Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 105

Chapter 105: The Conflict

Caroline’s POV:

I had thought that as long as Anthony and I showed up at the ceremony together, he would finally accept me as his fiancee.

After all, everyone around us kept saying we were a perfect match.

However, Jennifer showed up, too.

That ***** kept getting in between us! Before we even went to the Rainbow Pack, I had already guessed that Anthony would run_ into Jennifer there.

But I thought they would not meet here, at the ceremony.

What was Jennifer doing here anyway? She even had the audacity to block Anthony’s way and try to seduce him.

No one ****** me off more than this *****.

Anthony didn’t even let me touch him.

And yet, with Jennifer, he didn’t even try to push her away when she hugged him.

Seeing her arms around my man made me go crazy.

Would Anthony still treat Jennifer differently even after losing his memories? I had come here to watch Jennifer suffer.

1 wanted to see her cry over how her beloved Anthony didn’t recognize her.

I didn’t want to see her rekindle their love.

As much as I didn’t want to admit it, as long as that ***** showed up, Anthony would be drawn into her spell.

She truly was a wild card that I had no control over.

Why couldn’t Jennifer just go to ****? Jennifer looked straight at Anthony and asked pointedly, “Is Caroline your fiancee?”

This made me feel a bit better.

After all, it must’ve hurt her to ask such a question.


I used to feel bad too when she was with Anthony.

Finally, Jennifer understood how I had felt.

Imagining her suffering made me smirk.

But after a while, I grew anxious.

Anthony didn’t answer her question.

I stepped forward and slipped my arm into his.

“Yes, I’m his fiancee.We’re engaged.There’s nothing to be shy about.Our wedding should be taking place very soon.”

I thought Jennifer would be sensible enough to drop it after hearing what I said.

But to my surprise, she was still looking at Anthony, tears welling up in her eyes.

What was her problem? Was she just acting? I frowned in disgust.

The next moment, I saw her fish something out of her pocket.It was a ring.

I instantly recognized it.Panicked, I tried to grab it before Anthony saw.

This ring and the one that had fallen from Anthony’s pocket the other day were obviously a pair.

However, I failed to stop Jennifer.

She held the ring up in front of Anthony.

“Anthony, this is proof of our love.I gave you my ring and you gave me yours.We agreed to watch over each other’s rings until I came back.What happened while I was gone? Have you changed your mind? How come you don’t remember me?”

The audacity of this *****! How dare Jennifer put on a heartbreaking show to win back Anthony’s love? I refused to believe it would work.

After all, Anthony had lost all his memories of her. But I could tell that Anthony wanted to get a closer look at the ring.

In a moment of desperation, I grabbed him with one hand and swatted the ring away with the other.

The ring rolled around the floor in ‘circles for a while before finally coming to a stop at Jennifer’s feet.

Angered beyond belief, I slapped Jennifer in the face.

“You are so shameless.Stop talking nonsense! How dare you try to trick Anthony?”

My hand stung from the slap, but I didn’t care.

In fact, I felt quite satisfied.Revenge was sweet.

I reveled in the feeling.

If I could, I wanted to give this ***** another slap.

Jennifer was stunned.

However, she stubbornly raised her head to look at Anthony.

A red handprint now marred her cheek.

Even in such a situation, she was still coveting my love.

I turned to Anthony and said, “Let’s go.She’s just power hungry.You don’t have to care about her.”

I held Anthony’s hand and smiled smugly at Jennifer.

I didn’t think I would ever feel this proud of myself before.

I raised my hand to slap her again, but to my surprise, I suddenly felt a firm grip on my wrist.

“Enough, Caroline.”

Anthony gripped me by the wrist tightly, his lips pursed with dissatisfaction.

I couldn’t believe that Anthony was still on this *****’s side!

Anthony’s POV:

From what I could remember, Caroline was a kind and sensible girl.

However, her behavior just now said otherwise.

I couldn’t believe she just slapped a stranger out of nowhere.

Why did she hate this stranger so much? For some inexplicable reason, I couldn’t help but feel sorry when I saw the hand-shaped mark on that she-wolf’s face.

I had never felt this way towards a she-wolf before.

Seeing her hurt made me wish I had been slapped instead of her.

This feeling felt so familiar.

Not only this feeling, but also the she-wolf—she also felt so familiar.

Had we met before? The way she looked at me after being slapped made me feel incredibly upset.

I had to avert my gaze.

She made me feel uncomfortable.

I let go of Caroline’s wrist and picked up the ring on the floor.

After glancing at it quickly, I handed it back to the she-wolf.

“I’m sorry.Are you hurt?”

She didn’t take the ring.

She simply looked into my eyes with a deep sadness, as though her heart was torn to shreds.

“Anthony, I’ll ask you one last time.Who is your fiancee?” I couldn’t answer her.

Who was my fiancee indeed? Even I was still unsure.

My mind went completely blank and I didn’t answer her question right away.

Was I really going to say that Caroline was my fiancee? Before I could say anything, Caroline slipped her arm into mine once more and declared, “I’m Anthony’s fiancee.Why are asking such a stupid question, anyway? Everyone knows about our relationship.”

I quietly put some distance between myself and Caroline, only to find that the she-wolf’s eyes had been fixed on me the whole time.

Tears were welling up in her eyes.

“If you’re really getting married, then who am I to you? What about this ring? Anthony, did I misjudge you?”

Seeing her teary eyes made my heart ache for some reason.

In fact, I felt suffocated.

I reached up to loosen my tie.

When I recovered, I handed the she-wolf a piece of tissue.

“Calm down first.”

She showed no intention of taking the tissue.

“Anthony, what if I say she’s lying and I’m your mate? Will you believe me?”

Should I believe her? I suddenly felt that the world was upside down.

Should I investigate this matter carefully?

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