Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 102

Chapter 102: Failure

Caroline’s POV:

I watched as Anthony walked in front of me.Just now, he was so determined to break off our relationship.

My heart was practically caught in my throat! Fortunately, he softened a bit.

Ever since we were children, Anthony was never a soft-hearted man.

I had to admit that maybe Jennifer, that *****, had changed him.

But it didn’t matter.He didn’t remember her anymore.

Actually, Austin’s plan to eliminate Elizabeth must’ve been in motion by now.

Thinking of this, I anxiously followed Anthony into the ward.

Sure enough, the nurse was just about to administer the poison that was supposed to Kill Elizabeth.

But Anthony stopped the nurse before she got the job done.

Seeing that the plan was about to unravel, I hurried to Anthony’s side to explain.

“Anthony, don’t worry.The nurse is taking good care of Mom.I’m sure she just needs to replenish her IV fluids, and maybe this is some sort of medicine for her.Don’t worry too much.Just trust the medical staff.”

To my surprise, Anthony ignored me and proceeded to interrogate the nurse.

“What medicine were you going to give to my mother? Tell me its name and ingredients.”

The nurse was so frightened that she almost fell to her knees.

“Mr.Jones, it’s just a common IV fluid.”

Obviously, Anthony didn’t believe it.He walked up to the nurse and took the syringe from her hand.

“Listen, as long as it’s for my mother, you need to get my permission first, or else I’ll have you all punished.”

As he spoke, he studied the color of the so-called medicine.After a while, he frowned.

“This doesn’t look like IV fluid at all.It doesn’t even look nutritious.Get the chief doctor of this hospital.”

I knew that Anthony was summoning the chief doctor to have him test the medicine.Why was he acting so cautious? I couldn’t help but gnaw my lower lip nervously.

While keeping an eye on the situation here, I sent a message to Austin in secret.

“Our plan is about to be exposed.Anthony has called for the chief doctor.What should we do now?”

The minutes ticked on, but I didn’t get any reply from Austin.I waited anxiously and saw the chief doctor arrive.

Sure enough, Anthony immediately ordered the doctor to test the medicine and, of course, the doctor agreed.

After a while, the test results came out.

It turned out that the medicine was laced with a little bit of sodium cyanide – a dose strong enough to kill Elizabeth.

The whole thing happened so fast that I didn’t have time to cut in.When he saw the results, Anthony’s face practically went purple with rage.

“If I didn’t make it in time, my mother would’ve been killed,” he said in an angry voice.

“Murdering the queen mother is no minor offense.I will have this matter investigated immediately and find out who wants to kill my mother.”

All the doctors and nurses knelt down in utter fear.

“Mr.Jones, we are innocent! I was going to injected Mrs.Jones with normal medicine.I have no idea how this happened! Please, Mr.Jones, forgive us!”

Anthony ignored their begging and called his attendants into the ward.I wanted to say something to comfort Anthony, but he shrugged me off.When his attendants arrived, Anthony was still burning with rage.

“Get the surveillance videos of the hospital and study them thoroughly.This is the highly toxic poison.Take it and keep it as evidence,”

Anthony said to his attendants.

Then I heard that he was going to arrange for Elizabeth to stay at his residence and that he would have only his trusted subordinates take care of her.

“Only in this way can she truly be safe.”

I watched as Anthony acted resolutely, and I knew that things were getting way out of control.

**** it! How did this happen? These guys couldn’t do anything! After Elizabeth was transferred, Anthony left the hospital and waited for the results of his attendants’ investigation.

I followed him.

“Anthony, that was really scary, wasn’t it? I’m so thankful you were able to act fast.I hope Mom’s going to be okay.”

“Caroline, don’t you have anything else to do? I have a lot of things to deal with.I have to go to the Rainbow Pack tomorrow to attend the 10th anniversary ceremony of the Alpha’s succession on behalf of the royal family.I have to make sure Mom’s safe before I leave.I don’t have the energy to deal with you.”

Anthony was rather impatient.

What? Anthony was going to attend the celebration ceremony too? What if he ran into Jennifer?

‘‘What the ****, Austin? Why aren’t you helping me stop Anthony from attending the ceremony? Well, on second thought, Anthony has no memories of Jennifer, so I guess I have nothing to worry about.’’

Actually, I wanted to see the look on Jennifer’s face once she realized he had forgotten her.That would be interesting.

“Anthony, I happen to be going to the ceremony too.How about we go there together?”

“Fine.But don’t stick to me like glue.I’m very busy with my work.I hope you can understand.”

“Of course.I’m sorry, Anthony.I won’t interfere with your work from now on,” I apologize sincerely.

Only in this way could Anthony let his guard down around me.

As long as I was by his side, I wouldn’t allow Jennifer to get close to him.

‘’Anthony is mine and only mine!’’

“Okay.” Anthony followed after the attendants who were escorting Elizabeth.

I looked at his back.I didn’t want him to leave me, but what could I do? He had asked me to stay away.

Then, my eyes landed on Elizabeth, who was still alive.Recalling how my plan had failed, I was so angry that I stomped my foot.

I didn’t see this coming.

But on second thought, maybe it was alright if Elizabeth lived a little longer.

After all, it was better to be dead than to live as a vegetable.

Sooner or later, everything would fall into place and Anthony would be mine.

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