even though I knew that what I wanted was impossible at the moment.

“Sorry.I still don’t remember who you are,”

Anthony apologized sincerely.

My smile became bitter.

“It’s fine because, no matter what, I will always be with you.We’ll find a way to get your memories back, just like Visit to read the newest content, everyone! things happened.”

Anthony smiled back at me, and then we had dinner together.

We had been a couple for quite some time so I Visit to read the newest content, everyone! order food that he liked.

Although he had lost his sense of smell, he still liked the same food.

We still got along very well.

A thought came to me, and it made me stop eating.

I turned to Anthony.

“By the way, you need to be careful of Arthur.He is cruel and has a history of doing awful things.You shouldn’t take him lightly.”

Anthony was a smart man.

He must have also noticed that something was off about Arthur and that was why he told me to be Visit to read the newest content, everyone! that someone is out to kill you.What happened at the anniversary banquet was proof of that.Speaking of this, have you fought with anyone recently?”

“Arthur and I have our own issues to deal with.Maybe he was the one who ordered those werewolves to attack me, but don’t worry.I will be more careful from now on.”

I felt reluctant to part ways with Anthony.I had almost forgotten that he had only come to attend the anniversary celebration.

He was probably going to return to the palace Visit to read the newest content, everyone! palace?” I could not help but ask.

After a short pause, he answered, “I am not leaving for the time being.I plan on staying with the Rainbow Pack to investigate the assassination attempt during the banquet.”

“Are you staying because of me?”

I asked him in pleasant surprise.I didn’t expect Anthony to agree.

“You are part of why I need to stay here.I don’t know why but I care about you.I need to know that you are Safe, and I can’t just ignore this feeling.”

I felt so happy to hear that.

“This has to be because of our bond as mates.That bond can never be erased.You might not remember me right now, but your heart and your body do.I can never be truly eliminated from your life,” I replied.

“That might be true.”

Anthony didn’t deny what I had just said.

At that moment, a waiter passed by and accidentally spilled a hot drink on me, scalding the back of my hand.

“Are you okay?”

Anthony leaped to my aid and checked my hand.

“Please get us some ice cubes,” he told the waiter who was in the middle of apologizing profusely.

When Anthony placed some ice on my hand, I was so moved that I couldn’t help but hug him.

“Honey, thank you for caring for me.”

Surprisingly, he didn’t push me away.

He let me hug him and speak to him so candidly.

It took me a few seconds to come to my senses.

“I’m sorry.That was too forward of me.I couldn’t help myself because you were so sweet.It reminded me of our past and…”

“It’s fine.I understand,”

Anthony assured me.

“Don’t worry.I will try my best to find out what’s going on.If you really are my mate, I will treat you well and make it up to you.”

“Then I will wait for your good news.Anthony, I want to take you somewhere.”

I did not know when would be the next time we would go on the date so I wanted to prolong this one.I wanted to spend a little more time with Anthony.

“Okay, I’m all yours for today.”

Anthony looked at me with a smile.

After dinner, I took Anthony to a wishing pool.

I was happy that I could bring my mate here.I pointed to the center of the pool and turned to look at Anthony.

“Anthony, this is where my parents first met each other.This pool is said to make wishes come true.Do you want to try throwing a coin into it? Maybe our wishes will also come true.”

“Let’s make a wish together.”

Anthony nodded in agreement.

I closed my eyes.

Even though there were other werewolves in the area, the two of us silently made wishes together.

Two minutes later, I looked up at Anthony and saw that he was still seriously praying.

He eventually opened his eyes and caught me staring at him.

He asked, “Jennifer, what did you wish for?”

“I wished that Anthony will always be healthy and happy, and that he will always be with me.”

I heard him sigh.

“What about you? What was your wish?” I asked him.

“I wish that the truth will come out.I wish that I will get my memories back so that I can remember everything that has happened between us.”

I was deeply moved by how we both wanted to be together forever.

“Our wishes will come true,”

I declared while looking at the wishing pool.

I was happy by how our date turned out.

Although Anthony had lost his memories, he still meant a lot to me- as I clearly did to him.

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