Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 100

Chapter 100: An Enticing Trap

Simon’s POV:

I never imagined that Tony’s fate would be reduced to this after so many years.

Not only had he gone mad, but he had also lost his memories.

Looking at him in this sorry state gave me a heavy heart.

I wanted to help Tony recover as soon as possible, so I sent many of the best skilled doctors to cure him.

The next morning, I received a message from Helen informing me that Tony was awake and had calmed down.

As soon as I heard the good news, I rushed to the villa.

After greeting Jennifer and the others, we all headed to Tony’s room together.

When we arrived there, we found Tony sitting on the bed in a daze.

Although his eyes were glassy, he looked much calmer than before.

“How is his condition now? Can he be cured?”

I asked the doctor who was standing aside.I didn’t think that Tony could have a complete recovery overnight.

The doctor gave me a reassuring smile.

“We have done a thorough examination on him.He is not suffering from any serious mental illness.But he once received a great shock, and still hasn’t recovered from that trauma.What we need is someone he is familiar with to communicate with him and slowly open his heart.”

In this room, I was the only one who Tony was familiar with, so I stepped forward and said, “Let me have a try.”

The others made way for me.

“Tony,” I called out gently, sitting on the edge of the bed.

However, there was no response from him.

On the contrary, as soon as I approached him, he was so scared that he curled up and shrank back.

It was only when I called his other name—Kim—that he gradually calmed down.

“Do you know me?” I asked him.

“No, I don’t.” Tony shook his head.

At this time, Jennifer stepped forward to check the situation.

Unexpectedly, as soon as Tony laid eyes on her, he covered his head with his hands in horror and shouted, “The jinx has come back for my life…”

Because of his emotional outburst, the doctor rushed up to him and injected him with a tranquilizer.

Only then did he finally calm down.Jennifer turned to us with a look of regret.

“Maybe Elder Tony recognizes me, but I don’t understand why he is so scared of me.Could it be because of the matter of the jinx that he has become like this?”

I thought what Jennifer said made sense.

I had my suspicions about it before, but now, I was almost certain that Tony had something to do with Jennifer being accused of being a jinx.

After a while, Tony looked around the room with crazed eyes and asked, “Where is my treasure?”

“What? What is he talking about?” I asked the others.

What treasure could he possibly have? Everyone looked just as lost as I was, except Jennifer, who bit her lip and took out an antique.

“I found this at Tony’s residence in the mountain.I don’t know why, but it caught my eye.I didn’t expect it to come in use now.”

When I saw the antique in Jennifer’s hand, I was shocked.

“That item belonged to Alpha Lewis.And he gave it as a reward to Arthur for making a contribution when the latter was still the Beta.But how did it wind up in Tony’s hands?”

Before I could finish my line of thought, Tony jumped up from the bed, ran over, and snatched the antique out of Jennifer’s hands.

He didn’t allow us to get close to him.

We had come here hoping to get answers, but we were only left with more questions.

In the end, we asked the doctor to keep an eye on Tony before exiting the room.

We could try getting information out of Tony again after a while, once he was more relaxed.

Alas! How could Tony become like this? What on earth had he experienced?

Jennifer’s POV:

I walked back to my room lifelessly.

My thoughts were still on that antique.

What Simon had said just now confirmed that the antique was indeed something that my father cherished.

I remember seeing it often as a child, but later, it disappeared.

It turned out that my father had given the antique to Arthur.

But still, things didn’t seem to add up.

How had the antique fallen into Tony’s hands? Had Arthur made some sort of secret deal with Tony? If so, what was their deal? While I was trying to figure out an explanation, I received a message.

I checked it excitedly, thinking that it would be news about Anthony, but to my dismay, it was from Ella.

“Jennifer, I know that you’re in the Rainbow Pack now.We are going to hold a banquet.As a member of the Rainbow Pack, you are qualified to attend it.I’m looking forward to seeing you there.”

The message was a little long, but I continued to read it patiently.

It seemed that Ella and Arthur had returned to the Rainbow Pack recently.

Knowing I was also here, they wanted to extend an invitation to me to attend the banquet.

She also said that they were willing to give me any help if I needed it.

But these words made me want to laugh.

Was Ella such a kind and generous person? This banquet was probably a trap.

If I believed her words and went there, I would be putting myself in danger.

But if I didn’t go, this wouldn’t be the end of it.

Now that Arthur had found out that I was in his territory, he would use all means to hunt me down.

I was worried that Simon would be implicated in this matter if it was found out that I was staying in his villa.

Simon and Helen had helped me so much.

I couldn’t risk getting them into trouble.

While I was floundering about what to do, Ella sent me another message, as if she knew that I wouldn’t agree.

She mentioned that this banquet was.

being thrown to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Arthur holding the position of Alpha, and that since it was such an important occasion, the royal family of Osman Kingdom would also be invited.

Although she didn’t say anything outright, it was obvious what she was implying—that Anthony would be there too.

Since Anthony knew that I was in the Rainbow Pack, he would definitely attend the banquet.

After such a long time of being separated from my mate, I could finally meet him again.

Just the prospect of being reunited with Anthony filled my chest with a great sense of excitement.

I missed him so much.

At the same time, part of me was wary.

Ella was deliberately giving me this piece of information because she wanted me to attend the banquet.

After putting my emotions aside and thinking about it calmly for a while, I sent a reply saying, “I agree to attend the banquet.”

As soon as I sent the message, Eva chided, “Are you really going to the banquet? Ella is a vicious woman.She has tried to kill you so many times.This must be a trap, right?”

“Eva, you are right.Ella hates me and wants to see me dead.But I’m really desperate to see Anthony.I can’t rest assured until I know that he’s safe.Besides, I don’t want to get anyone else into trouble because of me.I have to confront Arthur and Ella head-on.I’ll go to the banquet, but I’ll keep my guard up.”

“You must protect yourself,” Eva reminded me firmly.

“I will.”

No matter what tricks Ella played on me this time, I would not back down.

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