Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 108

Chapter 108: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Jennifer’s POV:

I allowed Anthony to take me to a hospital.Of course, I had no reason to turn him down.

This was exactly the opportunity I had been waiting for.

Anthony had no recollection of who I was because he had amnesia.

I wanted to spend more time with him.

Maybe then he would remember all that had occurred between us.

Even if he couldn’t remember anything right away, it was good enough for me that he didn’t dislike me.

Anthony took me to a nearby hospital.

Caroline, Daniel, Arthur, and several attendants accompanied us.

I didn’t like that Caroline was part of the group.

She was like a leech, but I currently had no energy to stop her from following us.

Fortunately, when we arrived at the hospital, Anthony asked the others to wait outside.

He then joined me in the consultation room, leaving Caroline outside with the rest.

In the consultation room, Anthony hovered as the doctor disinfected the wound on my arm, applied medicine on it, and wrapped it up with a bandage.

I stared at my beloved all this time.I didn’t even whimper in pain because I didn’t want to miss any of Anthony’s facial expressions.

We hadn’t been alone together for a long time.

I stared at him, afraid that he would suddenly turn around and leave me.I now understood how quickly one’s circumstances could change.

In the blink of an eye, your lover could forget everything related to you.

Although it sounded ridiculous, this was what I was currently going through.

“Jennifer, you’re such a strong woman,” Anthony praised me.

He used to compliment me like this when we had been on Marge Island.

But now…I smiled but my tone was bitter as I replied, “Really? This much pain is nothing to me.Compared to the hardships I went through together with you in the past, this little injury doesn’t even come close.Anthony, we have been through a lot together.I even thought that I was going to marry you.Who knew you were going to lose your memories in the few days I was gone?”

“I’m really sorry.I don’t remember anything.”

Anthony looked guilty.

“Never mind.Sit down, Anthony.I’ll tell you everything,”

I said, holding his hand.

“We first met when you came to the pack I stayed.At that time, you were looking to select elite werewolves, and we realized that we were mates destined by Moon Goddess.Back then, you were very aloof and indifferent, and you disdained everyone.”

Anthony smiled as he replied, “I can imagine what I looked like during those times.”


His casual acceptance of his past-self amused me.

“Now that I am recalling the past, I think you fell in love with me from day one of the training.Why else would you let me train alone with you every day?”

I joked as I remembered our tumultuous beginnings.I then told Anthony about the time we fought against some vampires.

All the while, he listened to me.

It was only after retelling that story that I realized that we had so many wonderful memories together.

Feeling emotional, I grabbed Anthony’s hand and said, “No matter what, I’ll wait for you to remember everything.”

Anthony didn’t push me away this time, and this made me a little happy.

The doctor finished treating my wound.

What a pity! I would have liked to spend a little more time with Anthony.

“Thank you, Anthony.If it weren’t for your help today, I probably would have gotten more injuries or worse.”

Anthony helped me get up from my seat and said, “Take good care of yourself.I will find out the truth eventually.But this place is getting quite dangerous so you need to watch out.”

Like he used to do in the past, he told me to be careful.

I nodded obediently.

When we stepped out of the consultation room, Caroline walked up to Anthony and grabbed his hand.

“Anthony, why did you leave me, your fiance, alone to go off with some stranger? We grew up together.Do you think I’m inferior to a shameless she-wolf who just wants you for your power?”

Caroline demanded with a whine.

Anthony shook off her hand and replied, “Caroline, Jennifer is injured.Can’t you see that everyone is worried about her? Stop making trouble out of nothing.”

“Anthony, I told you before that she is a liar.Why don’t you believe me? She just wants to be your wife.She keeps approaching you with that kind of intention.”

Anthony couldn’t stand her yapping so he took out a small box from his pocket.

I recognized it immediately.

It was our ring box.

I had a vague guess about what he wanted to do next.

“I have a ring here that is meant for a woman, but it doesn’t fit you, Caroline.Why don’t we let Jennifer try it on?”

Anthony suggested.

I took the ring and put it on my finger.

It fitted me perfectly.

After trying on the ring, I returned it to Anthony.

“I’ll wait for the day when you put it on my finger for me.”

Anthony looked like he wanted to say something, but at that moment, Caroline argued, “That’s just a coincidence.There are many she-wolves whose fingers would also fit into this ring.Jennifer just happens to be one of them.It doesn’t mean anything.”

She was really good at making excuses.

“Anthony and I have already marked each other as mates.There should be marks on our bodies, and that’s a fact that can’t be changed.Would that be more believable?”

I said.

However, Caroline looked even more arrogant after hearing this.

“Anthony doesn’t have any mate mark.If you don’t believe me, you can check him and see for yourself.”

I checked Anthony’s neck and discovered that it had no mate mark.

But that was impossible! Anthony and I had marked each other.

How could it have disappeared? What about me? I still had my mate mark, didn’t I?

“Anthony, check the mate mark on my neck.Mine should still be there.”

I presented my neck to him.

Anthony bent over to peer at my neck, but he claimed that he couldn’t see anything.

What was going on? I could see the mark myself, but Anthony couldn’t.What something wrong with his eyes?

“I don’t know why or how you did this, but I beg you to stop lying to Anthony.It’s bad enough that he has lost his memories.”

Caroline took this opportunity to make a false charge against me so that she could keep me away from Anthony.

“What have you done to Anthony? You’ll never get him this way.It will only push him further and further away from you.”

I had a strong feeling that Caroline had done something to make the mate mark disappear.

Caroline looked anxious as she replied, “Wake up from your little daydream.I’m the one who is going to marry Anthony.”


Anthony interrupted our fight.

“We shall talk about this after I look into this matter more.”

Arthur walked up to him and asked politely, “Mr.Jones, would you like to return to the hotel and take a break there? We have prepared the most luxurious suite for you.”

“All right.Lead the way.”

Anthony nodded in agreement.

Before leaving, Anthony stopped before me and said once more, “Take care of yourself.”

“I will.”

Caroline glared at me fiercely when she overheard our conversation, and I sneered back at her.

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